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I have dreams of the future, can anyone tell me why??

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posted on May, 29 2006 @ 12:31 PM
Hello WWN

Who Are Our Spiritual Administrators?
Known to many, but almost no one in the general public, is the fact that our planet is overseen by a spiritual government with real powers of the judicial and administrative branches analgous to our government. The legislative features of the spiritual administration is not on our planet.


WWN: Am I right to assume you are talking about a Christian second coming of Jesus kind of thing?

Incorrect. The Second Coming is a whole different matter. The spiritual government on our planet has been preparing for a justice-oriented incarnation for many years, but only in the last 10 years have they instructed students that it was imminent. Since it is very important for the average person to be able to recognize the divine Son, many things have been done to make mind much more sensitive to spiritual prompts.

Our minds would operate on a logical level pretty much on their own, but material beings like ourselves with physical organs to house the mind are not very sensitive to the spiritual all by themselves.

Consequently spirit ministers to our minds through seven very specific kinds of prompts that not only encourage us to think ourside of the box, but make our minds faster in reaction to outside stimuli.

In addition to these seven mind spiritual circuits are some additional ones added since about 1985-7. Only now are the results beginning to be seen, and if one did not know that these circuits were being applied, there would be a lot of questions about mind behavior never experienced to the degree we do today. Mind is growing and progressing in a natural evolutionary mode, and it is these mind ministries that are pushing the limits of our capacities to think within this evolution.

I hope this answers some of your concern and questions.

Thank you.

posted on May, 29 2006 @ 08:51 PM
No, Aronolac, it doesn't really answer my questions because you have not established by what authority you write these things. I am aware that the original thread topic is fairly farout, but what you have written is several steps farther out.

You are going to have to give me quite a bit more information about how you know these things before I would consider them credible.

posted on May, 30 2006 @ 09:39 AM
Dear WWN:

Understood. However we both know there is no such authority that is acceptable to the material mind when dealing with matters that involve more than just the material universe. The best that may be said is that you are not expected to "believe", but consider the answers a possibility until circumstances arise that do satisfy you-- one way or the other.

The age-old argument of requesting proof concerning non-material matters has a well-known answer as given above. The fact the universe exists is obvious, but the nature of the universe is not so clear to the material mind or the five senses. Those who wish to know more but are ignorant of the realities that combine to make the cosmos possible are going to be frustrated to really get to know what makes reality tick.

When attempting to understand the universe around us realize that it is so well integrated with mind and spirit that the seams can not be seen in its wholeness. Getting in to it requires some willingness to accept that one approach alone yields only partial understanding of the universe. The material mind either has to make room to think about what produces its grand appearance, plus relate itself to spiritual experience so that it may actually feel the logic of its multiple-reality design.

Mind is that part of the equation that is essential if we are ever to understand the relationship of matter to spirit. Our minds are designed to use matter as the facts of existence and then determine how our values (spirit) relate to the facts. How we think about our experiences often determines our values. The many responses on this thread indicate that thinking minds cover a tremendous range of reactions as they learn to grapple with cause and effect in a multiple-reality universe.

I think I understand your conclusions about reality well enough to accept your reaction to the few bare facts I have related to you. The facts that Copernicus related to the authorities of his day were dismissed as fairy tales and even heresy. The above facts related about the nature of our universe today have to deal with the same situation Copernicus had and the consequences will be that some retardation of the new cosmology necessary to see into universe design will occur.

You are welcome to ask away, but I think you already see that the answers you get are uncomfortable sometimes. Reality beyond our experience can be very strange to our minds. The same may be said about the nature of our minds, which although we use everyday, we have very little true understanding of their nature.


posted on May, 31 2006 @ 12:40 AM
I understand what you have said Aronolac regarding proof.
I guess I should rephrase a part of my question:
How did you, personaly. come by this knowledge?

