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Cold War (Past/Present)

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posted on Apr, 28 2006 @ 03:11 PM
ok, not sure where to post this - but i feel this is a good forum for it!!

ok 2 questions really

(PAST) - i read somewhere (i'm sure it was on ATS) that if the cold war ever kicked off, britain would do sort of an 'all out attack' on the USSR and fire everything it had!!

britain had 600/800 nuclear warheads during the cold war, all these would be used - air strikes/naval attacks would also be used to destory russian troops throughout europe.

if this never defeated the USSR, it would be more than enough to break russia's back, and by this time america have had enough time to deploy to finish the job!!

now if this 'sucide attack' (if you will) by britain was NOT enough to destroy the USSR, its more than obvious they would nuke britain and destory us, the plan then was what was left of britain would be run throughout the commonwealth!!

now a part of me thinks, "WOAHHH man thats pride!!", something britain would do (our history) - go all out, and risk destroying itself first rather than losing the war!!

but another part of me thinks, yeah but would we really risk 60 million lifes?

would love to hear more info about this, because i can't find the past thread where i read about it.

(FUTURE) - if a cold war scenario, ever happened again (and whilst reading around the net) i'm sure it will!!

russia have started to get on its feet again - and russian national pride will make them build a stronger army than they EVER had before.

now china (also communist country), possibly by there side!!

what chance do the US/UK (possibly the rest of the commonwealth), have against russia & china?? - i mean thats got to be the dream team from hell!!

chinas manpower & russias military muscle.

if that ever heated up, god ^END OF THE WORLD^
or we'd have to surrender to save it.

ive also been putting 2+2 together too, and thinking about the look (afghanistan, iraq, iran) look on the map where these countrys are, isn't that a good base for a strike on russia?

are the US/UK fearful of another ^cold war scenario^ and preparing already?

would love to hear some views on the above subjects, later

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posted on Apr, 28 2006 @ 03:22 PM
I don't think it would matter who got hit first. Whether in the heart of the Cold War or in present times, if Britain launched this "suicide" attack it would be nothing more than "suicide". Even if they destroyed all of the USSR's main military bases and cities, decimated the government and civilians, they would still suffer mass nuclear retaliation.

It's similar to the nuclear retaliation system that the United States has. Many countries are in possession of so many nuclear weapons that their retaliation systems not only target major cities of the world, but even specific individuals that they would want killed in the event of a nuclear sabotage against their own country. Regardless of whichever country got hit first, if nuclear war broke out, it wouldn't matter who got hit first, who had the bigger army in terms of people, or who got hit last, everyone is going to get destroyed. Britain could destroy the entire USSR, U.S. and China and U.S., China, and the USSR would insure that Britain and everyone else would get brought down with them.

M.A.D. - Mutually Assured Destruction

Learn to love that acronym.

I don't think another Cold War is starting - but, possibly, could say that the Cold War never really ended, and that competition and tension has continued through all these years. I think the Middle East is more for oil than a preperation for another Cold War. We wouldn't need a location close to Russia to destroy them with nukes.

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