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posted on May, 3 2006 @ 08:56 PM
I was reading up on Serpo news today and found this on Wikipedia

A website at was created by someone calling themselves "Tacitus Monroe" (Tacitus is Latin for silent, Monroe is an anagram for No More, thus "Silent No More"). The site featured only one page, on which was written a warning that he would release damaging info unless evidence was released. The deadline was midnight April 30th, Pacific time.

Does anyone know about this site or about the people running it? Has the information presented by add up?

posted on May, 3 2006 @ 09:11 PM
at the very bottom it says "E-N-T-E-R-T-A-I-N-M-E-N-T"
thats intriguing right there.

posted on May, 3 2006 @ 10:46 PM
you can also click on "the truth", interesting

posted on May, 3 2006 @ 11:54 PM
Guess we'll have to just wait and see. There is a claim on the site as @ today stating that May 4th More info will be made public re: serpo.

posted on May, 4 2006 @ 02:56 AM
The whole attitude taken on ATS regarding Serpo baffles me. Serpo is how I FOUND ATS in the first place and from what I've been able to access, Serpo really put ATS on the map.

Yet much of the stuff I want to read is locked, or I am not granted access to...very frustrating.

One night while clicking on "random article" on wikipedia I hit upon Project Serpo. That led me to the serpo site and then here to ATS where Ive been able to read and learn about many amazing (and sometimes riduculous) subjects.

Yet Serpo is off limits it seems. What did I miss? I have read that people dont want to fuel the fire of a hoax. Well....half the stuff on this board is hoax based. I can talk about the queen being a lizard yet this new and interesting UFO story cant be talked about cuz its a hoax? Again....what did I miss. Where can I be steered to learn what this is all about.

I've searched on the subject to try and find out myself what all the hubub is and I cant gain access to many of the threads so I am reduced to coming out an asking for assistance.

I just think that a subject that has lead to millions of posts and many new members should be talked whats the real story?

posted on May, 4 2006 @ 04:27 AM

Originally posted by SwatMedic
The whole attitude taken on ATS regarding Serpo baffles me. Serpo is how I FOUND ATS in the first place and from what I've been able to access, Serpo really put ATS on the map.

I would like to disagree. ATS was on the map loooong before SERPO. I might be mistaken, but I think it was a certain 9/11 thread that gave ATS that real boost.

ATS has a strong anti-hoax principal, thus showing any interest in SERPO may just be showing support for a hoax. It was without doubt proven that SERPO was a hoax, so I guess there isn't much more to discuss. IMO.

posted on May, 4 2006 @ 04:59 AM

ATS has a strong anti-hoax principal, thus showing any interest in SERPO may just be showing support for a hoax. It was without doubt proven that SERPO was a hoax, so I guess there isn't much more to discuss. IMO.

C'mon....this was proved 1000% to be a hoax? So the originator of it came out and said it was all fabricated? I guess I did miss alot about it.

So the queen being a lizard still has some truth to it?

posted on May, 4 2006 @ 05:06 AM
This, directly from Wikipedia is why I made the comment about Serpo putting ATS on the map

One such event on the conspiracy website generated the longest discussion thread (Project Serpo: Postings by "Anonymous" -- Breaking news?) in the history of that internet forum.

So while it may not have put it on the map, it certainly was all the buzz for quite some time it appears. That is why I questioned why it just dropped off the radar after all that time and energy was devoted to it.

posted on May, 4 2006 @ 05:13 AM

Originally posted by SwatMedic
C'mon....this was proved 1000% to be a hoax? So the originator of it came out and said it was all fabricated? I guess I did miss alot about it.

So the queen being a lizard still has some truth to it?


OK, OK, maybe a bad choice of words... There was enough reason to prove it a hoax... It's really not my place to answer this (these) question(s) - one of the 3 amigos would be the best person to ask. I'm just giving my opinion.

It was just that there was all this excitement about SERPO, and everywhere you looked was SERPO this, and SERPO that. Then when it came out that it was a hoax, some people just wouldn't give it a rest. Some people wanted to discuss it more - although there was nothing left to be discussed. So an "imaginary ban" was placed on SERPO.

