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Sacrifice.... Of Self or of Others?

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posted on Apr, 30 2006 @ 01:56 PM
Sacrifice is a large topic,

What I am talking about here is sacrifice for energy purposes, i.e. the ancient blood letting rituals... the biblical sacrifices, human and animal ...

I'm pretty much addressing people who know about this subject...

But in my learning, and many other teachings, its been said that a young intelligent male, is the "best" sacrifice possible...

I was wondering, we haven't learned much about non-blood sacrifices...

Aleister Crowley, explains the various kinds in his book "Magick In Theory And Practice"

Now ....

I think that every occultist is wrong in thinking blood sacrifice of humans or animals is the strongest or best when I believe most likely it is the weakest.

Self Sacrifice is ultimate.

I believe that it is much easier to effect the micro and macro "cosms" when Self sacrifice is used... I think the occult has seriously over-looked Self-Sacrifice... and I don't mean anything to do with blood or hurting yourself... Much deeper than that.. We learn through Raja Yoga, that even your ego is not you... your energy is something wholly different than your thoughts, your physical body, your memory, memories of you....

Although the occult is rarely discussed, I believe it requires a revision, the teaching passed down through the thousands of years is incomplete... someone has with-held vital information.

I realize sacrifice is a taboo subject, but I believe it needs more serious research...
Regardless of intent... even POW torture victims are being sacrificed whether or not its blood-letting or other abuse, the Bush administration is utilizing human energy in odd ways...

posted on Apr, 30 2006 @ 05:27 PM
I don't really see anything more than offering to a God or Gods as far as aztecs/indians/voodoo etc.

I see in voodoo the sacrafice a goat and do various rituals as an offering for the gods to answer prayers or requests.

Why a scrafice though? Put your self in a Gods shoes if something orginated from you why would you want it back to help others?

The only sacrafice I see worthy if thought would be in terms of a phoenix on a grand scale that is only if the system as I understand it is correct but what do we really know about the system?

One thing I wonder about is what happens when a person close to you dies or on a grand scale like 9-11. What feelings to people feel and why and is any energy associated with this? My point is with morbid curriousity and excitement. Understanding natures of the soul and how bad things create oddly good things.

Sorry I am probably not hitting on anything you really want but food for thought.

posted on May, 1 2006 @ 11:25 AM
i would have to say self sacrifice is much more powerful than sacrificing others... that means possibly dying or having an extreme amount of pain to your body for the sake of saving someone else. most people don't have the courage to do it, do you?

posted on May, 1 2006 @ 03:45 PM

Originally posted by biggie smalls
i would have to say self sacrifice is much more powerful than sacrificing others... that means possibly dying or having an extreme amount of pain to your body for the sake of saving someone else. most people don't have the courage to do it, do you?

Nobody knows if they have the courage in the end, but if the cause is worthy of it... If you truly love the thing you want to save, then pain and thought shall be set aside by a higher power, so you can do what you must, in order to save someone else.

posted on May, 1 2006 @ 05:37 PM
If you are sacrificing someone else, isn't it a matter of control? The sacrificee if truly willing to sacrifice themselves for the higher good, would not require another to sacrifice them, as they would be all willing to do it themselves. I would think the energies derived from a completely full offering from one who completely wills it would be a stronger offering, than one which required another to "take it" as in ritualistic sacrifice.

To take energy from another negates the offering itself doesn't it?

Now aside from blood letting and that crapola...self sacrifice as a single parent is something I know daughter is a Buddhist as well and she has made personal sacrifice. We all do it in some small way everyday if you want to get really fluffy about it.

When you stop to allow that pedestrian to cross, even though your're late for work. When you rush to hold open that heavy door for an elderly woman, or a lady with a stroller. When you buy the bum on the corner a sandwich. When you give a big smile to the poor girl at the coffee counter who's just started and is more than a little frazzled.

I mean these are normal daily occurances that for most part go un noticed by many. We don't consider the effects, becuase they seem such small gestures.

I firmly believe that in sacrificing oneself, all one has to do is daily remember that we are all connected. One nice gesture benefits so many. Think about that.

