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Life explained?

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posted on May, 4 2006 @ 04:26 PM
I occasionally have thoughts about how we came to be and try to make sense of life. Before I begin, I will say that i'm not religious, I’m no geek or expert on anything in this sort of area. I’m just a regular 9-5 person. I live in the UK

As I was dropping off to sleep the other night, I was having deep thoughts about how life on this planet came to be. Considering the two main theories, evolution and Adam and Eve I decided that neither of these have the kind of evidence for people to be able to sit back and say 'yes, that’s the answer'.

Firstly Evolution. Charles Darwin came up with the idea that all life on the planet evolved from micro organisms which started off in the waters of the ancient earth. Scientists and astronomers believe that the big bang began the universe and clearly, Darwin’s theory easily ties into that. However where did the material that contributed to the big bang come from?

The bible says that god made earth in 6 days and then put Adam and eve on it and blahdy blah... life starts there. (Apologies for ignorance to detail, like I said im no expert)

These two theory’s have peoples beliefs torn and imp sure there are plenty of other theories out there that I haven't heard of. I have a theory of my own...

We know that time is infinite, like numbers. Our planet and solar system will not last forever but time as we know it will continue for ever. Imagine that time is also infinite in the reverse. What if there was no 'beginning'? The universe has always been here. Apparently, if you could travel far enough through space, you would end up where you began, this is something to do with the way space and time is constructed. (I think im right about that). Well maybe the period that we're in now that we like to call time is like one big infinite circle that, by the time 'it' gets to where 'it' started, is totally different, therefore seems endless.

Hopefully by the time earth gets to a point where it is no longer inhabitable, the human race will have developed a technology good enough to be able to repopulate on another planet. It may be that only a few of us make it, enough to start fresh and begin 'life' over on this new planet. a few million years after this happens the race that populates the new planet (possibly having evolved somewhat to adapt to the new environment) will not have any idea that Earth once existed far away in their galaxy due to what I’d call 'the Chinese whisper effect' (A solid story would not be correct after millions of years! Maybe this is how the bible came to be?). This race would have our intelligence if not greater and would more than likely be sitting there wondering how life on their planet came to be.

So, to summarise, my theory is that time is an infinite loop. Life exists scattered around the universe and always has done. Races populate a planet and once it has become unusable they move onto another. It all happens on such a long timescale that from the beginning of the process to the end, all that was once know is lost apart from odd bits which contributed to the writing of the Bible.

We are not alone in the universe, nor are we being looked over by an almighty god. We are here, always have been and may always be in some form or another. It’s only a matter of time before one race bumps into another. Could it be during our lifetime? Who knows...?

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posted on May, 4 2006 @ 04:40 PM
Oh i missed the part about Noahs ark from the bible. When humans came to earth, the ark carried many of the species needed for the ecosystems to continue on this planet. These would have been essential for the survival of human beings. Like i said over time, that part fo the truth has been distorted and now seems like some crazy old man who save loads of animals from a huge flood. Maybe there was a huge flood aka the end of the ice age?


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