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I VIVIDLY remember...

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posted on Apr, 29 2006 @ 12:35 AM
i vividly remember lots of things in my life. some people may take me from a crazy kid that just wants attention but all of these events really happened.

unknown age.

sometime during my early childhood around ages 3 to 5 i have had an video in my head that plays every once in a while of me and my family in our truck me bien a toddler and out the back of the window seeing a ufo like object with a disc like shape with a bright light.
when i talk to my family about it they see me as imagine things

cattle mutilation sighting.
while living in texas im not sure what area it was but the street was scwald road (please if possible some one look the road up because in not sure how its spelled)
but if you find it there was a large feild behind it which was government land, but the previous land owner had an agreement from as i know that being the cows natural home they where aloud to graze on it. me an my friend eric would hop my fence everynow an then to mess with the cows. one day while in the field we notice a small calf mooing in a sad way. just in case momma cow was around we tossed branches at the calf till it left an walked over to what if was staning by to find the cows hind legs had been almost surgically removed. and burn like whole where going into various parts of the body. we did not directly touch the dead cow but with stick we could tell the organs of where those hole were place were gone an it was almost like a body cavity.

while i lived in killeen tx, me an my friend whoes name i have forgottedn witnessesed what could have been a ghost.
all of the geographical info can be looked up the area was pershing park, with venable village very close to it, behind pershing park was a place we called the world. one part of it contained a lush forest type area with torns, moss ect, the next section was woodland, an it gradually changed to desert. one day while exploring in the desert we say 2 kids in all black walking slowly into a opening in the trees. Being young kids we trailed them an waited till the went into the open that was sorounded by trees. when we had finally got to the trees an slowly peered in there was no trace of the 2 teens or whatever they could have been, even the leaves in the area where untouched.

new york suspicious person sighting

while living in new york in a very poor town called watertown, which is 5 or so miles from the base fort drum. where my parents worked
or complex was on 1429 gill apt 441-a,if you look this up on google it will just place you over the villages mailbboxes, but toward the bottom left of the complex there was a very small field with a wooded area. many times during the night we noticed a man walking around in the area with his dog. an many times seeing him from my window in our unfenced yard. there would be no reason for him to be back there even to be walking his dog. the flashlight he had was a blue capped light. so iether way is was always pitch black,an i dont know this from experience but no one should be walking there dog at 1-3 in the morning.

forest police officer.
another day a good 7 months later
while exploring in this area we found a strange metal sheet in the woods, thinking it was a car part we attempted to dig it up. but right on que about 3 minutes of digging 3 armed police officers 2 which had there hands on there weapons with the buckle that usually cover a part of the gun of as if they were going to draw them at us. they told us that we were not allowed to be in these woods anymore because the owner didnt want us here. me bieng black i didnt want to talk to the police so my friend explained to them what we were doing. as i looked at the metal. it look alot like a military airplane wing.
*TIP* i have only done skim through research but there was actually some kind of military installation ot experiment, that could be linked to area 51 under the name Watertown.

posted on Apr, 29 2006 @ 12:59 AM
ive told a couple of my stories,what do you think

posted on Apr, 29 2006 @ 01:25 AM

the arrow in fron of the house is where i lived an the arrow the wooded area witch actually looks cut at that time is around the area where we found the metal
this can be found on google by typing in 1429 gill apt 441-a,13601,it will jsut set u at he mailboxes but u will be able to find the area

from right to left the arrows point out the jungle,forest,an desert
another arrow also points to my house
this an the picture under is can be found by typing 5286-2 dillingham,76544

the around is around the area where we were standing the bar is the way they were walkin an the finger is pointed into the opening they went into

if anybody can tell me how shwald road is actually spelled id apreciate it

its pronounce sh-wald.............i think it may be like german or somthing

[edit on 29-4-2006 by DalairTheGreat]

posted on Sep, 1 2008 @ 10:54 AM
reply to post by DalairTheGreat

The correct spelling of the road is Schwald Road.
It was named for the Dr. Norman A. Schwald who was an early resident of Killeen, TX. He and he family are distant relatives of me.

Take care,
Roderick Schwald

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