posted on May, 31 2006 @ 01:27 AM
My first precog dream was around the age of 7, and in the 35 years since, I've had maybe ten that were vivid enough to wow me. They are perfectly exact in detail, and in at least two cases, I told someone the dream before it unfolded for real. I never know which dreams are precog till the events begin to occur, but then I have, once, known what would happen next, and it did. The dreams were a part of my life I accepted and mostly just stored away as cool memories until two years ago when things in my life led me to feel the need to explain 'how' they were possible. I came up with that theory in a few months, but the 'why', I don't want to even try to figure that out. I hope I find out when my life is done, but don't even feel certain that I will, even then.
As far as supernatural events, I have witnessed a very convincing astral travel experience by my fiance, and seen a few other mind boggling things that I feel are beyond coincidence, though I admit it is possible that that was all they were. Some of my precog dreams played out within days, but one did not happen until about ten years later.
On a related note, I have attended 3 David Copperfield shows, and the 'illusions' he performed before my eyes are no less unbelievable and physically impossible than seeing the future in a dream. I have been told that our 'guides' are watching over us, and wish us to obey their advisements... My problem with that is that I am unsure what their wishes are exactly. Why indeed: who, how, when, where, & what are childs play compared to why, imo.
Anyone who can tell me some answers please u2u me, I would be very thankful.
BTW, my theory of how precog is possible is that time is not linear, but is instead instantaneous, and all time exists only in the present moment. It is just my best guess so far that explains how precog can possibly exist.

posted on May, 31 2006 @ 09:35 AM

You asked:
How did you, personaly. come by this knowledge?

There is a long answer and a short answer to the question, but I will spare you the long one.

Like just about everyone else in youth I was not pleased with the stock answers about existence, or that some answers were considered to mysterious to attempt. I thought and still think that is a very foolish philosophy. Unlike just about everyone else, I was determined to find the more fulfilling answers if they existed and I persisted for a very long time.

That persistence resulted in coming into contact with the planetary government and its educational system. I can not say I was the one who was instrumental in making it happen for all I did was persist and they did the educating.

It took more than a decade to settle some of these questions in plain English. You may imagine that the source of all information has so much knowledge they have to be careful what they hand over to a relatively ignorant human such as myself. They can speak English but sometimes translations have to be made (so I could understand information from a far distant source) by personnel in the administrative government.

I am not alone in the program as I have been told there are several million humans who receive this education, but because the "classes" are all around the globe there can be no gathering into a group. The work is casual and fits into one's own routines. The educational program exists to bring us up to speed with the knowledge of how the universe operates in general. And it is always a program that is informal and plain English spoken although I am sure the Spanish and all other languages are employed too for those who use other than English.

The spiritual government has promised that not too far in the near future all of the planet will have the opportunity I and few million others did. Six billion people will be offered to hear regular broadcasts of the latest developments on our planet as well as what our spiritual government is doing for the planet. There are several kinds of broadcasts available and I would expect when they do institute these broadcasts they will keep the news mostly local (i.e. our planet's doings). How they intend to make such broadcasts generally available involves technology not discussed.

For the record, as my mind was being trained I too went through a long period of strong dreams and actions within dreams that I could not translate as normal dreaming. Early on there were some prophetic dreams about the period we are about to enter into, but these dreams have all but ceased for now and without explanation.

So far, but this is promised to change, these programs by the spiritual government of the planet have been experimental. How well would such a program be received? Could the human side be depended on to use the information once it was received? Is the basic understanding of what the universe is like too far out for acceptance? What should the spiritual universe do about upgrading our knowledge? These and many more questions are being decided and their conclusions are something we shall see as their policy implementation in what I am told is the near future. Don't ask me timing before that as I do not know.

Thank you for your interest.


