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Feminist or FemiNazi? Truth and Myth

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posted on Jul, 27 2010 @ 05:07 PM
Check out these two passionate blood boiling interviews between men about feminism. They point out all the double standards and bashing against men in America today:

Steve and Chris

Steve and Scott

posted on Jul, 27 2010 @ 05:11 PM

Feminism - The Destruction of Feminine Energy and Harmonious Relationships

The New Age and Spiritual movements are fond of saying that history has been controlled by patriarchical societies which have suppressed the "feminine energy", hence causing imbalance and destruction. For example, the popular internet films "Esoteric Agenda" and "Kymatica" make this point.

However, what these movements are afraid to admit, is that modern day feminism totally suppresses and destroys this "feminine energy" in its true form more than any patriarchical society ever did.

You see, the natural God given female energy is loving, caring, nurturing, tender, and seeks a symbiotic relationship with the male energy. This results in the creation of life, the highest power. Whatever you want to call it - God, Mother Nature, the Universal Creative Force, etc. - that is how it was naturally meant to be. Male and female energy were meant to complement each other, not compete and tear each other down, or engage in any "battle of the sexes", which is what has happened (and may possibly be engineered by the global elite according to some sources, Google "Nick Rockefeller and feminism").

Yet the feminist movement and its values preach the complete opposite and antithesis. Not only do they incite male bashing and double standards against men in society (examples are numerous, see here for some), but they indoctrinate women to look down on men, NOT NEED men, NOT WANT men, be independent, and view males as lower forms of life that are creeps and oppressors by nature. Men are not respected or admired, but seen as immature and dumb, which is exemplified by this movie poster:

Obviously this is destructive and not good at all for male/female relationships. How can such attitudes be beneficial to the symbiotic complementary nature of male/female energy, or to its balance? It is anything but. Yet it is taboo to point this out, cause you are labeled as a "woman hater" or "mysnogimist" if you say the obvious truth.

It's a form of mind control, probably set up by the Global Elite, or New World Order, as the conspiracy movement calls them, to divide and conquer us. It's just another way they use to set us against each other, so that we don't unite and rise up against the real enemy, which are the Global Elite who are running the show. Aaron Russo, in an interview with Alex Jones, revealed that Nick Rockefeller of the infamous Rockefeller dynasty, told him that the Rockefeller Foundation created and funded the feminist movement, for instance.

But even charismatic conspiracy leaders like Alex Jones, David Icke and others, who are passionate and relentless about exposing the ways in which this Global Elite or NWO control and divide us, are afraid to bring up modern feminism as one of the culprits of this engineered chaos and disorder. Probably it's because they have a large female fan base and do not wish to lose them, so they avoid this taboo. Not even they, being passionate truth seekers, dare to violate it. Only Men's Rights leaders like Tom Leykis and others have dared to expose this taboo issue.

Nevertheless, the truth is the truth. Feminism destroys natural healthy male/female relationships, makes dating a nightmare of epic proportions, and totally disrupts the natural harmony of men and women. It turns women hateful and apathetic toward men. In effect, it gives women an unaccountable status where they can get away with anything, and demonize anyone who resists. As a result, they can abuse and mistreat men without judgment or consequences, for it is taboo to argue or stand up to them.

Females in America are given role models in the form of action stars, like Angelina Jolie, who in Tomb Raider as Lara Croft, is rough and tough, kicks ass, does not need men, does not act sweet, feminine or tender, does not giggle or blush, and all the while looking sexy at the same time.

Yet any honest natural man will tell you that such a woman with no feminine qualities is not attractive at all, and dealing with her is very awkward. How can you have a loving, intimate, fulfilling relationship with a woman who is rough and tough, doesn't need you and tries to act stronger than you? You can't flirt with her, court her, or charm her without feeling like you are violating her "independence from femininity". Yet you can't treat her like a male buddy either, because no matter how hard she tries to act like a man, she is not one, in ANY way. So what can you do with her?! You can't treat her like a man or a woman! It's the most awkward and dysfunctional thing.

These feminist independent women who don't need men often do not dress feminine. They hate wearing skits and high heels and even like cutting their hair short to look like men.

How can that be beautiful or feminine to men? How can that bring out the male attraction for the feminine?

How can being strong and independent soothe a man's need for tenderness and fulfill his need for love and his need to merge with the female energy?!


So obviously feminism has F***ED up our relationships, whether it was engineered or not. There's no way around it. And that's NOT a good thing.

I am not a chauvnist or sexist at all. I do not advocate male dominance or female submission either. I am just exposing the truth about the destructive harmful force called feminism which pollutes female minds in America and seeks to infest the rest of the world too. It prevents men from acting like men and women from acting like women. I am merely advocating that balance and harmony be restored, for men to be men again, and women to be women.

I am not anti-female at all. If anything, I am PRO-female. I love women and many of my best friends are females. But I Pro-True Female, or Pro-True Feminine Energy and Femininity. This artificial woman created by modern feminism is anything but natural or normal. It runs against Nature, God and every natural thing.


posted on Jul, 27 2010 @ 05:12 PM
Yet the sad thing is that many women are tricked into thinking that this "new feminism" is somehow liberating them and allowing them to reach their full potential. Yet how can they become self-actualized by suppressing their own natural life force or feminine energy? How is that wholesome or harmonious, when it's destructive to relationships and forces men to emasculate themselves and deny their own masculinity? Any time you try to bring up something by oppressing others, it will be a formula for destruction.