You hold open a door for an elderly woman. Numerous people see you do this, see you smile, and hear her thank you. They carry that moment with them and pass it along to the first person they meet (often without even fully realizing it). The old lady goes on to perhaps tell the bus driver of your kindness. Again more people are affected, as the bus is busy. So just that one act - passes oh say at least 50 people.

50 people that are potentially positively affected. Small sacrifice

Add them up over days, months, small sacrifice. It's a ton of positive energy flowing.

Of course there are bigger sacrifices. I'd lay down my life for my daughter, I'd kill for my daughter if it was the only way. I give up gladly my own wants, so that her NEEDS are always met (and more than a few wants too).

It's not a martyrdom either. No praise required. It's done because that's how it should be. That's how it works best for us.

Keep smiling and being considerate of others and to others, that to me is the greatest gift of self.

posted on May, 1 2006 @ 05:53 PM

Originally posted by thebookling
The only sacrafice I see worthy if thought would be in terms of a phoenix on a grand scale that is only if the system as I understand it is correct but what do we really know about the system?

Yea Im lost with this one....
would you please explane this one for me?

posted on May, 1 2006 @ 06:07 PM
If I may, this is what I have learned.
A blood sacrifice, or the taking of a life, is not a weak sacrifice. It is the culmination of a ritual where at the end, when the object, living, is killed, and the releasal of spiritual energy. It creates a, for a lack of better termonology, a psychic calling of the spirit. It is used to call and direct other energies.
Self sacrifice, well that is a bit more tricky. Alot depends on the circumstance. If it because the person wants to die, well that is sucide. But for any other reason, is more spiritually uplifting, not so much for the person, but rather the others around who witness it. A sacrifice, to be truely bennificial, usually the person does not think of it in that terms, and does it without second thought, only thought is to help the other person.

But that is mostly what I have been taught and learned.

posted on May, 1 2006 @ 06:42 PM
Okay, thanks for the replies first off, and second...

I would like to comment on what the bookling said about other cults/religeons sacrificing for other Gods..

Well it is my belief that those people are unaware of the true nature of God, the buddhists realize to a degree that we are Gods, individualized and combined.... but still misunderstand the Holy Spirit... or energy.. that you people speak about being released when one dies... which I believe to be the true essence of a person...
(the actual person, egoless and bodiless)

Now where sacrifice comes in is, Thought.
it involves ego, body and Holy Spirit...
Blood sacrifice is a way of tearing through all of the layers of deceit, the ego, the body... etc... bringing the actual energy forth with no "transistors."

Some people are gifted, that is, they have the ability to speak directly to a persons soul, holy spirit, energy, whatever you want to call it; and they can affect a person to tremendous degrees.

The whole purpose of blood sacrifice is to make the micro and macro "cosms" come together in harmony, through the manipulation of energy through thought.
Aleister Crowley and almost all the ancient cults/cultists believed Blood Sacrifice was the ultimate in influencing the micro/macro "cosms" ...

Now it would take a butt-load of pages to get into the depth I'd like to upon this subject, but I'd like to atleast start and see what people bring to the table.

I believe from sometime around the "beginning" or what we consider the beginning, we have collectively become quite ignorant, we are social creatures,
but for what means... and this is an important question however overlooked.

Why do we interact with others? Well a person usually speaks for the response it illicits.
We seek acceptance and love, Not one of us is in harmony with our micro or for that matter our macro "cosms"

Some-how we created a God we deem more important than ourselves, but in the process we messed up and thought that he would punish us if we went against his will regardless of our currupted will, even if utilizing our will meant fixing/learning from our currupted will.
So we created a means of fixing and bringing the micro/macro "cosms" into balance...
By sacrificing someone or something elses shields (the ego, the body, etc) we harmonize the mind-energy/thought-energy by dismissing non-reality which is the ego and the body and our social lives...

Our minds don't know the difference between whats going on outside of the body and whats going on inside of the body; therefore that should prove to us that we have taken our macrocosms out of balance with our microcosms, hence our illnesses and our diseases.

Any comments? questions... I'll continue soon.

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