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US turned Iraq into haven for terrorism

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posted on Apr, 28 2006 @ 03:37 PM
for the last 3 years since the invasion of Iraq, we were told that US is staying in Iraq to clean up terrorists and make the country safe.

guess what.

US State Department today admitted that we have made Iraq a haven for terrorists.

Iraq had just one bad guy - Saddam.

now there are hundreds if not thousands.

All thanks to United States. now Amricans are not only hated, but hunted for slaughter.

Iraq has become ideal terrorist recruiting ground; the best terror training camp in the world.

extremists must be praying for God to keep alive President Bush. He is doing so much for them.

who did all this. how did thousands of jihad seeking Arabs get into Iraq? who is to blame?

Bush administration's incompetence, or by a deliberate plan.

everyone knows that - War is Big Business.

its THEM.

THEY love war.

only in chaos and conflict can THEY survive.

thats why THEY continue to TALK peace, but PROMOTE war.

war on terrorism is an ideal senario which THEY created on September 11.

instead of diminshing, the threat of terrorism has increased dramatically.

Report: Iraq becoming terrorist haven - CNN

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posted on Apr, 28 2006 @ 03:51 PM
LOL, I dont know where to start...

The USA did not turn Iraq into a terrorist haven, Saddam did.

Recently (ill have to add the links later, at work now) tapes and memos have surfaced showing all sorts of Al-Qaeda communications and partnerships between Saddam, his regime, and a plethora of terrorist organizations. BEFORE, and after 9/11.

So, to you and your agenda driven point of view, its the US that has made Iraq a terrorist haven. But in factual reality it was Saddam himself.

Ill have to remember to support my claims later, but trust me I have some sources for this.

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posted on Apr, 29 2006 @ 03:28 AM
posted on 4/29/06 at 14:00

I believe that everyday the US is in Iraq, they are digging themselves deeper!! How do they even pull out at this point? They are so deep. It was a massive mistake to have gone in there to begin with, especially without UN support and a proper exit strategy.

They want to fight terrorism........ok, fair enough, but in the process, they are CREATING so many more terrorists. It's not like your born to be someone who gets involved in terrorism. You just can't expect to wipe them out and be safe because of it!!! What if Toronto, New York, or Los Vegas had soldiers standing in their streets with guns, imposing new values, a new government, and a new way of life, that is so different from the life they have experienced for thousands of years. Do you not think that the average joe's in our cities would rebel!!! Yes, the US are trying to make positive changes, but what gives them the right, and the negative repercussions coming from the changes are so very high, yet most westerners don't feel them.........yet!!! Do you not think that American individuals in a similar situation would sit back and decide upon the best place to blow themselves up for the cause and pride of their country. Do you think our average joe's who lost their family in a "carefully placed bomb" wouldn't think up a way of getting on the oppositions airline to seek revenge, because the first one worked so well.

A lot of us view the insurgents as nothing but savages and terrorists..... although most of them are just normal people, with normal lives….well at least normal before the invasion. Perhaps they are just fighting for their own cause, for their own country, simply because the US feels they have the right to bully and change things. Put yourself into the shoes of an Iraqi people. So many innocent lives in Iraq are lost everyday, and yes, most are from their own suicide bombers, but how many cars blew up before the Americans invaded?? And I’m sure for every soldier who is killed out there, I’m pretty confident there was an innocent civilian in Iraq that fell victim to a US bullet or explosion! And the hundreds of innocent people being held in prisons over there for months and months, without any real proof of terrorist involvement. God knows how much the media is censored, making your average people oblivious to what is really going on over there! The US government is not even allowing the media to show the coffins of dead soldiers coming home, which I think is wrong!!!! And why…. because they a scared it will fuel more protest? Perhaps showing the public would spark more respect, support, and honour for the soldiers who unselfishly gave their lives.

How many billions of dollars has been spend on an impossible war??? Maybe those billions could have been put into homes for the homeless, jobs, for the unemployed, healthcare and research for people who are sick and dieing, cleaner energy research and products for the planet that is suffering. All that wasted money for an unbeatable enemy! There will always be effective opposition toward anything directly or indirectly associated with US, whether it is bombings at democratic polling stations for years to come, or a McDonalds bombing because it's American. I can't see things getting better over there until they get back to "their norm." And terrorism is inevitable, as long as there is a reason to hate someone. The US is feeding them reasons everyday!!

People will never learn from past mistakes, it's very very sad these conflicts are still part of life. Hopefully the plans to properly train their people to clean up the mess the US made, and to sustain a working democratic government works out!!! I'm scared to see what the world is going to be like for our children’s children!!!! What do you think people? This is simply how i feel. Cut my views up if you'd like, I’d enjoy reading them........

Taker easy people,

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