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Is Boredom the cause of our hatred for other countries

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posted on May, 3 2006 @ 01:20 PM
Mods I'm positive this is BTS..

In reading all the terrorism treads and US vs Iran threads. I wonder were all these pro war people are coming from? What would possess someone to want to destroy others. I understand people will say religion or possibilites of war etc...But when it really comes down to it is that really the case? or is that we the western world are bored media fed war junkies. Wanna know why there is rarely any good news on the news? Because people for some reason only want to watch when someone else is in danger. Its like they take comfort in it. People only care when people die. The racial intolerence is one thing but saying "nuke a country" because they might be making WMD's. So just in case we'll desrtoy them with our legal WMD's? what? I can't be the only person that see's there is something wrong with that.
In my opinion we the western world or so bored with our own lives we want a war to happen just so that we can feel superior and say "look at our country we would never be like that"! We are that!
yes there are many problems that need fixing in other nations. But, when you go home tonight lock the doors set the alarm and stare at the TV to see who blew up who first. Just stop look around you be thankful for all you have and go outside for a walk or play with your children or neighbors. I know it sounds boring but maybe it will be fun.
Thats my rant and all I want to say is stop the war mongering and enjoy your life and let others enjoy there's!


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