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australian what the

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posted on Apr, 27 2006 @ 10:38 AM
So what is going on ,,he shot him self, he was cleaning his gun .It now seems that perhaps he might not have been actually handling the weapon but that it was very close to him."well how did he get hit in the head .now his body has been lost .what is going on ?is this a conspiracy or is my Australian government as bad as they look

posted on Apr, 27 2006 @ 10:43 AM
wow how tragic, I feel for the family and understand their reason to doubt what they have been told.

Something definitely smells fishy, I wouldn't doubt they're trying to cover what really happened up, this story just doesn't sit right.

posted on Apr, 27 2006 @ 11:25 AM
They brought the wrong body home !!!

So whose body WAS it that they brought to Australia ????

It's several days since the media and government announced an Australian had been killed in a self-inflicted 'accident'.

I don't remember hearing that any OTHER Ausssie had been killed.

So WHO was the body in the casket which they brought to Australia amidst such pomp and circumstance ???

How MANY Aussie bodies do they HAVE over there in Iraq ?

If there was only ONE Aussie body, * HOW* could they confuse the issue and bring another body home?

THEN ... (after the wrong body was brought home) ... they begin trotting out several different versions of how the Aussie (who still hasn't been located) was killed.

And all of this, DAYS after the Aussie died !

So we go from a ' tragic yet simple accident' story ..... to a mess of cover-ups, contradictions and what can only be described as 'tragic farce'.

Do you get the feeling that:

(1) The Aussie died under weird and unusual circumstances

(2) The Australian government know even LESS about the true circumstances than members of the public and media ?

Does the Australian government make ANY decisions at all?
Do they have ANY control at all over what happens to Aussie service men and women?

Or does the Australian government do no more than stand to attention like good little girls and boys, and take orders about absolutely EVERYthing from the US government ..... which in turn takes ITS orders from Tel Aviv ?

IF the latter, why don't all Aussies just apply for Isreali citizenship --- and whatever perks go with that .... and save themselves a bundle by sacking the 'front guy' Aussie government and all its thousands of useless hangers-on ???

Why *should* we pay Howard and Downer and those well-fed politicians, if they can't even grant dignity and respect to those well-intentioned Aussies who get themselves killed in Iraq ?

WHY didn't the Aussie government * ITSELF* undertake to bring the Aussie soldier's body home ?????

WHY, instead did they pay (as stated by top Aussie military today on tv) a 'Private'
company to organise and transport the body ?

* WHY* is the Australian public being required to PAY an 'independent' company (as in US or Israeli company -- a more 'jobs for mates' company) rather than expect its *OWN* well-paid government and military drones to do something as *SIMPLE* as prepare and transport *ONE LONE Aussie* home to his family ?


It's NOT as if Aussies are dying by the score or even by the half dozen or even in two's and three's over there in Iraq. They had ONE body.

So HOW ---- after several days to get it right --- did they manage to mess it up ??

The jet carrying the soldier's remains touched down. Hundreds of thousands of Aussie taxpayers' money were used for this exercise. Dozens of service men, media, politicians and of course the deceased soldier's family stood to attention.

And then when the coffin lid was lifted so the family could say goodbye - a complete STRANGER stared lifelessly up at them !!!!!

Was this done as a joke by callous, mindless goons back there in Iraq in the lucrative 'Private' body-transporting business ?

Or was it all a * LIE * that the Aussie died of self-inflicted wounds ???

Was he instead KILLED by some shadowy group back in Iraq ??
Does the Aussie govt. have ANY idea what happens to the people they send to Iraq on the orders of the US and Israel ?

Do we even HAVE an Aussie government? Doesn't sound like it !

posted on Apr, 27 2006 @ 12:31 PM
The more I think about this, the more suspicious I grow.

Bringing back the wrong body AND letting the prostitute-media reveal it to the world seems more and more as if it was ALL DELIBERATELY CARRIED OUT --- including the suspicious 'tragic death' of the Aussie soldier involved.

From there, we must ask: ' Who stood to lose most from this farce ? Who would end up looking the most stupid and inept when the Wrong Body arrived ? WHO would the Aussie public blame ?

Howard of course.

From there, we should probably assume that Little Johnny has recently pissed-off his US/Israeli dictators ... probably by objecting to sending Aussie service men to yet another staged US/Israeli 'war for greed' (in Central or South America for instance).

SO ....... to teach Little Johnny a lesson and pull him in line .... an Aussie was killed in Iraq. And Lesson Two would have been to turn public opinion against Johnny by sending back ---- the WRONG body !

Little Johnny's done a damn good job of keeping Aussies out of the mud and guts end of Iraq in BOTH the Bush's staged 'wars on terra'. He's done a much better job of taking care of his people than has ... for example ... Tony Poodle Blair. So we have to hand that to Johnny.

But Johnny is dispensable, as he well knows. He probably wanted to retire years ago. Who could blame him. But he knows that if he goes --- Australia will get lumbered with Gutless No-Brain Beasley, who would sell out every man, woman and child in Australia to the US/Israeli satanists, just for the chance to have 'Beasley Prime Minister' carved on his tombstone for posterity --- and to appease his dead father. And Johnny wouldn't be able to Rest in Peace for eternity with that on his conscience, so he's had to stay in office.

The Wrong-Body scenario was doubtlessly aimed directly at John Howard --- as a Last Warning from US/Israel, before they finish him off with a poisoned pin-prick 'heart attack' on one of his morning walks. Guess Latham and Crean (not to mention the despicable Keating and Hawke) are damned glad they aren't Aussie Prime Minister these awful days.

Which brings me back to wondering just why they got rid of ex-PM Harold Holt, all those years ago ? What was brewing on the zionist agenda back then that he (obviously) refused to go along with ? Harold Holt was an Object Lesson for all future Prime Ministers: a zionist lesson in 'Do As You're Told Or Be Replaced'. Whitlam was lucky to escape with his life.

posted on May, 1 2006 @ 03:28 AM
I know quite a bit about the Australian army and i want to know why he was cleaning his gun while it was loaded because one of the first things you are taught in the army is to make sure you gun isnt loaded and especially while you are cleaning it and to make it even wierder they brought home the wrong body so where is the body of the aussie it sounds like a cover up to me

posted on May, 10 2006 @ 10:49 AM
I work for a Federal Parliamentarian that has quite a bit to do with defense. I can definitely say that the Government is not involved in any kind of coverup - if anyone is it would be the defense force itself as we are completely in their hands with regards to information that is delivered.

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