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posted on May, 2 2006 @ 05:44 PM
Okay, yes Titanic, the one with Leonardo DiCaprio and Kate Winslet, lovely kids aren't they? Well, a few things I would like to point out. Near the end, before Jack dies and all that jazz, why is it that he can, without a lifejacket, swim against the current of the sinking ship? It's a pretty big ship you know. I mean seriously, there are lifejackets everywhere, all you have to do is grab one. Meanwhile, Rose is being dragged underwater by some guy, and she has a lifejacket on...because that makes since in TV Land. So, Jack swims on over with his super strength and punches the guy a couple of times. Then, he tells Rose that he's found a board, why not bring the board to her? Why make her swim there? Thought he loved this girl. Okay, okay, I'll give him the benefit of the doubt, maybe he was a little tired after swimming against the opull of the sinking ship without a lifejacket on and punching a guy in the face. So they swim on over and he let's her get on. You think he could find another board or something? No no, no more boards of course not. I'll give him that. But perhaps maaayybbeee they could take turns on the board? Or try to hop on the board at the same time so they could both be on? I suppose not. Then for some reason, Rose falls asleep, wakes up a few hours later, Jack is blue sky yes, the sky and cold as ice. His hand is in this claw shape, and you'd think she'd get that he was dead. Nope, she shakes him a couple of times and calls his name. Hm. What a silly movie. :shk:

Oh and now for some errors in this movie. Here we go.

Crew/equipment is visible in Rose's TV during on of the scenes
And when Jack approaches the door to the grand staircase for the first time, the camera is reflected in the glass.

Continuity: When Captain Smith orders, "Take her to sea, Mr. Murdoch - let's stretch her legs," they are standing to the right of the wheelhouse looking forward with the sun coming from their left. When Murdoch walks into the wheelhouse to carry out the order, the sun is behind him.
Jack takes Rose and Molly's arms to go into dinner. They start walking, but in the next shot they are still standing apart.

Anachronisms: Jack claims to have gone ice fishing on Lake Wissota, which wasn't created until five years after the Titanic sank.
The pipe frames supporting the third class berths have set-screw speed rail fittings, not developed until 1946.
A close-up of Captain Smith reveals that he is wearing contact lenses.
The button on the left side of Jack's borrowed jacket is a "Kingsdrew" button, first made in 1922.

Factual errors:In overhead shots of the forecastle deck, the skylight for the crew's galley can be seen located to starboard. This skylight was actually on the port side.

The main characters have lunch in the Palm Court/Verandah on A Deck. These were not used for dining, although passengers could order tea or a small snack.

Cal orders lamb with mint sauce for himself and Rose. Lamb was only available for dinner on the ship, while mutton was reserved for lunch. The lamb was prepared in the D-Deck galley and would not have been served in the Palm Court.

The Titanic's middle propeller was not used for maneuvering in port, and hence would have been stationary when starting away from the dock.

The reciprocating engines were controlled from a platform between the two engines about midway between the floor and the top of the cylinders, not from the engine room floor. Even if the engines were controlled from the floor level the controls would have been at the opposite end of the engines since we are looking at the aft end of the engines, and the boiler rooms are forward of the reciprocating engine room. Also, it would have been quite impossible to see those engines from the vantage point we are given since the watertight bulkhead between the reciprocating engine room and turbine engine room would prevent us from being able to stand back far enough.

posted on May, 2 2006 @ 05:52 PM
Crew/equipment visible in reflected in the glass door opened for Jack as he enters the dining room.
-Also reflected in a brass panel on the front of the Renault that Jack and Rose find in the cargo hold.

-The gauges in the engine room are fitted with sweated tubing fittings, a plumbing technique not available when the ship was constructed. The fittings should have been threaded brass.
-The gun Cal uses is in fact a model 1911A1, a modified version of the 1911 that didn't appear until 1926. The main distinguishing feature is its curved mainspring housing (bottom part of the grip), which on the 1911 is straight. Even if it were the standard 1911, that model had only been used by the military for a few months, and was not yet available in the nickel plating shown; the civilian version had only been available for about a month.
- The world map on the wall of the radio room shows countries with present-day borders.

