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The real 'Third World' War: Who are the real terrorists?

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posted on May, 1 2006 @ 03:35 AM
This documentary is very revealing IMO, and is more evidence for what I and many others have believed for a long time...Secret wars of the CIA...

"What I've Learned About US Foreign Policy: The war against the Third World"
Frank Dorrel

(It's pretty long, 2hrs, but worth the time...)

Since it's start the CIA has been involved in 3,000 major operations and over 10,000 minor illegal operations in the Third World.

Manipulated and organized the overthrow of functioning constitutional democracies in other countries.

It's stuning how easily the cold war entice us into surrendering popular control of government to the national security state.

That last quote can be updated to read instead of cold war, 'the war on terrorism'.

But who are the real terrorists?

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