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Terrorist watch-lists watches friendlies

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posted on May, 4 2006 @ 07:56 AM
You are a high ranked U.S. government officer with top-secret clearance? Tough luck, pal, TSA says you're still a 'terrust'.

Feds' Watch List Eats Its Own

According to logs from the TSA's call center from late 2004 -- which black out the names of individuals to protect their privacy -- the watch list has snagged:

* A State Department diplomat who protested that "I fly 100,00 miles a year and am tired of getting hassled at Dulles airport -- and airports worldwide -- because my name apparently closely resembles that of a terrorist suspect."

* A technical director at a science and technology company who has been working with the Pentagon on chemical and biological weapons defense.

* A high-ranking government employee with a better-than-top-secret clearance who is also a U.S. Army Reserve major.

* An active-duty Army officer who had served four combat tours (including one in Afghanistan) and who holds a top-secret clearance.

* A retired U.S. Army officer and antiterrorism/force-protection officer with expertise on weapons of mass destruction who was snared when he was put back on active-duty status while flying on a ticket paid for by the Army.

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