-The length of Rose's fingernails throughout the movie.
-The orchestra alternates between having five players and four players.
-When the dinner party is breaking up, Cal throws the matches at Jack. Cal then passes Jack's shoulder twice as he's throwing the matches

Factual errors:
-When Rose "flies" from the ship's bow, the sunlight is clearly falling almost exactly straight across the ship from left to right. On the evening of April 14, the ship had in fact turned to almost a due west course, placing the actual setting sun almost straight ahead and slightly to the right.
-The hands sketching Rose are clearly too old to belong to Jack.
-There was no door between boiler room 6 and the cargo area (and no access to any but authorized crew). If there had been a door, it would have entered the third cargo area aft, not the one where the Renault was stored.
-When the radio operator sends out the "CQD" message, the pattern of dots and dashes he makes with the key is not intelligible Morse code.
Professional radio operators hold the key with the thumb and two fingers, rather than tapping on it as shown. Tapping would produce a bad "fist" (the Morse code equivalent of a harsh voice).
-Jack is supposedly held prisoner in the Master-at-Arms' office, which is depicted as having a porthole. On the Titanic, this room was an interior room and hence would have no portholes.
-The crew of lifeboat #14 didn't have flashlights to use when looking for survivors in the water. Cameron knew this when making the film, but used the flashlights to provide lighting.
-Thomas Andrews never put on a life vest.
-There was no suction when the stern sank. Chief Baker Charles Joughin rode the stern all the way down. He stepped off as it submerged without even getting his head wet.
-The parlor suite occupied by Rose, Ruth, and Cal in the film (B52, B54, B56) was in reality occupied by J. Bruce Ismay himself.
-John Jacob Astor is last shown inside the ship when it sank. This is inaccurate because his body was crushed by the first smokestack. His body was identified by the initials sewn on the lapel of his jacket.

Revealing mistakes:
-In the shot where Rose "flies," the faces of Jack and Rose are lit from a different angle, though still from the left.
-As the Titanic is sinking and begins to pitch forward, you can see passengers sliding forward across the deck. In one short scene, you can see a few people hit what's supposed to be a large metal reel. When they hit it, it crinkles, revealing that it's made of foam.
-While walking on the deck the day after Jack rescues Rose, just before she shows him her ring, if you look over the rail of the ship you can see waves coming into shore.
- When Jack gives Rose the note after dinner, it's yellow, but when she reads it, it's white.

posted on May, 2 2006 @ 05:58 PM
Crew/equipment visible:
-When the ship is sinking, the scene of the dishes crashing down, you can see the mechanisms use to tilt the set under the floor. (widescreen only?)

-Young Rose's shoes are clearly off in one wide shot as she stands on the railing of the ship. As they cut to her before she turns around, when you can see her entire body, you can clearly see in two shots her toes outlined by black nylons clutching the rail, and NOT her heels as seen previously in other shots before and afterward when she slips on her gown going back over the rail to safety.
-When Jack and Fabrizio first take to the bow of the ship, while dolphins are swimming along with it, they show them at the helm with the ship flying along but then on the close up of Jack looking down, his hair is stiff and unmoved, not a breath of wind, which would be impossible on a ship flying onward at sea in the afternoon.
-When Rose is on deck, with Jack, looking at his sketchings, the hair around her face alternates between perfect ringlets and wind-blown straight.
-When Jack is handcuffed to the pipe and Rose uses the ax to free him, one can see, especially in slow motion, that the ax hits the back of Jack's hand and not the handcuffs.
-When Rose "lets Jack go" into the water, just before his eyes go under, you can see his eye flinch, indicating that he's not really dead, and just acting.

Revealing mistakes:
-As the ship is tilting and Thomas Andrews is setting the mantle clock time to match his pocket watch, a glass falls off the mantle-piece. If you look under his arm the string that pulls it off is visible (in the wide screen version anyway)
-In some shots it is visible that people who hang or fall off the Titanic cast shadows on the Titanic's hull, although the only source of light was Titanic itself.
-After Jack and Rose reunite the crying boy with his father in the flooded hallway outside the room where Rose frees Jack, there is a dimly lit, slow-motion shot of the two running toward the camera, but it is clearly not them; it is their stunt doubles.
-During the ship flyover, if you look closely you see a lady in a burgundy coat walking, but her feet aren't touching the ground. She is floating.
-When Cal is shooting at Jack and Rose, Cal's shot hits a pineapple-shaped decorative item on the top of the base banister. In the next shot, we see the pineapple neatly blown apart with no bullet marks and vertical scorch marks from the pyrotechnic that was apparently used to blow it in half in the preceding shot.

