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Cricket Vs Baseball

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posted on May, 11 2006 @ 01:27 PM
played a cricket match today

Was fun!

(and better that baseball

Crackity Out

posted on May, 12 2006 @ 07:09 AM
Ah, yes..Cricket, our beautiful game..
Our game that was spread throughout the Empire and became a great part of our modern Commonwealth. I cannot help but laugh at American stupidity at thinking they are the experts at sport knownledge and their sports are the best in the world
Cricket is apart of British and Commonwealth culture* , if Cricket is sooo unskillful, where is Uncle Sam trying his hardest to buy into 20-20 Cricket then? wanna make some more American dollars off it :'( Its like Football or soccer (as Uncle Sam wants to call it) trying to market it now in the States, i thought your sports were "so great"

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posted on May, 12 2006 @ 08:25 AM

Originally posted by SpinDropSmile

King Ralph could kick Dr. Who's as%....

Yeah right, of course he could, as long as he could get off his fat ass fast enough to get a kick in! the doctors busy in another galaxy anyway.

But, if any of you yanks wanna fight about it, Eddie Hitler's here reday and waiting..........

posted on Jan, 14 2007 @ 08:38 PM
Im english, and have to say I have watched a bit of baseball late at night and really cant see how so many americans find it so interesting.

Cricket on the other hand I love to watch and play and as for curveballs in baseball in cricket there is from the fast bowlers, bowling at speed from 75mph-100mph, swing/reverse swing where the ball moves in the air away from the batsman (out-swing) or into the or into the batsman (in-swing).

However, reverse swing happens when the ball is old, and swings very late and sometimes very rapidly making it very hard to play.

Thee is also seam movment off the pitch which happens when the seam of the cricket ball hits the pitch and moves sideways.

Bouncers are bowled short targeting the batsmans neck, head, ribs gloves etc.

There are also spin bowlers which operate at aroung 50mph which spin the the ball of the pitch either into or away from the bastman (Leg spin and off spin).

heres a quick video of a great inswinging delivery from the latest ashes series if anyone wants to see:

Could any1 post a video of something great from a baseball match from their bowler or pitches or wotever. Would love to see how it could possibly compare to cricket but I really cant say because in my life ive watched about 2 hours of baseball and about 500+ hours of cricket

posted on Jan, 15 2007 @ 04:01 AM
For those saying a base ball pitched is harder to hit than bowled check out Shane Warne video,especially the second ball he bowls here Shane Warne being a spin bowler,fast bowlers are up to 100mph,one guy Jeff Thompson was recorded even faster than 100 mph and if your hit by one you dont get to walk a base,if you can stand you gotta face the next one.

A cricket ball is also harder than a base ball and its legal to bowl at the batsmen.Though cricket revolves heavily on good and fair sportsmanship.

Now i`m not one to rag on another sport because they are all skillful at the high levels.I will say i wish the US had more understanding of the game of cricket we would love to play you guys.You do have a team but they are at the lowest level,get more interested.

Hey and while i`m at it,a year ago the Ashes series was played in England Islamic terrorists had planned bombing the Australian team at the oval over there,one of the terrorists was from Pakistan and was a fan of cricket and the Australian team and talked them out of the bombing.

Maybe that if the US gets fully involved in cricket it would solve your and a lot of the worlds damn problems.We can only hope.

posted on Jan, 15 2007 @ 06:43 PM
Just because cricket and baseball are both stick and ball games, it does not mean that one takes more skill than the other. The games require different, as opposed to inferior or superior, skill sets.

A batter in baseball must hit a round ball with a round bat, which is much more difficult than hitting a ball with a flat bat. On the other hand, cricket batsman must hit balls thrown in the dirt and do not have the luxury of swinging and missing at a pitch thrown at the wicket.

A fielder in cricket does not use a glove, on the other hand batted balls in baseball are usually hit with much more velocity which not only requires the use of a glove to prevent hand injuries in baseball, but also requires quicker reflexes and agility of field players in baseball.

posted on Jan, 16 2007 @ 09:09 AM
Give me the best baseball pitcher of all-time. Nolan Ryan.

