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iDeas on iTunes

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posted on Apr, 30 2006 @ 04:29 PM
I am sure that a good deal of users here on ATS use this program so I thought I might bring up an idea I have been letting dance around in my head.

Since the idea of a NWO is so prevalent, I think the easiest way that something such as this could be ushered in is through corporations. Just for the fact that they seem to control our lives anyway through MTV and VH1. Now iTunes seems as though it could play a very easy role in controlling our music. As many of you have probably already noticed, there is something called Just for you Beta.

The Just for You main page displays six albums and lists the previous purchase that inspired the iTunes Music Store to make these picks. And those recommendations go back a long way—because we bought a Pink Floyd album back when the iTunes Music Store first launched, Just for You thought we would want to buy The Grateful Dead’s “American Beauty.” You have the option of buying the album, telling iTunes that you don’t like the selection, or stating that you already own the album. This feedback is fairly instantaneous—after rejecting Just For You’s recommendation of “So” because we already owned the Peter Gabriel album, the tool immediately produced new recommendations based on our apparent love of all things Peter Gabriel.


Now this might not seem like such a big thing, but over time it could greatly impact the music industry. iTunes has become the number one legal music source online, as boasted on their site. As anyone with eyes or ears for that matter could tell us that the iPod and any of the many versions has quickly accounted for a great deal of the market for mp3 players. Now that the Apple has created a nation under the iPod control using things such as Just For You will now have opinion of what we listen to. More and more people will loose their ground and fall into the fads. Even people who believe that they are escaping one fad are falling into another. Marketing has been keen on making sure their are no ways out, without them getting some cash first.
I myself have tried this program out, and I have to admit I have found music that I enjoyed listening to that I probably wouldn't have heard otherwise. But just as easily some music that I do enjoy listening to wasn't presented on this program. There was also a good deal of music that was unrelated but was found on the top 10 downloads of the day which made me think.

The music industry itself has been thought of as our last freedom, what better way to control the population through what they believe is free? Just turn on MTV or VH1 or anything that plays music on the TV or the internet, they are all playing the same songs. They are all urging us to listen to the same thing, become the same consumer. It is easier to see your product when everyone wants it. So I do not believe that the NWO will come through military power or through great leaders I believe that it is emerging through the people who really control this world. The Corporations. The goal of me writing this was not a rant, it is easiest expressed as what I wrote earlier an idea in my head. I just wanted to bring up the idea of the Just For You program and iTunes and iPod of just being another way of being shown what we want. Feel free to redirect me to another thread that is talking much about the same thing or move this to a more subject appropriate forum.


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