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From Hormuz to Hell!!

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posted on Apr, 28 2006 @ 01:58 PM
Iran has made it known to the US and UK exactly what would happen if they or Israel carry out a surgical strike on their nuclear installations.
It would retaliate by closing the strait of Hormuz through which the West receives two fifth of the oil it consumes.

The result? Oil prices will shoot up to $150 a barrel or more and trigger an economic recession that will be the biggest the world has ever experienced. And clearly, it is demonstrating the capacity to do so.
For starters, take a look at its decision to unveil, at this juncture, an ultra fast undersea missile and a stealthy sea skimming flying boat. The Iranians could be in possession of a huge quantity of such equipment. This is an alarming development which will have far reaching consequences on the West’s war strategy wherein the strait of Hormuz (where these weapon systems will undoubtedly be deployed), is the critical area of battle.

A broad, probable plan of the western ‘allies’ would be:

Phase 1. Gain air supremacy over Iran by neutralizing their airfields and air assets including missile sites.
Phase 2. Destruction of Iranian nuclear sites by air ops in conjunction with spec ground ops.
Phase 3. Ensuring that the strait of Hormuz is kept open to prevent disruption of oil supplies.

The bottom line is that this will enrage the Iranians to a degree the attackers have not even contemplated in their war games.
The Supreme Revolutionary Council will therefore have no difficulty in flooding Iraq, Afghanistan and Palestine with suicide bombers, and of course, activating their now dormant terror cells in the US, UK and other western countries to unleash mayhem on western economic assets.

And then the world will become more dismal and life more nasty and brutish, than Hobbes had ever imagined! It will deepen the chaos in the international order, pull the US into another quagmire and turn the entire Islamic world into a breeding ground for terrorists.

The US is still shy of talking to Iran. That would imply parity, the very antithesis of Empire.

Hats off to the American neo-cons who, it seems, are hell bent on propagating their agenda for a ‘new world order’.
We’re all heading into a bottomless abyss. There’s nowhere to run!

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