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Anyone else fly regularly and seen the planes spraying?

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posted on May, 1 2006 @ 05:33 PM
Curious if anyone else has seen this. Here's what went down...

At the place I was working for last year, they had me flying alot to the southeastern and northwestern US. Mostly Salt Lake City, UT and Portland, OR for the northwestern trips. I'm mentioning that because I don't actually remember which flight I was on when I saw this, but I think it was on an occasion I was coming home from UT. Unfortunately I didn't have a digital camera either... it was checked in with my bags.

I believe this flight was cruising around 40,000. I can remember thinking to myself that the 'other planes' loooked to be about 5,000ft or so below us.

I've been interested in this chemtrail thing in recent years. When I first started reading about them, I blew it off as a normal condensation trail as I wasn't seeing anything funky in the Jersey skies. In recent years though, things have changed dramatically (I'm located in central jersey, about 40 mins outside of Manhattan) in our skies. It's not a regular thing, but there are days when the sky is blanketed.

Anyhow, back to this flight. What happened was, we were above the cloud ceiling and I was looking out the window when I noticed a white airliner flying perpendicular to our path, leaving behind a thick white plume. Then I noticed another, and another, and another... There literally was a row of white airliners laying down stripes of white plume a couple thousand feet below us.

Trust me on this, I wanted to kick myself in the ass for not keeping my camera in my briefcase. I'd never seen anything like it, felt like some X-files stuff. I believe I actually witnessed a massive spraying occuring.

I'm not looking for verification on this, I know what I saw. My curiosity is, has anyone else out there seen anything like what I just described?

I went from a total skeptic a couple years ago to almost being totally convinced there is something going on up there. I'll be 100% convinced when someone admits to the spraying.



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