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Dream Interpretations Needed. Tell Me What You Think

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posted on Apr, 30 2006 @ 01:05 AM
Please move if this is not the right area.

Ok, I have two dreams I need your input on. One I had a couple of years ago and the other I had just last night.

First the one that I had about three or four years ago was extremely weird. I still to this day do not know what it meant but I remember every detail and I would like your input.

First Dream:

Ok, I 'awake or start dreaming' and in my dream I notice that everything is in Black and White and I am walking behind some cars on a parade route. We are being cheered along and it seems to me we are being loved by the crowd. I continue walking behind the cars and we make a right down a street continuing the parade route and then we make a left down the next road continuing the parade.

As we take that final left about half way up the road I am hit by something, I was shot in the back around the shoulder area. At this moment It become clear to me that I am an agent of some sort walking behind Kennedy's Limo when he was killed. I start to run to the back of his Limo and as soon as I touch a hand to the car I am shot a second time this shot came from the over pass in front of me. I was hit in the heart, I then started to fall in slow motion and when I hit the ground I awoke doing that wake up jerk thing.

As soon as I woke up I got the feeling. This dream wasn't meant to reveal to me any kennedy conspericy that took place that day, It did not even seem to be the foucs of the dream. I was the center of attention, This dream was about teaching me a life lesson if that makes any sence. I just don't know what the lesson was.

Ok, the second one is a bit cornier but bear with me I would like to hear some interpretations. I had this one last night after seeing her for the fist time in months. We always use to hang out but we just grew apart or i lost interest, I just don't know.

Second Dream:

In the dream, I awake in a bed next to a girl I have had a crush on since high school.

But in real life she has made it known that we are just friends, although she likes to tease and act like she has feelings for me,

Ok, back to the dream. I, in the dream have an overwhelming feeling that we are married but we did not have a wedding I only feel as if we were. I then turn to kiss her and she is in the bathroom. I go to walk to the bathroom and she is walking out the front door. I then walk to the front door and she walking down the street. It feel as if I am chasing her and I can never catch-up or she is running away.

Then, all of a sudden, I am on top of a giant I-Beam Building skeleten being rivited together. I am walking along the edge and I hold only a round circle-hole-middle cake tin. I jump and glide about half way down using the tin as a sort of parachute. I land on a Beam about half way down and I grab on to one of the vertical beams, I am now terrified, I look down and I feel the wind blow I decide to jump again and I float to the ground unharmed.

When I jumped and landed I felt a great sence of accomplishment, but I could not forget about the girl. It seemed as if I lost her and could not find her I was devistated.

My dream gradually faded and I soon woke up depressed and extremely mad at what the girl had done to me , but I had a sence of accomplishment with the building jump.

I know these are very weird dreams, But I would like your interpretation. If any one has experience in this area please contact me and give me your input. Thanks in advance.

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posted on Apr, 30 2006 @ 01:29 AM
Well on the 1st one, I don't really know what it could be about, I would like to know your age, maybe it could be a past life.

On the second one it seems to me that your mind is telling you that you still have a thing for this girl and that if you don't stop wishing for it to happen that you may lose control.

I don't can't be sure that this correct because no one knows exactly what dreams really mean, I personnally think that we each have to take what we feel is correct and go with that, so I do not mean anything bad by the second one

Blessings to all

posted on Apr, 30 2006 @ 01:58 AM
Kennedy was an amazing man. Clearly you hold him in high regard as many do.

I think during the time of this dream there was something else you held in very high regard, something that would have been worthy of your protection and stealth (you are a stealthy guy and keen in thought and very watchful - hense your dream agent status). In the dream, your realization comes too late that the President is in danger. As this relates to you, you felt you may have missed something or lost something you felt you needed. Something very important to you. Because the dream is quite symbolic it's likely that the "thing" you lost in your real life was more of a feeling than an actual thing. Usually pride related, morals, value system - something like that was damaged or you felt it was lost.

You felt as though you knew the directions from which you were shot - meaning you knew at the time this "important thing" was being damaged, that it was being damaged and how. Yet you couldn't stop the innertia of the moment.

Try to remember back to what was happening in your life at the time of this dream, where were you in your own heart and mind. Was there anything you did that wasn't par for your character, something that caused upset, something that you felt sad or even ashamed about? It really is a dream about great loss.

The second dream - well you are chasing a girl you cannot have, even though you are a great guy (to you
) and can "leap" like no other...she still is not interested. Perhaps she should be, you are impressed with yourself - so why isn't she? Can't she see what a great guy you are?

Hope that comes close. I do dream analasys for a couple of friends...since I gave up tarot cards (they don't tell you anything you don't already know anyway)

Leme know if it's good
I like to keep track.

posted on Apr, 30 2006 @ 05:33 PM
I think you nailed it on the head JustGeneric.

I understand what you mean and your inturpertation makes sence to me. Around the time on my Kennedy dream, I broke up wit my old girl-firend because she was cheaing on me. I felt at the time as if she stabed me in the back and broke my heart, that's why the placement of the shot's caught my attention.

But I also lost my grandfather around that time and he was a very important person in my life soon after he died of cancer that could have been treated sucssesfully but was found to late, my parents got divorced and alot of things changed.

With the second dream, I do agree, It seemed I was chaseing the unobtainable, no matter how hard I try, we were just not meant to be anything other than friends. I could skydive with a pie tin off a building underconstruction and she still would not notice me in the way I want to be noticed.

Thanks for you time It did help.

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