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posted on Apr, 29 2006 @ 05:04 AM
wow...the lengths some people will go to???? lmao

Resort fire 'lit to avoid bar tab'

The Darwin Magistrates Court has heard a man who lit a fire at a Darwin hotel earlier this week, did so to avoid paying a bar tab.

The police prosecutor told the court 23-year-old Luke Kenneth Groves set up a bar tab at the Mirambeena Resort on Wednesday night.

He then phoned his ex-girlfriend Kirsty Buchan, who joined him.

After a number of drinks, Groves attempted pay the bill but his EFTPOS card was declined.

He told staff he had money in his car and walked out, leaving Ms Buchan at the bar.

When she phoned him, he told her she should leave without paying.

Police say she refused and Groves then set fire to a pile of laundry in a nearby corridor.

Fire alarms rang and the resort was evacuated.

Police allege Groves told Ms Buchan he had started the fire so he would not have to pay his bill.

Goves was granted bail under the condition he does not contact Ms Buchan or go near the Mirambeena Resort.

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