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Utilization of Organic Material

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posted on May, 6 2006 @ 12:16 PM
A couple of things to look at:

- Possibility of E.T. utilizing organic material to produce mechanical/organic clones to act as surveyors for the purposes of exploration (as we may see around us.)

- Possibility of E.T. utilizing organic material in the construction of a spacecraft that could withstand obvious gravitational or frictional forces (or maybe even not) and then be able to make way for a shape shifting possibility for the craft.


Organic/Mechanical Clones

Ridiculous? Not if you're technologically advanced. What is your take on the possibility of this being possible? E.T. creating mechanical-computer operated organic clones for the sole purpose of exploration and documentation. Sort of like a living information gatherer, but a bit more accurate.

E.T. wouldn't have to risk their own lives and they can rely on the information provided by the clones.

This could possibly hold some ground as in some abduction cases, it seems as if they seem cold and expressionless - result of being mechanical, yet they appear real to adapt to environments.


Organic Space Craft

Think of the possibility of a space craft with constructural attributes of being organic, sort of like our skin, but with more elastic capabilities.

This would make utilization of shape shifting a bit easier, as they could master a way to replicate organic matter and manipulate it.

What other purposes it could serve? Unknown to me at this point.. but maybe they've found that out. Would be interesting..

An "alive" aircraft, yet mechanically controlled. Being able to adapt to different enviornments when not locked into some sort of particle distilled gravity bending energy shell to yield off forces (

Just a possibility.. Just a possibility..

Some links I found on Yahoo:
Morphing UFO - 1
Morphing UFO - 2
Morphing UFO - 3
Morphing UFO - 4
Morphing UFO - 5Morphing UFO - 6

There was also a video of a shape shifting UFO on this forum, if someone could locate that post.

EDIT : Added a few links

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