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A rounded view

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posted on May, 3 2006 @ 04:29 PM
During my reading of book and online articles and generally cases of all of the issues raised on this site, i feel that we all need to really look at what we are doing to make the world we live in better...

i live in northern ireland and have long seen how bitter people are about the smallest of differences between people, i didnt have an easy life and stll to this day i find myself "tested" by people who have low energy....

We need to do the following things :-
- be positive in ourselves - project this positivity to anything we can
- change our objectives in life - not money driven, enough to do us not so much that we have more than what we will ever need
- invest in those who cant help themselves, but also recognise when we cant help
- use less and give more in any way possible
- stop looking through a mircoscope at everything, stand back and appreciate it for what it is, whatever that maybe
- recognise that if "aliens" are here and present that they all have an agenda and that we need to trust the feeling that are deep down to know the real truth
- have no fear, we create the universe as we see it, be individual and dont be affraid to stand up for what is true and good
- stop belittling mans place in exsistance, stop asking why and start knowing that the answer really is why not!

You are all important, and whether you think this is a load of bull, or you believe that there is more than this, know one thing, you are already stop trying to be something, and know that you are apart of everything


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