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A poem for the racers

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posted on Apr, 27 2006 @ 08:34 AM
On the grid, close your lid,
Brains in the Pits but keep your wits,
Watch the lights, throttle pinned tight,
Green light go, all in slow mo,

Fighting for traction, right in the action,
more throttle now, just a fraction,
knee on the deck, stick out your neck,
first corner done, ready for the next,

Into top gear, pulling clear,
Fast down the straight, late on the brakes,
Back down the box and out of the slipstream,
then tuck back down, in behind the screen,

Lap after lap, hunting places,
past the standing, cheering crowds faces,
Over the line in first place,
An awesome victory with style and grace!

One more lap for appreciation,
front wheel up for a standing ovation,
Burn out time on the Grid,
Road race king, doing our 'thing'


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