It's a total scam against women. It fragments their inner psyche and twists the male/female harmony totally out of whack, destroying relationships and turning America into one of the most unnatural dating scene in the world. It is also tyranny in disguise, which seeks to placate and weaken males, while giving women too much power, which in the end ruins society.

And if you are really pro-women and pro-female, you'd expose this scam and bring awareness of it, so people can see what it really is. You'd help women get back in touch with their true divine female energy inherent in them, and stop this scam which tries to get women to deny their own femininity.

The choice is yours: Will you endorse a path that leads to destruction and division, or one that leads to love, balance and harmony?

posted on Jul, 27 2010 @ 05:46 PM
Wow' way to raise the dead. I had forgotten all about this thread. It was one of those that I cut my ATS teeth on. Thanks for the trip down memory lane.

posted on Jul, 27 2010 @ 06:00 PM
Oh Gawd! More delusion.

As a 64+ female - - I personally experienced pre-feminist inequality.

Those brave outspoken women took the Pendulum and swung it hard.

I will forever be thankful.

I am so puking sick of whiny insecure men feeling their dominance is challenged.

posted on Jul, 27 2010 @ 06:49 PM
Check out this interview explaining why there is no "battle of the sexes" in France. I wish we were like them. We could learn a lot from them. They have a more natural symbiotic relationship between men and women.

posted on Jul, 29 2010 @ 05:19 AM
reply to post by WWu777


try being married to a man who about every 6 or so years just ups and decides that he is sick of having a family, and that he is gonna just "take care of himself".....
try having kids that need things with no money to buy them...
try being sick, or hurt, unable to care for those kids, and hubby's gone, always gone...
try getting a job, working you tail off for three to five years, just to find out that while you were living with this guy with no interest to meeting your kids' needs, and doing your best to make up for his disinterest....well, you find out that the guys are making a few bucks more an hour.........

it is natural for women to want to protect their children, it is natural for women to want to feed them when they are hungry, it is natural for women to want to take them to a doctor when they are sick, it is natural for women to want buy them clothing so they can go to's natural for women to want to earn the same amount of money as a the guys if she is doing the same job, or a more difficult one!!!


bailouts go overseas....we end up paying. jobs go overseas, half of my family isn't managers making $800,000 a year in a town that has 25% proverty rate....bankers get big bonuses....we can't make the mortgage now that they've adjusted the rate again...hubby decides he doesn't want a, well, I can find a way to live on my pathetic little salary.....

I've had enough...enough of gov't politicians that use their office to enrich themselves and their friends, enough of wall street gamblers getting themselves into trouble and looking at me for the bailout, enough of stupid little boys and stupid little girls having a good time and I end up helping to pay for the birth of that lovely bundle of joy! and enough of guys who whine and moan, and groan about their plight in life!!!
grow a witch (a little wordplay needed here).....and then you die!!!

posted on Jul, 29 2010 @ 05:22 AM
we dont need examples. the problem is the only women who have the time to promote feminism are women who hate man and want to be more then them.
the rest of women are happy and sleeping with theyr husband.
thats the horrible truth.
same goes for machoism

posted on Jul, 29 2010 @ 05:26 AM
reply to post by Stillalive

or maybe, just maybe....
the problem is these people who have so much money, which leads to so much time on their hands, that they have nothing better to do with it than to try to invoke their view of the "perfect world", onto the masses...who are living in the real world where very little is perfect!

posted on Jul, 29 2010 @ 05:34 AM
true,i dont have so much money and i project my views,and so do alot of other people.
i dont think there should be angst between sexes.

posted on Jul, 29 2010 @ 05:36 AM
reply to post by Stillalive


if the alternative is that women are to remain in that dependent state, well....then.....that's just not gonna happen!

and projecting your debating on forums and such, isn't the same as projecting your in trying to influence the gov't, economics, redesign the world in the image more appealing to ya!

[edit on 29-7-2010 by dawnstar]

posted on Jul, 29 2010 @ 05:38 AM
its strange that man are more needy about sex,when women have bigger sexual urges then men i heard. its sick. but then again most women need to depend on a man.
but dependency ends when i go to a prostitute and have a salary that can afford me a prostitute. then you are independent

posted on Jul, 29 2010 @ 05:44 AM
reply to post by Stillalive

I'm pretty sure, men could live without sex.....
try living without shelter, food, clothing, healthcare, and all the other stuff money can buy!

I've done a preliminary calculations of what what I make vrs what I need....shelter, car, and insurance, sorry feet are shot, if I am gonna work, I need a car, and gee, that about eats up my paycheck, and we haven't even gotton to the good stuff, ya know, heat, electricity, healthcare (which I can't afford now, so I am living with the fear that I might be slowly bleeding internally_, not to mention food!!! my priorities is the last thing on the list of priorities, or close to it......I'll starve myself, hey, I am sure you guys won't mind paying a little more for all those bailouts!

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