I laugh everytime I see this. What was Robin thinking?!
One of the most underrated home run hitters of all-time. You Toronto fans may remember him well from the World Series.

posted on Jan, 16 2007 @ 04:49 PM
trust me, when a ball is bowled at 90mph+ and his hit out the middle of the bat, it travels just as fast as a baseball hit hard and it does seem a bit girlish to have to use a glove to catch. You yanks should change the rules

Also the picture on page 2 of this thread (The cricket 1) is a catch off a bowler bowling around 87mph-94mph

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posted on Apr, 23 2008 @ 12:27 AM
acctually when a bowler throws a ball no challenge comes up for the batter
because when the ball hits the gound for the bounce it stops all curves sliders even speed lessens
the only challenge is determining whether the ball goes high or low

and also rounders isn't baseball its softball (which girls play often)

and here are some differences that i found on wiki

the bat is much shorter and is usually swung one-handed
misses/strikes aren't called, so there are no walks or strike-outs - each batter receives only one good ball and must run whether they hit it or not
posts (which should be wooden, preferably encased in plastic sheaths) mark the bases
the lay-out of the pitch is different, especially the location of home base
In rounders, bowlers pitch with an underarm pendulum action as in softball, as distinct from baseball.

also it doesnt say no where that rounders was made for girls

so bowlers can continue doing jitterbugs
while the pitchers strike out batters

posted on Apr, 23 2008 @ 05:38 AM
Cricket for the win.

posted on Apr, 23 2008 @ 05:51 AM
Cricket is a completely different type of sport to baseball.
It is like comparing ice hockey with ice skating. :shk:

I am an avid cricket fan who has begun watching a little bit of baseball.

Baseball is ok but I doubt I will ever appreciate the inticacies of the game as well as someone brought up on the game.

The same can be said about cricket; I suspect our "colonial" cousins will never understand the intricacies of seam and reverse swing, googlies, flippers and doosra's.

My one gripe about baseball; how can a competition which is comprised of teams from 2 countries be described as The "WORLD" Series?? :shk:

At least the Cricket World Cup comprises of representative teams from 16 countries, 6 of which had to go through qualifying.

posted on Apr, 23 2008 @ 05:57 AM
Nothing like a bit of sledging and a well timed bouncer.
And no need for steroids to smack the ball outta the park either

posted on Aug, 17 2008 @ 01:52 PM
hey i've never played baseball so there will be no bad comment coming from me .i did play cricket in the caribbean before i discovering football (soccor)for those of you who are american and canadian and i must say it take alot of ball to face a ball come at you not only with speed but bounce off of the ground curvin with a numerous spins. for those of you who think that cricket is only played with a flat bat and round ball go to the caribbean i grantee you would find kids who are so hook on the sport so much are playing it with stone's and tree branch's,some time's it's a blend of baseball and cricket and yeah not to disrepect any baseball lover's since me wife is a big fan of the yankees and she to is from the caribbean i doubt she can stand cricket but ball practically what we call round dodge,a game mainly played by girl and sessy. no disrespect because my son might grow to love baseball,i just wanted to say my part and yeah they both borin to me i prefer football (SOCCOR) it's a thing of choice so shut up with all that # a bout wat's a sport and wat is better .now let's talk about vst's waves,bombfoctory,genwaves,universal,mcdps,abbey road,massey,focusrite and many more great plugins except those for madern . one love germzzzz4

posted on Aug, 18 2008 @ 03:10 AM
First off...

MANY countries play baseball. The Japanese have some very fast pitchers.


10 countries play cricket seriously? That's all the world? MAN the world has gotten smaller than I remember.

Ever seen the Olympics? Hard to wide and such. Where is the Olympic Cricket tests? can you seriously say cricket is much harder when at bat? Have you played both extensively? Ever tried to hit a true change-up or a knuckle ball? Think it's all going well until you swing and it's now in the dirt along with your chances of a hit.

I get tired of the ego-centric ways people produce on both sides. I've never played Cricket because it simply doesn't interest me but that doesn't mean it's bad. And for the Cricket lovers, because it came first and is fancier does not make it better. Everyone get off the soapboxes and leave the ignorance at home.

With that said....

Soccer is my favorite followed closely by hockey


posted on Aug, 23 2008 @ 12:14 PM
a well hit baseball travels 30% father than a well hit cricket ball.

cricket may be the only sport in the history of sport, where after two days in the hot sun, the game is called a draw.

baseball has more hustle plays.

for every guy alive in cricket that has throw 100mph, there are 20 to 50 for baseball

I live on an English Island, other than the bowler, no other throw on the field has to be precise, throwers can miss by 12 ft and nothing happen, a 12ft miss on a throw in baseball is costly, almost everytime.

you only get to bat once in a cricket game, baseball 75% more batting per individual at least, more interesting for the participant.