posted on Jun, 28 2007 @ 01:25 AM
Ok so I have read through all the comments and I really do believe that one can predict the future through dreams. But through my own personal experiences I believe there are levels to which one can interpret their own dreams. I have had dreams where I have woken up int he morning and truthfully thought nothing more of them, then days, weeks even years later I come across an event in my life that is exactly, and I do mean exactly the same as I saw it in my dream. The test for these types of dreams against the theory that this is simply a lapse or a glitch in the brain, or Deja Vu, is to as soon as possible realize that you have lived this experience before, and tell yourself or someone close to you, what is going to happen next. I had a dream of a rainy day at the beach, standing under an awning I watched a drunk father fall onto his son on the concrete, while onlookers just watched. Much to my grandfathers shock I told him it was going to happen about 30 seconds before. It was like a picture from a movie, very detailed. I can still remember everything about that moment.
Then there are other dreams, that seem to make no visual sense at all. I had a dream one night about a loud noise and a blurr of green and white. The thing was, I knew what the dream was all about. I knew that the noise was an explosion and that it had to deal with a family member who was serving in Iraq at the time. I called my mother at 3am , crying hysterically, scarring her. she came to my house and sat with me while I flipped through the news channels searching for anything. 5 hours later the report came through that my family members base had been bombed around the same time i had had my dream. I knew he was alright but it was still scarry. Come to find out he was in the tent next to the explosion, buying something. The tent was green and the counter white. He said the explosion knocked him to the ground and knocked his glasses off, blurring his vision.
I believe that there is a range of dreams we have, but the only way to build our skills in understanding them is to accept that they can tell us things. We will never fully understand our dreams, nor will every dream end up comming true. There are those of us who have simple dreams like mine that relate to little things in our lives and other peoples lives. What i want someone to try and explain to me is the idea of having dreams that do not relate to you. I have had dreams with very detailed information, numbers, streets, names, then seen news casts about these events. I can understand having dreams about those we are close with but what about the people in our dreams who mean nothing to us. Are we suppose to try and warn people? And then if we do , we look like nut jobs when something doesn't come true, or guilty when it does. I want to help the people in my dreams, i think that is why i have them, im suppose to help them. But I don't want to look crazy or guilty either.

posted on Jul, 2 2007 @ 04:43 AM
I used to have the same type of dreams where I end up in that situation where it is exactly what I dreamed and it wierds people out whe I was able to tell them what will happen next, but I don't dream any more so manny prople tell me that you must dream you just don't remember them umm no I don't dream when I sleep. you wanna know how I know that it's because about 4 years ago I used to have dreams every night and remember them all and most were lucid only the future dreams I had no control over, then one night I had no dream I didden't think twice about it but after a while I noticed I was no longer dreaming. the wierdest prediction dream I had was watching the movie the hulk seriously I watched it about 3 weeks before it came out in theaters in a dream the whole movie of cours I didden't realize it fully untill I was siting in the theater watching it.

In my life I have expierienced alot of abilitys that would be precieved as super human, I have hovered about 3feet above the grouund(still can't figure out how to do it again), I have abnormal strength when I was 5 I lifted about 150lbs with one hand when I was 14 I only weighed 120lbs and carried 3 of my friends one weighed about 220lbs annother weighed around 160lbs and the other weighted about 180lbs I carryed them 5 running steps before I tossed them off of me(they were trying to doggie pile on to me), I stopped time once for about a 3 seccond count(realy want to do this again it was cool), I was able to heat a cup of cold room temp coffie to a near boil just be concentrating on it(it had heat waves coming off of it), I can make a pendulum swing by concentrating I still can't move anything else.

I realy want to be hypnotized to see if these latient abilitys/power can be fully activated I believe there is some sort of mental block that is preventing me from using my abilitys/powers at their full potential tho this could be a dangerous thing maby my mind put the blocks there for a reason wich may be why I stoped dreaming and why I can't use my abilitys perhaps there is something that is going to happen that if I could use my abilitys I could alter and would change things for the worse. however I still plan on finding a good hypnotist to see if he/she can unlock my potential.

posted on Jul, 7 2007 @ 01:05 AM
hey you mentioned something about shadow people and all. can you explain what it looked like. no face, no cloths, just a shadow, just like your shadow being reflected on a wall. peace

posted on Jul, 11 2007 @ 06:27 PM
I had only one dream into the future that was pretty unbelievable, it showed me how I'd look in 10 years,thank god I looked alright, and my future wife was all around me trying to get a little x-rated,well anyway it was just a dream that I'd like to come to reality, just a little more sooner than it was shown to me, when I tell my current girl this she gets pissed off ,at least I'm getting the happy ending.

posted on Aug, 10 2007 @ 10:54 PM
I also created an account just to reply to this thread.

