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australian bigfoot or (red eyes)

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posted on May, 4 2006 @ 07:47 AM
well I have heard a lot about these big foot like creatures there is cave pantings
all around australia which depict them all very similar dating back a very long time
I think you guys should look in to it

The following passages are from another website

"According to the far south coastal and north eastern Victorian tribes, the gorilla-like Doolagarl was described as a hairy, big-chested, muscular beast with long, powerful legs, long, swinging powerful arms and big hands. His forehead went back from his eyebrows and his head was sunk into his shoulders, giving him a stooped appearance as he strode about the bushland.

In the old days, say the Aborigines, no tribespeople would let their campfire go out at night, for if they did, a Doolagarl might come out of the bush and carry one of them off. He would tear off arms and legs, or smash the victim's body against a tree or large boulder and eat it raw. Obviously this Doolagarl was not the vegetarian form of the 'hairy man'!

Even in modern times the Aborigines of south-coastal NSW and north-eastern Victoria fear the "hairy men and women" of the coastal ranges, and have many tales of encounters with these creatures.

Take for example the story given to this author by part Aboriginal, Mr James Brittle:

"Late one afternoon in October 1978, myself and a group of several other part Aboriginal mates were returning in a truck from a bushland property outside Towamba, 16 km west of Eden, where we had been visiting friends."

"As we drove along a bush track a few kilometres outside the town, the vehicle broke down, forcing us to walk a few kilometres into the town for help. Night fell and we had to use a couple of torches to see our way."

"After a while, as we talked, one of my mates in the rear heard a sound, and flashing our torches back down the track, we saw the tall, dark hairy figure of a Doolagarl man-beast."

"We were terrified. We shouted at the creature, and flashed the torches at his eyes, hoping this would drive him off like our tribal elders had claimed, but it had no effect on him other than to make him shield his eyes with his big hands as he strode towards us."

"We began throwing rocks and pieces of wood at him, but as he continued to approach us we took off, running frantically along the track."

"After a minute or so we realised the hairy monster had vanished into the dense scrub. Catching our breath for a moment, we continued to hurry along the track."

"Eventually we reached the end of the track on the outskirts of the town, and coming out onto a sealed road, we looked back to see, to our horror the hairy man-beast again, standing in the middle of the track. He stood a good 2m tall. His face looked like a Gorilla's and he let out a sort of growling noise, before walking off into the bush. That was the last time we ever used that track, and we got the NRMA bloke to pick up the truck."

This is just one story I have Aboriginal friends who will swear on their mothers graves thar they have seen them and heard them!

can any one help with more info on australian big foot?

sorry my the aboriginals in victoria (were i live) call them red eyes because they have red eyes there are other names for them i just dont know them.

PS:Im using my girlfriends profile if your woundering about the name on the topic

posted on May, 8 2006 @ 12:22 AM
It's called a yowie :

The stories aren't just aboriginal there are claims datingback to colonial times from english sailors.As wel as many sightings of the elusive bunyip.

posted on May, 8 2006 @ 11:58 PM
yea yowies i dont know if thats the same i thought yowies were smaller

anyway as for the aboriginal storys there not all from hundreds of years ago
the most intence was someting that happend to one of my friends aunts
when she was young they lived at the mission in haywood victoria with her brothers (now my friends uncles) anyway at night they heard banging on some thing tin like a tin shed or something

so they were lying in bed and the noise stoped one of the boys stated to say
did anyone hear that but befor he could finish talking the banging and scratching
stated on their room so all the kids were out of there beds and screeming hudled
together in the two corners futherest away from the door. so the sound stops again and everyones frozen with fear then this huge black hairy arm came crashing through the slated window above this girls head and it grabes the aunts
hair so the uncles (i dont know how many) grabed her legs and pulled her away
from the window

thats all i kwow about that story but my friend said you cant even joke about it
with her cause when i heard i said it was probebly some italian guy with hairy arms but once i meet his aunt im not so shore

if you know anything curent that would be great even if it sounds crazy

these red eye things might explain the big cat malings of livestock because what they say is that they run on all fours i dont know

posted on May, 9 2006 @ 01:27 AM

There are at least two known kinds of Yowie in Australia that we can be reasonably certain about. There are the large Yowie that is normally between 6-10ft and the smaller, yet fully-grown variety that is roughly 4-5ft.

Well you might be right

Depending on which area of Australia the Aboriginals lived and which tribe they belonged, they had many different names for the Yowie including "Noocoonah", "Doolagahl", "Gooligah", "Quinken", "Thoolagal", "Yaroma", "Yahoo", "Jingera", "Jimbra", "Tjandara" and many more.

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posted on May, 9 2006 @ 02:57 AM
Don't forget the meat eating kangaroo 2.5 metre high creature which looks like a koala crossed with a kangaroo. Australian palaoentologists had several near complete skeletons to work from, Ekaltadeta's lower front teeth were very long, forward-pointing, and dagger-like. They were probably used to kill prey. .now that gives me the creeps. if you no how fast a kangaroo can move, no way you could out run it .maybe some of the sittings could be one off them .if you look at the photo in link you can imagine what it would look like on two legs ..

posted on May, 9 2006 @ 08:05 PM
Generally evolution says that carnivores have point snouts with the exception of humans and gorillas, but theyre omnivorous.
Im no zoologist but the bottom picture on the link seems to resemble a beaver skull.
But anyway Im getting off the subject a little bit, does anyone have any Doolagahl info

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