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If US Attacks Iran, Iran Attacks Israel

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posted on May, 8 2006 @ 05:12 PM

Originally posted by Seekerof
I think you need to re-read what the article is asserting because, then, I think you will re-consider what you are asking, because some of what your asking has nothing to do with what the article presented, such as your mention of "if its true that iran already has nuclear capable weapons." the scientists could be there to help with the civillian use of nukes too then...

posted on May, 8 2006 @ 07:50 PM
This whole chain of events about to unfold has been known about for a while now. I didn't believe a lot of it at first but the fact that I can see it all happening as predicted really shows how predetermined this all is.

We are approaching WW3 whether you like it or not.

Do some google searches for WW3. I believe gives you all the info on events leading to the next world war.

All we can do is sit back and watch.

posted on May, 10 2006 @ 01:32 PM
This issue is far more complex than people have mentioned. Iran itself is a state with a high level of young independent thinkers. The president has not delivered on his promises and so will detract his inabilities by uniting the country with a common external enemy (I am talking about the president of Iran now). If there is some sort of stalemate then the focus will come back onto his domestic inability and I believe that there is enough appetite by the younger generation for an overthrow (of the president and relision leaders). However, the west can walk straight into the presidents hands by another confrontation.

posted on May, 12 2006 @ 10:31 AM

Originally posted by SpanishFly
seer...if thats the case and if its true that iran already has nuclear capable weapons and if mi6 has the evidence then why are they still beating around the bush?

come on...if its us the evidence and eveyone in the world will support the us...

"I think if IAEA put's inspector's at these facilitie's it's good for Iran because they have the real weapon's grade enrichment going on elsewhere."

really? is up to iaea to find everything and disclose it, otherwise what are they for? are you saying if the iaea cant find was moved or elsewhere and not bcoz they didnt have it?

"They've been playing this game of hide-and-go-seek for long enough to learn who the leaker's are. They've been using them to feed information that's year's old to the West."

wow...good to know that you know more than everyone how many nukes does iran have?

"The real program is using cascade's of P-2 centrifuge's purchased from ex-soviet state's."


Maybe they're starting to catch on?

This is Highly Enriched stuff. As in Weapon's Grade.

posted on May, 13 2006 @ 03:27 AM
hmm ok but i dont really trust info coming from diplomats who want to remain anonymous...might as well be saying it came from mickey mouse

moreover...i thought the iaea hasnt been allowed to do their investigation for god knows i really wonder...anyway cheers

posted on May, 13 2006 @ 09:59 AM
OK, why don't you go on record and let us know what will convince you.


posted on May, 13 2006 @ 12:46 PM
A War with Iran would be one hell fo a sight but in a way Iran is at a great DISADVANTAGE and America has little to lose: Economically, Militarily and even it's Image would be intact. Iran is not Iraq, True even though they are neighbors
They both differ in terrain, combat styles and motives and definite ly iran does not have an Air Defense System as good as the Former Iraqi One, Iraq's AA infastructure was one of the best and appeared almost Impervious to American Airpower but resistance was futile and all the AA was Worthless because of Stealth and Precision Bombings. Back to topic Iran's AA would be a total Pushover and Air Supremacy will be owned By The US.

The Warfare would be a Different Story because Iran would fight a Conventional war using brute force and that is what America Does best so Iran's Assets for war and weapons would be only an itch that would easily scratched. If the war goes all Guerilla , The U.S Armed Forces would have a hard time and in Iraq they're havin a bit of a problem with insurgentcies andguerilla warifghters.

Israel would be a Necessary target for Iran because it is an American Ally and Probably Ahmadijenad want those Warmongers put down. ISrael would, sadly resort to Nukes jeopardising the neighboring areas with the threat of radiation spread.

P.S My Statement is probably Useless cuz i'm half awake Yawn...
P.S.S Mahmoud Ahmadijenad is in Indonesia Kill Him!

posted on May, 13 2006 @ 01:06 PM

If the U.S. attacks Iran for them going to make Nuclear Weapons or having Nuclear Weapons. Than surely, Iran can attack Israel for having them?

If the U.S. can because they see Iran as a threat. Iran can because they see Israel as a threat. The whole one sided policy people seem to promote it...well something you'd see in primary School to be honest.

posted on May, 13 2006 @ 07:43 PM
Let them finish eachother off and get it over with.
Maybe the newspapers would start writing things that people cared about a little while after.

posted on May, 14 2006 @ 04:32 AM
Iran isnt listening to the world. Countries are required to follow rules and co-operate with the international laws. This ensures peace and stability.
The fact Iran is off doing its own thing, saying "get stuffed" to the international co-operation is rediculous.
All they have to do is sit down and agree on something with the world.
We cant have this happening all the time, this cant be accepted in this world.
Dont bomb Iran, talk with them. They should understand how serious this is and understand why we make such decisions

posted on May, 16 2006 @ 02:39 PM
Originally posted by Bain
""The U.S. has made a lot of mistakes but that doesn't mean we do not protect the rights of people around the world. We are also hated because we are a nation of God - moral values that others despise. Moral values, that I will admit are a dying breed in the U.S. and around the world.""

You speak of protecting the rights of people around the world. Yet your own government is now passing Patriot Act II - which will allow them to strip the American People of their Human Rights to a staggering degree.

