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MP George Galloway to be Investigated

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posted on Apr, 29 2006 @ 04:42 PM
It seems that British investigators have finally begun checking into MP George Galloway's role in the Oil for Food scandal at the United Nations.

BRITISH diplomats in Baghdad have asked Tariq Aziz, Iraq’s former deputy prime minister, to help an investigation into allegations that George Galloway was given cash by Saddam Hussein under the Oil-for-Food programme.

The diplomats made the secret approach through Mr Aziz’s lawyer this week on behalf of Parliament’s so-called “sleaze buster”. The lawyer, Badie Izzat Arief, claimed that they offered to try and secure Mr Aziz immunity from prosecution on any charges arising from the Oil-for-Food scandal.


Sir Philip is investigating claims that the MP for Bethnal Green & Bow took money under the UN Oil-for-Food programme — a charge that Mr Galloway strenuously denies and about which he has already successfully sued and won damages from one national newspaper.
Galloway inquiry wants Saddam deputy to testify

Back when PM George Galloway appeared before the U.S. Congress, apparently, Senator Norm Coleman patiently got Galloway to lie on record and under oath, ensuring that a case could be built against him for fraud and conspiracy. Not long after his appearance before Congress, in January 2006 the Guardian (UK) reported:

George Galloway faces the prospect of a criminal investigation into his activities by the serious fraud office, which has collected evidence relating to the oil-for-food corruption scandal in Iraq.
Galloway may face serious fraud office investigation

It seems that the investigation has finally begun according to the Times (UK) article I linked above.

Two perspectives on this:

Galloway's reaction reflected the strange, contradictory, and combative nature of the Saddam shill himself. He noted that Aziz had had heart attacks, strokes, and been denied medical treatments, implying that Aziz would make a less-than-credible witness due to his Coalition-imposed infirmities. In the very next breath, he then proclaimed confidence that Aziz would clear him of all charges. Perhaps only such a confused and handicapped witness could do so.

Aziz, for his part, is not likely to cooperate. He has steadfastly refused to testify to Saddam's crimes, rejecting all arrangements for immunity for his cooperation. His lawyer tells reporters that Aziz's health is deteriorating, but the most interesting information to come from Aziz's counsel is that the British visit by investigators is their first since Aziz's surrender in April 2003. One has to wonder whether the British simply did not want to hear about backbencher complicity in Saddam's corruption if they have never bothered to ask about it.
Brits Finally Start Checking On Galloway


Aziz already testified to the Americans that Galloway did ask for oil money from them, and received it. Of course, in public, Aziz denied it.

The Daily Telegraph documents should form the basis of any inquiry. If those documents are authentic, they prove that Galloway asked for money to support his pro-Saddam activities.

As a result of my own investigation, it can be proven without a shadow of a doubt that Galloway purposely covered up the role of Fawaz Zureikat, the man who funneled the money from Saddam's regime to his political organization, Mariam Appeal.

Galloway never declared that Zureikat had donated £340,000 to his campaign to the Parliament, as he was required to do. He did declare donations from the other big donors, such as the royal family in the UAE.

There is also documentary evidence proving that Galloway's wife received oil money through Zureikat. The £340,000 Zureikat "donated" to Mariam Appeal was also oil money, and not Zureikat's own money, as documentary evidence shows.

But most damning of all, Galloway claimed to the Senate that he had told everyone about Zureikat all along, that he had told everyone that he was a big donor, and that he was doing business in Iraq. None of that was true. He never declared that Zureikat was a donor, never wrote this on his website as he claimed, never wrote it on campaign literature as he claimed. In fact, Galloway didn't speak of Zureikat until April 2003 when the Daily Telegraph already revealed the document showing that Galloway made Zureikat his representative in Iraq for all purposes, a document that Galloway has not disputed.

Obviously Galloway was hiding Zureikat's involvement all along for a reason - because he was getting money from Saddam's regime through him.
Brits Finally Start Checking On Galloway

And more here: Mad Neo-Con Conspiracy Theorist, Moi?

A day of reckoning is at hand or is it for 'Mr' MP George Galloway? Thoughts?


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posted on Apr, 29 2006 @ 04:49 PM

Here we go ........ watch this space for forthcoming SMEAR CAMPAIGN against Galloway !

Followed by SMEAR CAMPAIGN against mayor of London.

Crime? They DARED to use their position to REVEAL the monstrous CRIMES committed by the architects of the 'War on Terra'.

Six billion of us against a few hundred of THEM.

WHY are we sitting here watching it all (including the murder of innocents) as if it were just another Sunday night movie? This is a question we'd better have a reasonable explanation for as we shuffle and moan our way along the coil.

So far, I haven't come up with a decent enough excuse. Have you?

posted on Apr, 29 2006 @ 04:55 PM
...thats is your justification for the scandal dock? the WOT? Thats like me saying because aother country is at war I can go rob a bank....:shk: like its a form of protest or something....

posted on Apr, 29 2006 @ 11:00 PM
you mean the terrorists who killed OVER TWO THOUSAND INNOCENT PEOPLE AT THE WORLD TRADE CENTER,DOCK? that very same organization that we are destroying this very minute??? get real...

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posted on Apr, 30 2006 @ 12:06 AM
Last time I checked into the allegations of Galloway and the Oil for Food scandal, his name was photocopied onto a paper and this was discussed at length here on ATS. It looked every bit the part of a lame frame job.


There is no merit that I have seen yet regarding these allegations.

[edit on 30-4-2006 by heelstone]

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