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"Operation Falcon II" Nets 9000+ Fugitives in Nationwide Sweep

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posted on Apr, 27 2006 @ 02:06 PM
Over 1100 wanted sex offenders are part of the 9000+ arrests in a nationwide sweep for wanted felons announced today by AG Gonzales and USMS Director Clark. The sweep for felony fugitives, dubbed "Operation Falcon II" was conducted from April 17-23.
Attorney General Alberto Gonzales and John F. Clark, director of the United States Marshals Service, detailed the results of Operation Falcon II, a seven-day nationwide fugitive roundup, during a press conference in Washington. Among those arrested during Operation Falcon II were 1,102 violent sexual offenders.

Others arrested were fugitive gang members and violent offenders wanted for homicide, kidnapping, robbery, burglary, carjacking, weapons offenses and narcotics sales. In total, 9,037 individuals were arrested, who Gonzales said were "the worst of the worst fugitive felons in the country."

"This is an important step in ensuring a culture where the law is respected, where the judicial process is observed, sentences are meaningful, and hard time is served," Gonzales continued.

The operation was conducted from April 17 through April 23.

"In this country, it's suspected there are literally thousands of people wanted for some sort of sex crime. That's a startling number," Clark said, adding that it is a top priority of the Justice Department to protect children from such offenders.

Please visit the link provided for the complete story.

It is good to see that our federal government is hard at work protecting US citizens from violent criminals such as these. Especially the violent pedophiles. Good riddance.

My only concern is that sweeps such as these could be conducted against decent, law-abiding citizens exercising their constitutional right to freedom of speech and assembly in the event of a crackdown on the increasing political unrest and dissatisfaction with the current federal government over the War in Iraq, the Showdown with Iran, immigration policy, government corruption, and the rising cost of living, especially gasoline and energy costs.

Large scale sweeps like these certainly send a strong message. Let's hope they aren't practicing for something else more sinister.

posted on Apr, 27 2006 @ 03:04 PM
And they were all on the loose all this time because????????

This reeks of police state ramp up. I wonder how many dissenters were brought in during Copfest ?....Sorry I can't get warm and fuzzy over anything this administration does anymore.

posted on Apr, 27 2006 @ 03:45 PM
YIAWETA you ask a good question. If they can round up over 9000 in 1 week they must have know where many of them were before the operation began, so why didn't they go get them before? How many do they round up during an average week? This sounds like a PR move, all-be-it a good one.

posted on Apr, 27 2006 @ 06:07 PM
The real possibility of what I alluded to in my comments on this story hits home when you consider authorities may be compiling a database of prospects for future sweeps with tactics such as these:

As dozens of anti-war demonstrators heckled President Bush outside an Indian Wells resort last weekend, a plainclothes Riverside County sheriff's deputy and another man moved through the crowd, the deputy waving a protest sign as the two snapped digital photographs of the demonstrators.


posted on Apr, 27 2006 @ 06:21 PM

Originally posted by Astronomer70
YIAWETA you ask a good question. If they can round up over 9000 in 1 week they must have know where many of them were before the operation began, so why didn't they go get them before? How many do they round up during an average week? This sounds like a PR move, all-be-it a good one.

These round-ups occur at all levels of law enforcement from time to time. It takes much planning and effort to co-ordinate resources on a national level, and many times these round-ups divert resources from normal police activities so that they can participate.

It cost about a half million for OT pay for these raids. These were priority targets, and this was phase one of the sweep. I think the ROI was excellent.

posted on Apr, 27 2006 @ 08:04 PM
Seems like they went after a lot more violent offenders with this sweep.

Operation Falcon I was heavy with ICE, and non-violent offenders made up too large a portion of the total that time around, for my taste. I guess ICE is still involved, though they haven't been mentioned specifically.

The need for these actions is clear, but in my opinion the more transparent the process, the better it is for all involved. The siege mentality of American law enforcement is a false perception, IMO, it does more to hurt our chances of survival and our quality of life than help. Protect and Serve, those concepts need to be constantly returned to, constantly re-inforced.

If they got a thousand sex offenders off the street, that's excellent. I'm still inclined to wonder about the rest of the folks they picked up though. I get the sense we're told about the sex offenders to make us feel better about the operation as a whole, and that makes me concerned...

posted on Apr, 27 2006 @ 09:01 PM
You people fail to consider exactly how many people are arrested nationwide in one day. This is the arrest inquiry for today alone in My city Tampa, Fl. In fact it looks like a slow day IMO.

Arrests as of 10:00 PM April 27, 2006 Tampa, FL

Theres thousands of cities across the US, many of which are much larger in size and population than Tampa, and obviosuyl have a higher rate of arrests. Perhaps they are just manipulating the facts to make it seem as if this were a targeted thing, when this all could have been the number of felons arrested in a standard week in our nation.

Hey either way, these were all wanted men (at least we are to believe that) and will be getting their just dues. I am sure in that number of arrests, there are a few individuals who are mistakenly arrested or just fit the unlucky circumstances to be charged with said crimes. This is just another week in the good ol U.S.A. as far as I am concerned.

posted on Apr, 27 2006 @ 09:41 PM
if they're getting the right people,then good. after all, it seems that these days, the sex offenders are really cracking down on our children!!!we don't have to allow criminals to bully this nation around any longer...

posted on Apr, 27 2006 @ 09:46 PM
Seriosuly instead of building a wall on the border, we need to build a wall around an unused sect of land where people can be banished away from modern society (running water, electricity, peers, temptation) for crimes like these. If they can make it to the nearest entrance they can be reintegrated into society during a probationary period. There will be no cut-off point on chances you are given for banishment. I doubt there will have to be considering the consequences. Just try to be a regular unexperienced criminal citizen trying to survive away from society. They will not want to lose that again.


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