Factual errors:
-When Titanic left port it pulled the docks towards the ship so tugboats had to pull the dock back. This was because of the power and how it was moving. In the movie they don't show the docks doing that and they don't show tugboats holding them from the front view.
-First Officer Murdoch is shown lowering Collapsible C lifeboat (the one with Ismay in it). It was actually Chief Officer Wilde who lowered this boat.
-After the spitting scene, the characters are called to dinner by a boy blowing a bugle. "Molly" Brown makes a comment about how unflattering it is. In fact, the White Star Line considered the bugle to be too "German" and the page would have used a small xylophone-like instrument.
-Captain Smith announces that he has ordered the last remaining unlit boilers lit. Actually only 24 of the 29 boilers were ever lit. The full-speed test (all boilers lit) was to have taken place on Monday, the 15th.

-Filtered cigarettes did not come out until the mid-'40s.

Boom mike visible:
-When old Rose is seated in her stateroom aboard the salvage ship with Lizzy her granddaughter and he comes in to ask if her stateroom's all right and if there's anything she'd like. She replies, "Yes, I'd like to see my drawing," and behind her on the wall you can see the large banana shaped shadow of the boom dip down for her line and up again.

posted on May, 2 2006 @ 06:03 PM
-The water is shown to be coming above the clock twice: once when the water is heading toward the ceiling when Eric Braeden is coming up the stairs, and again after the first funnel lands on Fabrizio.
-The angle that the surface of the rising water has to the objects around should be nearly the same from scene to scene. Frequently one sees the ship already tipping at a high angle on the outside and in the cabins the surface of the water is still parallel to the ceiling. That could not happen while the ship remained rigid.
-Jack's hair when he is dancing with Rose below decks.
-As Rose and Cal begin their breakfast together on the promenade deck, Rose picks up her cup of coffee, then picks it up again when we see her from behind.

Revealing mistakes:
-In order to show the correct side of the ship when it's docked, the image was flipped in post-production. As a result, there are an inordinate number of left-handed people waving from the deck of the ship.
-As the the lifeboat occupants scan the bodies with their electric torches, looking for survivors, the pools of light cast on the water do not match where they point the torches. The pools of light are obviously coming from off-screen spotlights, and the torch-bearers are frantically moving the torches around to try to point to where the spotlights are pointing.
- A few times during the part where people are standing on the rail, they appear to be crudely "pasted" in front of the sky.
-When Rose is floating on the wooden plank and singing to herself, there is a shot of the stars in the sky. The stars on the left hand side of the screen are arranged symmetrically, revealing that the sky is artificial and the image has been mirrored.
-Passenger falling from higher deck can be seen to bounce off "wooden" lifeboat.
- During the overhead shot of the Titanic splitting in half a victim slides upward, defying gravity.
-In the last underwater shot during the collision with the iceberg obviously fake hull visible. The hull is sharply cut and there is some object behind it.

Factual errors:

Crew/equipment visible:
-The skids of the camera helicopter are reflected in the window of the helicopter taking Rose and her granddaughter out to the research ship.
-Just after the collision, as Captain Smith walks to the starboard bridge-wing to look over the side and inspect the damage, the shadow of the camera is visible in the bottom left corner.
-While Jack is telling Rose about his past, the camera moves from a shot of the ship to a shot of them walking along the deck. You can see shadows of heaps of equipment and people moving along the ship (as the lights move).

-Rose has modern acrylic nails as she writes the note to Cal that accompanies the drawing.
-While the officers are searching the hold for Jack and Rose, they use a flashlight with pure white light, not the yellowish light from a normal flashlight. Such lights were not available at that time.
-When Jack is handcuffed to the steel pipes in the Master-At-Arms office, the pipe fittings are of welded steel construction. Electric arc welding was not used until the late 1920's. Pipes would have been flanged and threaded.
-The Afghan hound depicted during the movie was a beautiful specimen of today but quite different from one from the 1912 era - these dogs were very sparsely coated and much coarser in build - still uniquely beautiful but quite a contrast to today's Afghans.

