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9/11 search video for tower collaps analysis

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posted on May, 4 2006 @ 05:23 PM
I watched some few videos of the towers collaps lately and found something interesting.

It looks to me that the collaps speed does not smoothly increase but has some slow downs and speed pick ups again seen in the noth tower especially at the collaps start.

It looks like to me that the whole floor (where supposly the plane center impacted) was collapsed and then a physical crash happend eating material or floors from the top fallin part and the fix part. After the speed increased it reduces and seesm to have a local minima when it looks like about 10 floors gone (5 from top 5 drom bottom) all the fires were blown outside then, then it picks speed again but seems to have another minimum.. although this is not sure.
It's not easy to see I had to watch several time. But it looks really liek that.

The south tower again shows something interesting and different. There it looks like that all the material is eaten up from the top firstly, the falling part, till to a specific time point where the max tilt of the top is visible as if the bottom had strong resistance. From then on the crashzone starts moveing downward more or less smooth.

It seems to me that both tower show a different collaps pattern and both a very interesting one.

This however is all still a little 'subjective' measured with my human sense and therefore, what I would like to do is a real analysis of a video showing the collaps frame by frame analysing the speed and position in function of time (frame) of some points of the tower and the crashing zone. This would allow me to get objective datas of the collaps what I later want to analyse physical.
Don't know how far I will get but when I never start I will get nowhere.

Fot this I am on the search for a good video showing especially the start of the collaps in a close view (details) and from a good angle with less smooke).

Can anyone help me here and knows a good one for such an analysis?

I also have to check about a tool to automatical extract single frames of the video and storeing them as pic for the analysis.

Oh byway if anyone knows a side that already did such an analysis like i plan to do let me know.


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