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Well, that was fun

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posted on May, 3 2006 @ 12:51 PM
The Universal Pictures message board forum for the movie United93 has gone down again, I suspect that this time for good. I think that the studio finally realized that having a bunch of conspiracy theorists posting on their mesage board, wasn't going to help them sell movie tickets.

Reading through some of the vitriol that was being posted there made me appreciate the ATS moderators even more

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posted on May, 3 2006 @ 02:25 PM
I'm just hoping that when it's all said and done the movie is considered a bomb. I find the fact that they even made it nauseating. With all due respect to the families, I'm sure 75% of that movie is fictional garbage.

Shame on you Hollywood!


posted on May, 3 2006 @ 02:36 PM
I would think anythign other than there having been a plane hijacking and then a crash (or shoot down or whatever) was fictional. There weren't any cameras or voice recorders in the passenger section. I don't understand why people are surprised or dismayed that there was a movie made about it. There's already been a movie or two about 911. And 'Band Of Brothers" was a very popular TV series about, well, people dying. We turn these things into pop culture all the time.

posted on May, 7 2006 @ 09:37 PM

Originally posted by Nygdan
And 'Band Of Brothers" was a very popular TV series about, well, people dying. We turn these things into pop culture all the time.

actually, "band of brothers" is about survival in the most trying of times and the bonds that occur between those survivors. however, i do agree that our culture is way too infatuated with death and gore. i wish we would invent "smellovision." if people had to cope with the actual smell of death that covers a battlefield or a major airline crash, i dont think that they would be quite as keen on the idea.

posted on May, 8 2006 @ 11:20 AM
Most of it probably is fictional garbage. Just the stuff the government wants us to believe, so they can continue lying their way through the next 2 years.

posted on May, 8 2006 @ 01:12 PM
Honestly when I was in the dark about 9/11 (a few weeks after it happened), I remember somebody asking me if they'd ever make a movie about it. I said, not for a lonnnnng time... unless they make one about the heroes on flight 93 who brought the plane down and foiled the terrorist's plans. Low and behold that's exactly what happened. Now that I have researched all about it, the very idea of this movie pisses me off.

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