Lipsync off:
-When Rose and Jack are on the ship as it is going down vertically, Jack says "Hold on!" about a second before his lips move.
-While on deck, Jack asks, "Do you love the guy or not?" The shot changes to show Rose's reaction. Jack's jaw can be seen moving, as if he's asking the same question again, but he's not heard.

posted on May, 2 2006 @ 06:12 PM
Factual errors:
-When the Titanic is leaving, the newsreel cameraman is cranking the camera left-handed; hand-cranked cameras are all right-handed, but the scene was filmed mirror image and reversed.
-The coat worn by Captain Smith had plain anchor buttons; the actual tunics had "White Star Line" buttons.
-Fabrizio's and Jack's room on G-Deck starts to flood soon after the iceberg hits. However, plans of the Titanic show that there were no third-class rooms at the bow on that deck, only at the stern. There were "open berths" at the bow end.
-In several scenes when the ship's officers are outdoors on the cold night of the sinking, the rank insignia has the executive curl (the semi-circle atop one or more stripes indicating the rank) going astern (the wrong way), this would result in great embarrassment for the officers involved.
-The Titanic is shown to be at Southampton docks in brilliant sunshine. Yet, photographs from the actual event seem to show the sky overcast.

-First Officer William Murdoch is seen trying to free one of the collapsible lifeboats after he has supposedly shot himself.
-After Jack and Rose take a shortcut through the engine room to escape Cal's manservant, there is no soot on Rose's pale blue gown.
-The size of shape of the clay pot Rose is making.
-The last watertight door that is shown is at first pale, suddenly it gets dark and it goes pale again when it closes
-The safe that was opened on deck was much bigger than the one shown being used eighty years earlier.
-When Jack is held prisoner in the Master-at-arms' office you can see from time to time in the background a two-berth room. The top berth is neatly kept but later on even though Jack is alone and handcuffed and Rose in the two occasions she comes into that office never enters that room you can see that there is a pillow lying across the bed's border.
-A small sign "crew only," helps Rose to find her way to free Jack from the handcuffs. It is located on the archway of the corridor, but it was not there when Jack and Rose had come at the same spot (the elevator's hall at E deck) a few hours before fleeing from Lovejoy.
-After Rose wakes in the water, ice is seen on Jack's upper lip; in the side angle it's not there.
-When Jack and Fabrizio are playing cards, a fairly deep sore is noticeable on Jack's left middle finger as he holds his cards. The sore is gone when Jack joins Rose in the first class dining room for dinner only a few days later (the sore looks too deep to have healed so quickly)
-When the smokestack is falling, the back of it comes out of the water. In the scene directly after, it is still coming out of the water.
-When the Titanic is in port, the sun appears to come from several different angles. Compare the following: The shadow of the crewman loading the car, the shadows of people walking up the gangplank, the shadow of the sun's rays in the steam, the shadows that Rose and family cast on the gangplank, and the sunlight on the yellow building when they first enter Titanic.
-When storming out of his room claiming to be robbed, parts of Cal's bangs are hanging in front of his face but when he turns around to see the steward his hair is tucked back smoothly.
-At the dinner scene and the party scene below decks that follows, Rose's gloves disappear, reappear then disappear again
-There is a small mole on Rose's face; when she boards the ship, it is shown on one side of her face (the film was flopped), and later in the movie it jumps to the other side.

