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Goose helps man outlive doctor's prediction

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posted on Apr, 28 2006 @ 08:53 AM

FERNAN LAKE, Idaho (AP) -- A northern Idaho man diagnosed with terminal cancer says a usually cantankerous goose that befriended him on his walks has helped him live past doctors' predictions.

"I wonder, why would that one goose attach himself to Bill?" she said. "I think he knows he's sick. I think animals can sense that."

The goose, about 30 pounds with a red beak and red feet, approaches Lytle when he calls and rubs its head against his arms. But it snaps at anyone else who gets too close, including Myrna, their daughter, and Bill's hospice aide.

I have posted many topics on ATS/PTS/BTS that have been negative news articles for people to read that I wanted to post a postive to balance some of it out.


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