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Best Damn iPod Extra

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posted on May, 3 2006 @ 06:32 PM
Ok, here's the deal...I had a laptop and then got a 30GB iPod. The laptop had like a 20GB drive that only had about 4GB of space so I turned off auto-update for music (still on for podcasts) and burned about 10GB of music to my ipod.

As I did, I had to delete it from my laptop. Now I have a new laptop with a 100GB hard drive but all my music was now in my iPod only. I was able to move my iPod connection over and it even knew my podcast subscriptions, but ONLY if I had one of those podcasts saved...then it auto-added the feed on my new machine.

See the problem that remained?

10GB of tunes only in my iPod, which is a one way street...PLUS about $100 or so in purchased music. What if I lost my iPod or broke it? Yeah...

Then I find and paid the $19 for the licence.

NOT ONLY was I able to back up all my music to a 250GB external drive, but I was able to EXTRACT all my music (paid and my own cd stuff) OUT OF MY iPod and back onto my new computer.

Now I have it in three places for protection.

I was also ale to turn on auto-sync for the music now, which deleted the stuff on my iPod and replaced it with the same recently extracted library. I'm full auto now.

Very amazed and very happy. Best $19 spent in a long time and I thought I would share. This is what iTunes should have. All my paid stuff works fine too.


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