Revealing msitakes:
-Rose's hair defies the law of gravity when she is atop the sinking ship. Her hair should be hanging down or at least moving in the cold wind as the scene suggests, but it is perfectly still and horizontal to the sinking ship.
-It looks like there is land in the distance in the first shot of the Keldysh at sea.

posted on May, 2 2006 @ 06:21 PM
-When they get Cal's safe on the deck of the Keldysh, a crewman starts to grind on the hinges. In the next scene, he is standing up, just preparing to kneel down and work on the safe.
-When Rose sets the ax between the bars as she takes off her coat, the ax blade rests against two metal bars to keep it from falling into the water. The next shot showing Rose from behind now shows the ax at a completely different angle with the blade positioned against only one metal bar.
-During Jack and Rose's trip on the deck to the bow right before the sinking, she is wearing flat shoes. In the water, laying on the furniture (as Jack hangs on) she is wearing high heels.
-After the "Lets stretch her legs" scene, we can see chief engineer Bell increasing steam pressure by turning the regulator counterclockwise. Later during the collision with the iceberg, we can see some worker decreasing pressure by starting to turn the regulator clockwise, yet in next shot he is turning the regulator counterclockwise still decreasing the pressure. Several shots later, after change to reverse, Bell is increasing pressure by turning the regulator clockwise.
-Paper money wad that First Officer Murdoch throws at Cal.
-In the flyover shot after the "King of the world" scene, the shadows on the ship's bow are directed to the right, yet in the same shot stern shadows are directed almost backwards.
-When Jack and Fabrizio are standing at the bow Jack is holding his arm under the rope that goes up toward the look-out. In the next cut the arm is over and in the next again it's under.
-When Jack breaks down the third-class gate and frees the steerage passengers from the stairwell, you can see Tommy Ryan take Rose by the arm to get her over the fallen bench. In the next shot, he takes her arm again in the same place.
-After Jack saves Rose from jumping from the stern of the ship, the make-up under Rose's left eye appears and disappears, then reappears, as does the dress she is holding in her left hand.
-After Jack runs to the ship, he hands an officer his third class tickets. The officer takes them, and asks, "Have you been through the inspection yet?" In the next shot, Jack is holding the tickets again, waiting for the officer to take them.

-Rose admires a Claude Monet painting called "The Nymphs", but this particular work of art was painted in 1915.
-One of the men who is boarding a lifeboat is wearing a digital watch.

Revealing mistakes:
-The first class lounge is flooded prior to the ship breaking in half as in the scene which jumps from the priest giving last rites at the stern to the body floating in front of the large lighting fixture of the already submerged lounge. Yet when the ship splits in half, it's the first class lounge minus the Atlantic that you see collapsing.
-When Jack is about to draw Rose she hands him a dime, the dime in a current dime, not one from 1912.
-The closing credits state that titanic was "Filmed in Panavision". This is incorrect. It was filmed using the Super 35 process that James Cameron has used for all of his movies and not using the Panavision anamorphic wide screen process. It was filmed, however, with Panavision cameras.
-When Brock is filming from the inside of the submarine, he's supposed to be well under water, by the wreck of the Titanic. Outside the small windows, however, you can see a) daylight (not the darkness of the deep sea), and b) waves, indicating the scene was shot above water.

-There is dirt on the lens (right side of screen) during the dining room scene angle on Jack.

Lypsync off:
-When they find their rooms in steerage and Jack introduces himself to the Swedish men, Fab takes the top bunk. Jack turns to Fab and says "Who says you get top bunk, huh?" but his mouth never moves then or later to actually say it.

posted on May, 2 2006 @ 06:27 PM
Revealing mistakes:
-When Tommy yells, "You can't keep us locked in here like animals, the ship's bloody sinking!" his right hand is grabbing on to the gate at head level. The next shot shows Tommy with his right hand down and his left hand grabbing the gate.
-When Rose is breaking the glass to get the ax out, the glass then reappears where she clearly knocked it out
-When Rose first runs to the stern of the ship, the "NOTICE THIS VESSEL..." sign on the stern is blue with white letters. A minute later, the sign is bright red with white letters, even though the lighting on the sign would not have changed. The sign is also red in the flyover scene.
-When Rose is looking for someone to help Jack out, "A man is trapped," she punches the man who won't listen. When she first punches him there is no blood on his face, but there is on his hand, which he then wipes it on his face.
-Jack is locked up below decks and the porthole in the room is supposedly under several feet of water. But from inside, the surface of the water can be seen just at the top of the porthole.

