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Entropy, is gaining momentum..

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posted on Oct, 16 2003 @ 02:56 PM
Globally, mankind is steadily self destructing...add to the list: MONKS on a Consumer Binge !-->
(from an 'e-mail a friend' message in my hotmail)
*after the pedephile priests of USA scandals, no less*

next, let's recognise all the 'buzz words' about concepts like--> mass extinction-->WMDs-->asteroid hits-->eubola-->massive depopulation...etc etc etc
then look at these 2 web stories, Presenting mass death scenarios & Reinforcing the mass death memes/themes::
~~~populace Halved in 70 yrs~~~?

yeah, numb me to the loss of life scenario
make it seem clean, natural, expected...welcomed?
the NWO/Illuminati, subordinated agencies, et al
are doing Exactly That!! Indoctrinating the masses to accepting the inevitible, massive losses of lives...
result: a desired global population at 500 million?!?!
++++Systems disintegrating as we speak++++, That's Entropy !!!

Remember all of the levels?? Review them all in your mind. ...atom & cell & organ & system & body & planet & system & galaxy & cosmos... All the same...on every level, differing only in scale.

It's only the tip of the Ice Burg...but, as Mohammed said, you must be willing to crawl on ice...

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posted on Oct, 17 2003 @ 03:34 PM

came across this article, which suggests only a general
"TWEAKING" is really needed...and the 'planners' should continue the strategies...

contained therein:

"The real world situation that's spontaneously combusting today is a Perfect Storm of extreme environmental degradition and rolling infrastructure collapse."

also read: "Today a globalized corporate empire is menacing the future of the entire biosphere."

Close But NO CIGAR !!

There is no remedy
There is no solution

The Great Cosmic Clock is working Properly

We still haven't Awoke to the Realization that, just as

stem cells divide, until a trigger-> switches them into specialized cells

these cells reproduce, until a trigger-> instructs these cells to not reproduce or repair theirselves

the 'collective' as a organ or body then commences to decay & become dead....providing a springboard or just space for a new life form to develop & thrive...for its time

the global wide systems failures and systems gone haywire (everything from weather to religions) only the process of Entropy expressing->-> that it is move on, move over, move out, make way...

posted on Oct, 20 2003 @ 10:01 AM
Came across this article

(which adds to the body of evidence = WE are now in the ENTROPY phase, in the 'countdown' to a 'new age')

Entropy, meaning the breakdown-of a self-sustaining system--> a LAW, in our physical universe scale:

this SHARD of discovery, added to other pieces i hope to be able to present= will or should lead, one to a conclusion that our present time/event sequence is not merely an expression of 'the Quickening' or a solvable, manmade problem that can be remedied.. This is ENTROPY phase, we're on a one-way-street, to mass-extinction

(apocalypse-armageddon-end times-final judgement)

Article Titled:: Biologists assess 'sixth extinction' 467
~~~~'the toronto star newspaper'

We have touched on, religions,weather, now plants/ethno-biology...but these are only 'touched on', you may want to research confirm to yourself that this present ERA is different than all the preceeding END TIMES mankind has so casually pronounced before.

Of Further Interest: www.Goro Adachi . com

TWO points which have importance Re: Entropy model
are found in the authors many pages & topics & articles

#1. An underlying concept that certain rhythms are at work
#2. Goro, in his River-Time model, suggests TIME LINES,
and ventures the 'termination' date...not to be confused with past 'near calamatous' end of world scenarios...


In Particular - focus on 2 headings-->
The Equidistant Sequence
Contextual Resonance

~~midway on page, just above insert of Mars picture...~~~

his 2 year cycles, built upon 8 month cycles...overlaid with 2 yr cycles spaced 8 months apart.
see the '3rd Wave...' post, made in oct '03 makes a connectivity, eh?
this was posted, only to present that waves-swells-inundations,etc...are built upon one another,,,and if you 'look' the different patterns, rhythms,frequencies will present themselves...

also, his Nile = an engineered, monument of time & roadmap of humanity, is a bit is non the less compelling
~too bad, i cant afford his books...~

hey, enjoy the journey

[Edited on 20-10-2003 by riffraffalunas]

posted on Oct, 20 2003 @ 10:12 AM
Aren't things like this inevitable though? My best advice for myself is just to stay aware as you really cannot change what is destined to come anyway..Can you? Not on a global scale anyway..

If I spent the rest of my time here dwelling on the end, then what was the whole point in living here??

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