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Irans Nuclear Issue on NATO Meeting

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posted on Apr, 27 2006 @ 05:28 AM
It will be an interesting situation. It is obviously a decision to be made though informatlly it may be, by US and Britan. France has managed to join the team. Russia and China are obviously two countries which will opposes the sactions be pressed against Tehran. It will be upto the UN securtiy council to come up with something interesting. I do understand that there will be no direct decisions made however with top heads of these countries mixing up, there should be a fair bit of flavouring on the hot topic of action towards tehran.

As I understand the process, no action can be taken against a country if even one permanent member opposed a decision made by the rest of the 4 countries. Russia and China will definately veto any sactions, but the point of US making this compulsory is something which is quite disturbing.

If a compulary judgement is to be made, this would make US a democractic dictatory. The definition doesnt make sense. True, democractic in a way that these in power are elected by the people, however these people in power are acting like dictators.

I do understand the challenges that face US and Britan from the threat of a Nuclear Program of Iran, however there has to be better ways...

I am sure there would be thoughts?

SOFIA, Bulgaria - Iran's nuclear standoff with the West is expected to dominate talks Thursday between Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice and her counterparts from NATO and European Union nations on the eve of a U.N. deadline for Tehran to halt uranium enrichment.

The Iran question is not on NATO's official agenda and the alliance's spokesman, James Appathurai, stressed "NATO does not have a formal role to play" in the debate. However, the issue will be discussed at an informal dinner bringing together NATO and EU nations on the sidelines of the regular spring gathering of NATO foreign ministers.

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