-When Jack tells Rose of a lady "who sits at this bar every night, wearing every piece of jewelry she owns, waiting for her long lost love", Rose looks at Jack while he is telling her that. The next shot shows Rose looking at the drawing instead of Jack. In the same shot when Jack tells her "we called her Madame Bijou" Rose looks at Jack again. But the next shot shows her looking at the drawing again.
-Jack's drawing of Rose. At the movie beginning, the drawing is in a tablet inside the leather folder. Later, when Cal removes the drawing from the safe, the drawing is a single sheet of paper, which he crumples.

-When Jack and Fabrizio are running to board the Titanic, Jack has a rucksack. The rucksack is standard issue Swedish Army gear, circa 1939, which was 27 years after the Titanic sank.
-After the Titanic has sunk and the few survivors are adrift, the rescue life boat is searching for survivors. The man with the flashlight continually yells "Does anybody hear me?" to try to find survivors. When he yells this, we hear a distinct echo of his voice across the water every time he calls. This is not possible, as there are no vertical surfaces to reverberate his voice in the middle of the ocean. This echo was clearly added in post-production.

Crew/equipment visible:
-When Rose and Jack are on the first-class promenade, where she is thanking him, the shadow of the camera is visible on the wall.

Lipsync off:
-When Jack throws the cigarette in the water, it disappears before it reaches to the end of the screen.

Factualy errors:
-When the dock workers at Southampton cast off Titanic's mooring lines, the heaving lines are still attached. The smaller heaving lines are used only to pull a ship's larger mooring lines down to the dock when she arrives. Then, only the ship's mooring lines are fastened to the dock or are cast off when she departs.

The End

FYI: I did not find these errors, never would I sit there and stare at a movie to find errors. I have a life. Sort of. Theses were copied from International Movie Database (IMDb)

posted on May, 3 2006 @ 09:45 AM
Ok noticing the last part of your final post, you admit to taking everything from IMDB.


Search for ANY! movie and you will find several continuitys or shots of the crew in the background somewhere. I have never yet to find a movie on IMDB without a page of these, I normally explore different movies and look at the trivia section.

Like for The Last Samurai, Tom Cruise spent I believe like 2 years learning the language. Or in Happy Gilmore, Vincent Lecavlier (NHL Superstar) was an extra in the hockey game scene.

Titanic was a movie that will go down in history as a turning point in the industry, and with the length of the movie its inevitable to have these problems.

I don't see why you spent so much time copying and pasting from IMDB, when you simply could of posted a link and said come look at how stupid the creators of Titanic are.

Your first post where your saying why did they do this? Why do that? Bring the board here... What?

With the history surrounding this movie, and as great as it was done your main concern is why Jack didn't swim back to her with the board. Alright then, I see where your going with this, but not really.

What a silly movie. :shk:


I'll be sure to check in on your next movie review.

posted on May, 3 2006 @ 02:05 PM
After reading that....the movie will never be the same again to me

posted on May, 4 2006 @ 12:25 AM
Apparently, D&D isn't the ONLY thing going, hehe.... (been there, done that).

Anyhoo, there are some GREAT books that detail the factual accounts of the Titanic that you'd likely find fascinating... For me, the odd thing was learning the timetable, and how most people knew they hit an iceberg, but felt perfectly confident all was well, even while the engine rooms were flooding (which they didn't know of course). Or, the Californian, which could have (had they really been paying attention to the then new novelty of the telegraph) actually likely saved all on board.

One thing the movie did capture was time when men were men, had honor and true nobility (for the most part... we won't mention the dude that dressed like a woman to score a spot in a lifeboat....he lived by the way).

posted on Aug, 9 2006 @ 12:45 PM
I DISPISE people like you. !!my brother used to do this to me, everytime we would watch a movie he would point out any little thing, and it would always ruin the movie for me. anyway, THANKS..

maybe you and my brother should watch a movie sometime and play a game , " WHO CAN RUIN THE MOVIE FIRST"

im out

posted on Aug, 11 2006 @ 12:18 PM
All movies have minor errors in them. Also, just post a link next time.

posted on Aug, 22 2006 @ 12:06 PM
I hate this movie specifically because it's so good. Gritty, real, perverse, outrageous, and downright scary; like Star Wars and Citizen Kane before it, Titanic easily revolutionized the movie industry. My favorite part of the film: the eerily tragic music in its entirety.

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