I've been having this type of experience since I was 10 yrs old. I'm now 41 yrs old.

I thought I was alone with this thing until I heard a caller on coast to coast am, then I found this thread.

One thing I noticed with some of my experiences is this:
As I have the experience and start to remember the dream, it will end.
I can remember what happens next in the dream but my reality doesn't follow anymore.

I had one where I was working in a machine shop running a machine I never ran before. That's what triggered the memory. This was about 10 yrs before I ever became a machinist. The really interesting thing was that my boss in the shop was my supervisor of the restaurant I was working in. How can you dream of a place you have never been? Ten years later I was in that shop, trying to run that machine.

The last one I had was about a month ago. As the events transpired and I reconized it as a deja vu and I started to panic. The events in the dream ended in an accident at my machine. I started telling myself no, to try and end the dream. The events of the dream did not pass.

I have not had any paranormal experiences. ghosts, etc.

I used to have terrifying nightmares as a child. under 18 yrs old

I had a re-occuring dream over the course of two weeks where I would start the dream each time at the beginning and add to it each night.

Some of my nightmares occured when I didn't relize I was asleep and for a split second I thought they were real.

I've also had many dreams that I was scared (in the dream) and I tried to call for help but I was paralized and couldn't yell. I fell asleep and drempt I was in my bed next to my spouse.

Sorry for going on like that.
I've had some pretty wild/strange dreams. let me know and I'll tell them to ya.

Unrelated, I saw 5 orange fuzzy blobs fly through the sky, over my house, when I was about 14. My parents ignored me when I tried to show them.
They formed a triangle as they whent over my house. UFO? Ask and I'll tell ya the big deal...

posted on Aug, 14 2007 @ 09:09 AM

Originally posted by locobarrito
Unrelated, I saw 5 orange fuzzy blobs fly through the sky, over my house, when I was about 14. My parents ignored me when I tried to show them.
They formed a triangle as they whent over my house. UFO? Ask and I'll tell ya the big deal...

I'd like to start off by welcomin' you to ATS/BTS (I'm alittle late in sayin') and would like to hear more about that ufo encounter 'cause I had an encounter as well ,one that was recent and the rest a couple of years back. Hopefully you'll post about your encounter 'cause I'll listen to ya, see ya later locobarrito.

[edit on 14-8-2007 by steve-o]

posted on Aug, 14 2007 @ 07:00 PM
Thanks for the welcome, steve-o!

As far as my encounter goes....

I was about 8yrs old, I think. It must have been late fall or early winter cause my bedroom window was closed and I didn't open it to look out.
My window faced due west.
I was always looking at the night sky because I like to look at the stars.
This one evening I noticed an orange star moving towards me from the horizon. Then it became three and then five in a triangle formation.
They moved very slowly, slow enough for me to get out my telescope to try and see them better.
I looked through my window, through the screen, and the lights only looked like fuzzy orange blobs. I couldn't make out anything that connected them.
I ran downstairs to tell my parents, but I think they blew it off as my imagination.
So, I ran back to my bedroom to look again but by this time they were on the other side of the house.
I went to my brother's room and watched the rest of the event from there.
The lights slowly glided across the sky to nearly the other horizon.
There they stopped and turned, as if they were one object.
The point now faced north and it started moving slowly.
All of a sudden the lights shot off into the sky and dissapeared.
This all took about 10 or 15 minutes.

I wasn't scared, just excited.

Thanks for askin'

posted on Aug, 15 2007 @ 02:49 PM

Originally posted by locobarrito
The lights slowly glided across the sky to nearly the other horizon.
There they stopped and turned, as if they were one object.
The point now faced north and it started moving slowly.
All of a sudden the lights shot off into the sky and dissapeared.
This all took about 10 or 15 minutes.

I wasn't scared, just excited.

Thanks for askin'

A big thanks back for tellin' your whole story locobarrito, my last encounter was very recent and I had started a thread on it which 'caused alote of trouble for me , which resulted in me abandoning it. To stay on topic with this thread I had a dream a few days ago of an event that might happen, which I won't state on this thread due to its crazy nature, hope all of ya have a great day.

