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posted on Apr, 27 2006 @ 11:20 PM
does everyone here agree that it is WAY too late to leave Iraq?

leaving Iraq now would leave Iraq in a tri-civil war and a civilian state of insanity for deacades to come...

the U.S. now has an obligation whether you or the government know it or not.
the current situation is like a gangster wanting out but the only way out is "death..." and death is this situation = Iraq dying nearly forever.

I've oppossed Iraq war since invasion of Afganistan, and all reports lead me to believe I may have been misconcieved to even support invasion of Afghanistan... but- we now have an obligation to not destroy an enemy- but to save a nation(FOR ONCE!, LIKE WE'VE BEEN BELIEVED THAT IS WHAT WE STAND FOR). and we must stay now for it is too late.

if you ask me, we shoulda used our other nuclear bombs(we only had two) to rule the world in 1945.

but now you talk about a police state?
if we had more than two, we woulda nuked Germany, Russia, and China, and Japan(did that, done that)[1], and might as well add Africa into the mix for the hell of it because it's such a big continent.

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posted on Apr, 28 2006 @ 02:35 AM
Why would we want to leave Iraq? We have a nice embassy going up soon, and plenty of military infrastructure is being built as we post. bah...

We stand to gain territory and oil, protecting america's interests are exactly why we liberated those baathist bastards. So they could share in our Democracy.

I say keep on going the coarse, like we should have with Nicaragua, Chile, Guatamala, .... We have to learn from our past mistakes, we cant afford to loose any more ground.

posted on Apr, 28 2006 @ 02:52 AM
The US has no obligation in Iraq, military options have been expended and failed, in the aftermath of a US pull-out there will be some friction between militia controled areas of the country, possibly civil war, but no big deal, civil wars happen, it will be no big-deal, Lebanon went on that way for 15 years, it didn't make a difference to the world.

This 'oil' you say you gained is irrelevant, the northern oil fields are shut down and output is still below what it was even when sanctions were imposed by the SC..and this oil hasn't stopped prices from getting higher and higher in the US. Oil is just a commodity-too much is made of it.

As for Iraq being a 'strategic position' - nonsense..US forces in Iraq are exposed to Iranian missiles and the coalition mission is dependent on Gulf shipping, which is also under threat by Iran, US hands are tied in dealing with Irans nuclear program because they are in Iraq and can not launch strikes from their Navy for fear of Iranian reprisals on US shipping in the Gulf to re-supply their mess in Iraq and on US bases in Iraq.

The insurgency only gets worse and can never be defeated because it enjoys support from Iraqis who want their country independent again.

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