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Prayer and Dreams

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posted on May, 5 2006 @ 09:07 PM
When growing up the few situations I found myself in I could turn to no one I would turn to God in prayer. Not standard prayer but just asking for help and this was only when I really needed it like life or death type situations.

Now I started to notice more and more if I was to pray or just lay in bed and talk to god I would always have a dream and over time the dreams were very understanding unlike when I was younger and had dreams and you wake up and just say WTF. The dreams I have are not literal but more symbolic or will cause a certain feeling which translates into an answer. Again very difficult to explain but I think you get my point.

Anyway I was wondering if anyone has done this or has experiences they would share?

I always remember a story where it says God talked to I believe Abraham in a dream.

posted on May, 6 2006 @ 01:09 AM
Well I have had many dreams where I have spoken to GOD and many many times he has spoken to me.

The best dream by far I had just a little while ago. I was having some big dilema's with interpreting scripture and was often quite annoyed at what they meant. Yanno, life issues and things.

Well, I went to bed talking as I do to GOD, I generally do the recount of my day to him
Fell asleep, of course lol

I dreamt that I was standing in a football field and there were millions of people there too, it was during the day and I was looking up at the sky, perfect blue day. Anyway, I saw this shooting white light, like a shooting star but it was during the day. I focused in on it and I could see it was actually a white pyramid moving so fast and out of the pyramid or the pyramid changed into pegasus the horse with wings. Soon as I saw pegasus, I knew I had to wait because GOD wanted to speak to me. Within a second, out of the clouds, Jesus appeared in this sheer brilliant white glory...and he zoomed in at me and pointed his finger saying GOD wants to speak to YOU..well I have looked around to see if it Jesus was pointing to me (to be sure) and then within a second, I realised that he was and fell to my knees. He said, come, step up to GOD. So I get up and step up into the sky and Jesus takes me to GOD. GOD says to me, patting his knee, come and tell me your troubles. So I do.

It was a very long dream, I asked GOD so many questions, giving examples of things I didnt understand and he answered them. I cant even begin to tell you (because the words dont fit what GOD said) everything GOD told me. But I had this knowing/understanding.

Now, GOD and I are together back in my life. We are on a bus and I am saying "what about this? or what about that?" By the end of the bus ride I was laughing at myself because I realised how wise GOD is, and it got to the point that I would ask something and then realise how short sighted I was and that GOD had an answer for everything. Everywhere we went though there was a red dragon flying above us breathing fire. GOD showed me the end result of the bus ride even though we went back up to GOD's place before the bus got to where it was going.

We talk some more and then I dreamt that I am back at home in my bed thinking about what had happened and then GOD says something personal to me and I laugh again because my thoughts are no longer private lol

When I woke up I was actually laughing.
Really fantastic dream for me and I cannot explain what was said, nor can I describe what GOD looked like...and yet, I now feel GOD all the time. And sometimes I hear a little laugh and I know it is GOD. Generally that happens when I am questioning something in my thoughts! lol

posted on May, 6 2006 @ 01:17 AM

I would like to share with you this:

If you do a search on the word dream and then on the word will learn alot about God and dreams.

Also here is a site about:
Dreams and Visions of God and Jesus

There is no doubt that our heavenly Father uses many ways to speak to his children. One way is through dreams and visions.

I hope and pray this helps you...God Bless


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