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posted on Aug, 30 2007 @ 11:44 PM
I have had these sort of dreams for as long as i can remeber, I have never been able to use this particular gift to change the event i dreamed of just the knowledge of that it happened just as i dreamed it. I would have to say that the time of the most importance i did have a dream like this was when the girl i was with at the time and myself were having huge relationship issues and i dreamed of the time when she would betray me the really strange part of it was that i saw the guy and knew his name before either of us had ever met him. at the time i just kind of dismissed it as stress but everything turned out exactly as i saw it.

I dont have these dreams very often anymore i dont know why thye stopped or how to get them back, i dont even dream often anymore. for the most part when these events happen i jut let them happen and use them as a guidepost that im on the path im supposed to be on and that those particular moments i dream are the the crossroads that could lead you into a different direction. anyway thought id add my two cents on the subject it is great to know that there are others out there that have this happen.

posted on Aug, 31 2007 @ 01:01 AM
I have these dreams as well and moments of complete recollection, usually recurring dreams.

Something that came to me when reading this thread is the possibility that we somehow enable these things to take place in our lives. Maybe its backwards, we dont forsee the future, we create it after dreaming it?

We really do enable ourselves to create what happens in our reality. Most of us just dont have a consious awareness of what we are doing, so our lives seem disjointed and surreal and we cant explain what our purpose is.

I know it sounds crazier then foreseeing the future, but I really do believe we are the powers that be, we create, control and make things happen.

posted on Aug, 31 2007 @ 05:21 PM
i dont think it is so much creating the future that we dreamed really, if the future was only dependent on the single individuals path perhaps but there are so many variables involved to create that time and place it would be almost impossible to traverse that path without a given obstacle from blocking the path. Perhaps it is your subconscience pickingup on imperceptible things and processing them through. For the most part when i have these dreams it takes roughly two months for it to come to pass a few times longer and short

posted on Jan, 2 2008 @ 09:08 AM
reply to post by Omega85

About a half hour ago my friend told me her rabbit died last night. i never think of my friends rabbit and she never discusses it, but last night i wondered how bad my friend would feel if her rabbit were to die. A number of such things have happened to me in the past but in a different way than you describe as i think of these things while awake.

but they are totaly random things, completely useless information. these 'premonitions' come in groups, i never have one at a time, always about 2 or 3 together.
similarly to everyone else, i dont remember having these thoughts until they occur.

im sorry i know im not offering any explanation or trying to 'use' these premonitions, but i dont think they are there to be used. my theory is that they are a reminder of the power of the connection between people and between humans and nature. like theres an energy connecting things and maybe sometimes it gets a bit mixed up!

posted on Jan, 27 2008 @ 09:12 AM
Sometimes its hard to figure dreams out. The other night I dreamed about taking the kids to burger king and the woman gave me this giant burger instead of the 5 smaller ones I had ordered. She then looked at me and said we used all the cheese on this one so no one else had better order a cheese burger. When I awoke I remembered it. About 3:30 pm we were watching CNN and they showed that someone had made a giant cheese burger. And man was it loaded with cheese. So yeah we can predict thing sometimes, yet its not perfection. It just depends on what we are dreaming about, and what may or may not happen. We cant really predict it until we know how to pick out what is real and what is not real.

I have been predicting future things now for over 30 years. But I have to admit they are kind of hard to figure out some times. And some dreams just dont make sense. Until when it happens then you see maybe only 3 of the 20 things from a dream.


posted on May, 23 2008 @ 06:46 AM
i have had some of these dreams for a while now.
when i have the dreams, its npot just stuff thats happening to me, its asif im not part of it, but i can see it happening.
i had a dream that someone close to me found a 5 leaf clover.
and the next day i told my friend about it.
later on that same week my boyfriend and i were sitting in the grass when he found one.
it was really strange.
other times i have dreams about small things, like last night i dreamt that the school bus would never come, and lo and behold, this morning i went downstairs to my sister saying how the bus never came for school.
i didnt think its a coincidence considering it happens all the time.
but its still really odd.
does everyone get them?

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