You respond with derision to Jakamo's post, suggesting that he has no clue as to what is going on in the world. Let me ask you, Sir...Do you know what happened in Nicaragua? Guatemala? or Chile?

The U.S. Government is hated and feared because you bring hope? Tell me...Who fears hope? Who fears Stealth Bombers?

Or maybe they hate you because the U.S. is a nation of God as you say. If they are Godless satanic evildoers that may well be the case. And yet......

"We also believe that Jesus Christ (PBUH) was one of the great prophets of the Almighty."

"Service to and obedience of the Almighty is the credo of all divine messengers."

"The God of all people in Europe, Asia, Africa, America, the Pacific and the rest of the world is one. He is the Almighty who wants to guide and give dignity to all His servants. He has given greatness to Humans."

"Divine prophets have promised:The day will come when all humans will congregate before the court of the Almighty, so that their deeds are examined. The good will be directed towards Haven and evildoers will meet divine retribution. I trust both of us believe in such a day, but it will not be easy to calculate the actions of rulers, because we must be answerable to our nations and all others whose lives have been directly or indirectly affected by our actions."

"All prophets, speak of peace and tranquility for man -- based on monotheism, justice and respect for human dignity."

"Do you not think that if all of us come to believe in and abide by these principles, that is, monotheism, worship of God, justice, respect for the dignity of man, belief in the Last Day, we can overcome the present problems of the world -- that are the result of disobedience to the Almighty and the teachings of prophets – and improve our performance?"

"Do you not think that belief in these principles promotes and guarantees peace, friendship and justice?"

"Will you not accept this invitation? That is, a genuine return to the teachings of prophets, to monotheism and justice, to preserve human dignity and obedience to the Almighty and His prophets?"

These words I have quoted. Do they sound like the words of the godless? No. I think we might agree on this point.

These are words contained in the letter Written to G.W. Bush by President Ahmadinejad of Iran. Do they sound like the words of a madman? Madman... How the brainwashed love to parrot the denigrations given to them by their masters.

You have bandied the word "propaganda" about and yet you are a victim of it yourself. I hope one day you have the courage to remove the scales from your eyes and notice what is really happening outside the FOX/CNN-News-inoculated mainstream.


note to mods:
Apologies for the quote format...advanced formatting in my reply did not appear to work.

posted on Feb, 6 2008 @ 03:34 PM

Originally posted by grimreaper797
Today Iran officially announced that if the "evil" united states were to attack Iran "wherever" it may be, they will attack Israel. Before this it could only be speculation to exactly what kind of attack they would use, and who they would strike. Now it has been official, Israel is there first target if the US acts upon them. Iran also said that it has enriched uranium close to the maxium compatible with civilian use in power stations.

TEHRAN (Reuters) - Iran threatened on Tuesday to attack Israel in response to any "evil" act by the United States and said it had enriched uranium to a level close to the maximum compatible with civilian use in power stations.

"Enrichment above 5 percent is not on Iran's agenda," Aghazadeh told the students' ISNA news agency.
Iran has previously said it had enriched to more than 4 percent, far below the 80 percent level needed for bomb-making.

"We have announced that wherever America does something evil, the first place that we target will be Israel," ISNA quoted a senior Revolutionary Guards commander, Rear Admiral Mohammad-Ebrahim Dehqani, as saying on Tuesday.

Please visit the link provided for the complete story.

Well its pretty obvious who they want to destroy. To them I think they feel the US and Israel is one in the same. This is getting pretty bad though. I see no one backing down and it looks like its definately going to escalate.

Related News Links:

posted on Feb, 6 2008 @ 03:56 PM
Defenders of Israel and U.S. foreign military aggression , conveniently leave out the key word or intent of Iran's statement , " IN RESPONSE " , unless you think Persians are subhumans and don't have a right to defend itself from obvious U.S. aggression , fleets of war ships sitting off its shore , reports from credible sources (Hersh) U.S. is conducting operations inside Iran, aiding a well know terrorists group in Iraq , to go into Iran to create havoc amd it's been well stated by the necons , the ultimate goal is to over throw the Government of Iran , which they already did in the 1954 and they don't have a right to respond .

Also if they did want to destroy Israel , which is an impossibility , they would be nuked by Israel's over 300 nuclear weapons . Non-issue , non-nonsensical even to bring it up , even their conventional weapons is no match for the worlds best equipped military . Why hasn't Iran tried ? All zionists have is a fraudulent translation of Amadenajan speech ( accurate and real translation is at Prof. Juan Cole's web blog , noting the words MAP or WIPED OUT , were NEVER said . Look it up yourself .Amadenajan was refering to the end of the zionist government , replaced by elections including Palestinians .

Israel gets tens of billions in aid and victims of Katrina sleep in tents and hospitals are ruined , that's why Israel needs to get of our welfare list and grow up . Are they capable of fighting their own battles , without Uncle Sam, doesn't look like it .

posted on Feb, 6 2008 @ 04:04 PM
reply to post by Low Orbit

Reading is not that hard. It's not a threat, it's a statement of how htye will retaliate to aggression.

That is, Iran has no plans to attack anyone - but they sure as hell don't plan to roll over and die if someone attacks them, as many, many stupid people in America seem to think they should.

it's not terrorism to fight back. It is not a crime to defend oneself.

And the US would be using Israel as a proxy anyway, so it works out rather well

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