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(submission) Puerto Rico Hits Crisis

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posted on May, 1 2006 @ 10:33 AM
Puerto Rico ran out of money this monday and was forced to shut down schools and government offices. More then 100,000 people are out of work including 40,000 teachers. People are starting to protest, and are very angry from the idea of no paychecks.
SAN JUAN, Puerto Rico - The government of Puerto Rico ran out of money Monday, forcing the U.S. commonwealth to close public schools and shut down government offices, putting almost 100,000 people out of work.

All 1,600 public schools on the island were closed two weeks before the end of the academic year, and 43 government agencies were shut down after last-minute negotiations between lawmakers and Gov. Anibal Acevedo Vila failed.

Please visit the link provided for the complete story.

This is bad, puerto rico cannot last long with this. They are angry and something needs to be done quickly there. Something big may happen if they cant come to a compromise.

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