The Queen being a lizard? I have my opinion on that particular thread - but let's not go there, I may just call some friendly fellow members "nuts". If you don't agree with a poster's thread, then voice yourself by giving enough reason NOT to believe something.

But as I said, this is none of my business. I'm just passing through. You'll have to wait for a mod or someone to give you a decent answer.

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posted on May, 4 2006 @ 05:17 AM

Originally posted by Gemwolf
It was without doubt proven that SERPO was a hoax

Oh really ?

There is NO proof of a hoax. Just some theories, researchs and conclusions by some people. Period.

And no, i don't just want to "believe".
I don't need Serpo to know "they" are here.

[edit on 4/5/2006 by Musclor]

posted on May, 4 2006 @ 05:32 AM
Abuses And Userpations

There's no shortage of information about Serpo on ATS.

Speaking strictly as a member, and not in an official capacity, my observation is that ATS was being actively used to perpetuate and promote a hoax, that this was demonstrated conclusively in several different ways, and that the site owners wished to avoid having ATS exploited in this manner.

It's a difficult line to walk. On the one hand, they truly want to keep discussion as free as possible. On the other, the nature of ATS makes it an attractive target for those who seek to use it for self-promotion -- or as a think-tank to aid in refining and proofreading an otherwise absurd and self-contradictory hoax story.

Allowing ATS to be hijacked for the purposes of deception would be contrary to its charter and a betrayal of the membership.

Bearing this in mind will make the actions of the staff much easier to understand.

posted on May, 4 2006 @ 05:39 AM

There's no shortage of information about Serpo on ATS.

Thanks for the link. There is some good stuff there for me to digest. Just wondered why when I use the ATS search engine I get so many locked out threads yet these are open and active.

Maybe I am not searching for the right stuff.

Thanks again.

posted on May, 4 2006 @ 05:43 AM
I joined ATS after reading the Serpo posts too. It was very interesting. The thought that came to my mind after reading all the posts were the creators of this site, were after the truth, trying to debug if the information given was genuine or not. I highly recommend going through the posts at they are very interesting.

Just my thoughts on it....

posted on May, 4 2006 @ 06:15 AM

Originally posted by chinabean
at the very bottom it says "E-N-T-E-R-T-A-I-N-M-E-N-T"
thats intriguing right there.

Does anyone else think this ''E-N-T-E-R-T-A-I-N-M-E-N-T'' thing is odd. That is the same thing Victor Martinez puts on the bottom of his emails on the Serpo mailing list.

For those of you who don't know, Victor wast the original person contacted by Anon, who is supposedly the insider leaking this information.

Could this be that Vic has received information proving this whole thing to be a fake, after-all there was no proof that the person Bill Ryan calls Anon is the original one or is even real. Bill has on many times refused to help verify that these two people are the same.

I will be keeping a close eye on the mailing list to see what is being said.

Just my £0.02p


posted on May, 4 2006 @ 06:20 AM
i hate this to say, but it looks like these kind of haoxes dont stand a chance against McKinnon followers. Especially if the web site moves to a windows hosting

posted on May, 4 2006 @ 10:28 AM

this .info site has the Exact same meta tag keyword list as the Old serp-oh web site...



posted on May, 4 2006 @ 11:22 PM
Serpo disinfo more like it with lots of PR pushing it from the start.
A big thumbs down on Serpo = Bunk.

posted on May, 4 2006 @ 11:42 PM
I'm really hoping that someone with some hard evidence of the serpo hoax has finally decided to put an end to the whole thing.

Although I'm sure there are those that no matter what evidence is presented, won't be able to look at the facts and acknowledge they've been hoodwinked by the master of all UFO hoodwinkers (is that a word???).


posted on May, 5 2006 @ 12:42 AM
Well, things are either:
A) Get real interesting on this subject.
B) Not change anything.

Kinda hoping its A... I need more reading material.

posted on May, 5 2006 @ 01:53 AM
Well, It's Been May 4th All Day Long

WARNING: The following diatribe does not necessarily reflect the views of LLP or the staff or membership of -- except for one, and that's yours truly.

Where's the beef?

One of the reasons I find Serpo so yawn-worthy is its high wrapper-to-product ratio. Lots of hype for a little tripe.

