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The Iranians must have read PNAC

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posted on May, 6 2006 @ 01:21 AM

Well, that and a little common sense. Say members of the Iranian govt got a hold of PNAC. They're reading through, and they get to the part where the list of countries to be invaded is.

Afghanistan is #1...invaded.
Iraq is #2...invaded.
And, guess who's lucky #3...

Then, they take a look at a map. It's obviously apparent that the 2 prior invasions are flanking his country; it looks like the coalition is surrounding Iran. Then, they think back to the reason the world got for the Iraqi invasion. THEN, they look at the reason war drums are beating beaten for an invasion of their country.

So, what do they do? Between PNAC, the geography, and the flimsy justifications for invasion, they gotta think fast or they're dead meat. So, they make the first move.

They basically tell the US "F you" and start enriching uranium for "energy." At the same time, they threaten Israel, probably because they know Israel has a lot of say in what the US does in the ME. Since they know they can't directly threaten the US or it's curtains, they threaten Israel (the fact that they can more easily hit Israel with weapons probably factors in too).

Hell, there's a chance that the Iranians know how deep the rabbit hole goes. Maybe they realize the Bilderbergers set the date for Iraqi invasion for March 2003. The fact that only European or North American nationals can be in this club would not likely help their view on things. So, if they know these uber elites wanted Iraq invaded, they know they have LITTLE chance of being left alone. So, they decide to go for broke, as they already know they have a bullseye on them.

Well, these are just some of my drunken thoughts on the whole situation...

posted on May, 6 2006 @ 09:49 AM
Ofcourse they know exactly what is going on, not only fed by their own intelligence, but from the Russia`s(and probably China`s) intelligence too.
I think that Russia provides Iran with tactics and strategies to face the US.

The most important: buying time , so Iran can build a formidable air defence system to counter the USAF.
Their are already strong indications that thousands of russian engineers are working on that in Iran.

Russian diplomacy effort in the UN is only out for one thing: Buying time, of course the US knows this. Every month that passes is a month that Iran is getting stronger, so its a dilemma for the US to strike with what theyve got right now or wait for more reinforcements while Irans defenses are getting stronger too.

Im pretty sure that the US will use alot of Black project stuff that we havent heard about to give them the edge. On the other hand you will see Russian black project technology in Iran too, and this really scares the US, especially technology that can effectively counter US black technology.

Its gonna be an interesting few months to come...

posted on May, 6 2006 @ 10:18 AM

Please could you explain the acronym PNAC.

....excuse my naivety....


posted on May, 6 2006 @ 10:24 AM
It's for Project for a New American Century.

Basically, it's a think tank type thing with authors such as Cheney and Wolfowitz. It has all kinds of gems in it, like the need for "a new Pearl Harbor."
Just stick "PNAC" in Yahoo, you'll find info on it.

posted on May, 8 2006 @ 01:26 PM
Truthseeka, I believe Iran sees America's weakness: irrational emotional reaction.
Right now we have extremists in power who do not understand war or geopolitical strategy. You don't attack a country in which your troop force is exhausted from the conflict in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Ahmad might be a madhatter but he's more intelligent than our president. He wants P.R. for his country to show he is a strong leader.All Bush is doing is giving good press for Iran as being a defiant strong independent nation against the world. And if they are preemptively attacked? Then Ahmad wins again because his facilities are placed in rocky terrain. We will be lucky to hit even 2 of these targets. Iran will have lots of nuclear sites left after our bombing campaign. And they will continue after they are bombed and create a "Threat" for the people of Iran in America.

All will happen in Iran will be a lights show for CNN/MSNBC/FOX and all the major news networks. Not to mention raise more defiance against the U.S. from every nation on the globe. So why are we even going in this direction? Are we apocalyptic dominionists in the White House as well? If so what separates us from the Iranian mullahs? Are any PNAC members dominionists? One can never be sure.

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