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Misc Religious questions

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posted on Apr, 28 2006 @ 12:24 AM
Take your pick and bite into one of my questions;

I am wondering why would the dead be raised to be judged if heaven and hell already exsist?

When is the 9th of Av in Jewish faith on the US standard calander?
-Would it be the same day ever year?

Please read this;
The Ari explains that when we say the Messiah will be born on the 9th day of Av we refer to the consciousness of Leo, that its numerical value is 216. 216 is the numeric value of the Hebrew letter Resh, Yud, Dalet, the exact amount of letters in the 72 Names of God chart. The 72 Names of God is the key and the answer to all of humanity ailments. This is the Messiah we are waiting for! The Messiah has already arrived. The Zohar, in Shemot, says that when the Messiah will come, the people will try to kill him and he will have to hide.

In Judia faith they belive the messiah has yet to come? In Christian faith the one who people will try to kill is the antichrist? Can anyone see light in the Christ and Antichrist is one in the same almost as a phoenix? So both faiths would be right? Technicaly speaking of course as this may go against the written word.

Doesn't Jesus fill all of his prophecies? Does it count if the phopecy was Johns?
I can not place it but isn't there some reference of John not understanding God? Or something he would have to return since he didn't understand?

next up I am curious about any mention in religion of mythology about a twin. I have heard very little on Jesus having a twin or a returning prophet having a twin. Can anyone tell me what has been written in any form about the subject of twin and what its definition is.

Does the Quran have any thoughht of messiahs?

Is there any references in the Torah to a messiah?

Why do we need a messiah?

posted on May, 10 2006 @ 08:43 PM
1) I am wondering why would the dead be raised to be judged if heaven and hell already exist?

Good question. I have been thinking about this myself! I have determined: That heaven is only for a select few. The rest of those chosen by God will not go to heaven, they will be raised and allowed to live on the new earth--"heaven."

Also, we don't go to heaven as soon as we die. We go into a state of non-existence until we are raised at the Judgement.

2) In the Christian faith the one the people will try to kill is the antichrist?

Many Christians believe the antichrist has already come and gone. If you continue to have questions about this you should research and compare the futurist and preterist views. And, no, there is no likeness between Christ and the antichrist.

3) The Quran mentions Jesus. He is viewed as a messenger of God but not the Son of God.

The Torah has prophesies of a Messiah which fit Jesus.

4) We need a Messiah to allow us to once again commune with God.


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