I'm a professing skeptic, which means that as a matter of principle I want to keep an open mind about this. But not so open my brain falls out.

And let's face it. I'm not being given much to work with here. What has been provided so far is so self-discrediting as to be embarrassing to read.

Now there's this one-shot website which promises to provide evidence that will unmask Serpo as a product of Richard Doty -- unless "a satisfactory explanation is provided."

How exactly does this make sense?

If this person has actual evidence proving these claims, then what sort of explanation would render it invalid? And if an explanation would render it invalid, then it's not really evidence, is it?

Either way, why not release it anyway, unless you're the kind of person who likes keeping the truth secret?

Doesn't sound like a very convincing case to me.

Just a bunch of drama featuring characters that no one cares about anyway.

A Hoax, Wrapped In Deception, Surrounded By Stupidity

And there it is, the underlying problem with the whole, tired Serpo saga: it just doesn't make a lick of sense.

"I've got information that will change the world forever. Are you ready? Here it comes! Real Soon Now. I've got it all right here. Soon all will be revealed. Don't be skeptical, you've got to believe me! This information comes from sources which have specialized in lying to the public for decades, so it's got to be true! I can prove my claims, just not right now. I guess you should know it's not all true, but some of it is true! This is all part of a disinformation campaign, so you'll need to suspend disbelief. Did I mention that a large portion of this story is absolutely bogus? Still, you can trust this anonymous source. Or at least the new anonymous source, not like the last three anonymous sources who were lying. Well, actually maybe the first one wasn't. If you can swallow all the lies, there may well be some startling proof in there! Quite possibly a nonzero percentage of the story is true. Maybe. Hey wait! Where are you going? Okay, I know it's been a while, but have faith, Revelation Is Just Around The Corner. All right, I haven't been entirely honest with you up to this point, but they were just small, expedient little white lies that were necessary to keep you in the dark about all this. I've turned over a new leaf! Check out the new stuff -- it's got corrections in it based on your feedback. Soon Serpo will be bigger and more believable than ever before! Wait, come back! You're going to miss out on The Truth. You'll be sorry! Now only The Faithful will know. You will perish in flames!"

It's the same old song and dance. Serpo makes vaporware look like a mature, marketable product by comparison.

The lazy, subintellectual underachievers who've been trying to make this pig fly didn't even bother to write a decent story. They left that to us.

We even have to wait for someone to put a bullet in this turkey -- someone who is no more credible than any of the other dubious characters floating around in this murky cesspool of lies, deceit and misdirection.

What a steaming pile of bull#.

I Survived Project Serpo And All I Got Was This Lousy Attitude

The only thing Serpo has proven to me is the importance of not raising kids on the Internet. It's not healthy, and an abomination like Serpo is just one of the many horrid consequences which can result.

And the great tragedy in my opinion is not the effect Serpo has on the UFO community, such as it is, but the effect it has on the hoaxers.

Those of you who are in on this hoax -- and I know you'll hear these words -- are screwing yourselves. Just look at you. This is pathetic. How can you even look yourselves in the mirror? How morally and intellectually bankrupt must you be to spend so much of your time on something as utterly worthless as this?

My advice: Do yourself a favor. Just give it up and walk away. Go and sin no more. Let it go. Get a life. Use what talent you have to improve yourself and do something meaningful with your time instead of indulging whatever perverse impulses drove you to pull a stunt like this in the first place.

And let us never speak of it again.

Wake Me When It's Over

Now if my fellow members will please forgive my vulgarity and candid -- if unflattering -- outburst (with apologies to all the intelligent, good-natured and level-headed who don't get their jollies from these sorts of juvenile pranks), I'm going to go back to actively not caring about the festering, odoriferous pile of dung that is Serpo.

This is about all I feel like saying about the matter at this point (although I may put this into a podcast for the purposes of catharsis), and I hope my fellow members can appreciate why I choose not to talk about it much these days.

After all, there is always a danger I might say what I really think about this sorry little trainwreck, and that is content not suitable for publication on ATS or any website which restricts profanity in posts.

P.S. If it turns out I'm wrong (which would be fine by me), and the Great Revelation should occur while I'm not looking, please feel free to send me a U2U.

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