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Help needed in locating a short film clip.

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posted on Apr, 28 2006 @ 06:11 PM
To all ATS'ers, I ask for your considerable help.

I am searching for a short piece of footage from the Afghanistan war for a piece of footage in which an RAF voice is heard on his copit radio talking to ground control, whom is an American service member.

The piece is very distinctive, as when he is about to release weapons he states " Laser, Laser" in a very bold voice. There is a bright flash and an explosion as his target detonates.

If any one knows of a location I can get this footage from, or has it on thier personal collection, could they please, please u2u me or post details? The footage I believe shows some thing very incredible and i desperately would like another copy - Mine was lost when I lost my DVD/ software collection during transit to my new house.

Any, ANY help at all in finding this footage will be very welcome. Many thanks, MadGreebo.

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