cricket bowling is slower per delivery(more time involved between deliveries), the runners do not run as hard or as long(lacks hustle on basepaths, in cricket, not every ground ball is played in fair territory, they often roll over the line for a 4, in baseball, if the ball is on the ground, it's played everytime in some manner....if the top 10 strongest cricket players in the world, were to arm wrestle the top 10 baseball players in the world, cricket would be lucky to win 1...finally baseball at the 12 year old level has almost 100 hours televised worldwide yearly on the worlds most seen sports television networks, cricket HA...its a game of oppressed nations hanging onto the rule of past nobles, and the first guy was right, they do win the fashion contest, and the tea break contest, none of which has anything to do with sport.

posted on Aug, 23 2008 @ 06:19 PM
I can stand baseball...and I dont mind watching the cricket (along with a carton or 2 of beer of course), but seriiously, where do people get off comparing it? They are two completely different games....some people prefer cricket, some prefer baseball....get over it...

posted on Sep, 8 2008 @ 08:38 AM
One simple thing that distiguishes cricket from baseball is the fact that the bowler is allowed to bowl the ball AT the batsman (batter) in order to intimidate them.. please check out the following two clips that illustrate my point..

And the next one where he IS wearing a helmet yet still loses two teeth

Now if any Baseball fan can care to come back to that.. in cricket you are there to defend your stumps (those three sticks in the ground) and the fast bowlers job is to physically intimidate you into backing away from those sticks so he can get you out.

I guarantee that there is NOTHING that any baseballer could do if facing raw pace from a fast bowler. They would dissolve (or soil themselves). The real difference between the two sports is that sheer COURAGE is required when playing cricket.. baseball is just about running and throwing the ball into thick mits.. cricket is about holding your ground and playing a 100mph ball directed at your throat whilst still defending your wicket.

Baseball is a game for fat steroid users that chew tobacco. Cricket is a game for hard, skilful men. Simple. Now before anyone gets on their high-horse in response care to respond to this.. is there anything in baseball that even remotely compares to a 100mph ball bouncing at your face? Simple question.

posted on Oct, 14 2008 @ 08:42 AM
Wow, some rather ignorant people here.

I'm sure baseball players and cricket players have some grips with each other's sport since it is similar in many ways, but it is also different in a lot of other ways. Pitchers have curve balls, knuckle balls etc. But not as much variation as in cricket. The ball can swing in midair and also swing in two different ways sometimes, it can bounce and move off the pitch in many different ways, it's legal to aim for the batsman's head if you wished or groin or whatever. You can't however throw it, it has to be bowled. Fast bowlers can reach speeds of over 100mph (like baseball), there is a whole new dimension with spin bowling and medium pace bowling which baseball does not have. There is an incredible amout of turn and varying amounts of height in the bowling that doesn't exist as much in baseball.

When it comes to batting, the difficulty of hitting with a round bat compared to a flat bat is balanced by the increased variation that the bowlers have over pitchers (legally according to the rules of the different games). There is much less variation in the pitchers.

One game is not better than the other, they are different, some aspects being more difficult and some being easier than the other. Which is more fun is subjective, but generally, far more people play cricket and across a much wider area in the world, Asia, Australia, Africa, Europe, and North America's presence now. India itself is cricket crazy and it's like a religion with over 1 billion people.

posted on Oct, 15 2008 @ 12:28 PM
EVERYBODY SHUT UP. i love cricket more than anything else, but ive played both sport to know that its not easy to get bat to ball when playing baseball.
overall cricket is more involved and is a more difficult game.

posted on Oct, 16 2008 @ 10:18 PM
wow. I think a bit of what you wrote was a little offensive. Seriously, it's obvious we come from different cultures, so we're going to enjoy different things.

I can't stand soccer because the ball gets kicked back and forth for 3 hours only to have a final score of 1-0. The goal is as big as my driveway, and i can pretty-much palm the ball in my hand. So, you do the math. And as you claim people go to ballgames to get eat... soccer-hooligans go to get drunk and scream at a ball moving back and forth on a field of 100 yards...i think that's the distance, but i don't really care... if it's smaller, then that's just embarrassing.

However, I love hockey (Go Bruins) but it's the same story. Heck, you can make an argument that hockey is boxing on ice. The point is, it has to do with your environment, up-bringing and culture, that's all. Baseball is out Nation's past-time. Baseball is more than a sport, just like "football" is over in your territory. Baseball helped our nation heel during tough times such as post 9/11. It's a fact the the 2001 World Series was the-most dramatic and exciting World Series ever played. Point-being: it's about family, tradition and a love for a game that means more than words can explain. I'm sure the same thing goes for your national sport.

No hard feelings.

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