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Iran Nears Deadline, US Claims Self-Defense

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posted on Apr, 26 2006 @ 07:20 PM
As the deadline for Iran to hault its nuclear program comes closer and closer, (Friday, April 28, 2006) words from top advisors suggest military action. A National Security Strategy has named Iran the biggest threat to the US. Condoleezza Rice said that the right to self defense does not need a UN resolution. They are expecting Iran to be in violation of the injunction to stop nuclear enrichment.
WASHINGTON: While pressing for UN sanctions to thwart Iran’s suspected nuclear arms ambitions, the United States is hedging its bets and seeking other means of pressure, including veiled threats to use force.

US officials consider it a virtual certainty that an International Atomic Energy Agency report to be presented to the United Nations on Friday, will find Iran in violation of an injunction to stop uranium enrichment. But it is much less clear whether the UN Security Council will be able to agree on tough measures against the Islamic Republic in the face of staunch opposition from veto-wielding members Russia and China.

But Washington has begun to back up its diplomatic drive with growing, if still subtle, rumblings about possible military strikes against Iran to keep its nuclear program in check. A National Security Strategy issued in March identified Iran as perhaps the single greatest threat to the United States, and President George W Bush has conspicuously refused to take military action off the table. Rice went further last week and, in an echo of pre-Iraq war arguments used by the administration said, “the right to self-defense does not necessarily require a UN Security Council resolution.” US officials have rebuffed any suggestion they give Iran security guarantees as they have done in writing for North Korea, another antagonist whose nuclear weapons program is much more developed. AFP

Please visit the link provided for the complete story.

wow can we say pre iraq. I have a question for every person in support of this out there, what threat do they directly pose to the US? The claims and such all sounds like definate propaganda works. I dont back Iran on what they are doing but I cannot back the US because of what its doing. Its sounding the alarms of imminent threat when there is none. Its playing the Iraq war plan all over again like we never seen it before.

The similarities to the claims the US is making is so close to that of pre iraq its not even funny. The right to self defense??? They cant attack you. Israel could say this, but we arent israel.(hahaha) anyway this make me feel like the next week will be a very big one.

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posted on Apr, 27 2006 @ 05:06 PM
NOTHING on this subject? i thought people would actually have a reaction to this, instead nothing. Rice makes obvious pre iraq war type comments. anybody have ANY thoughts?

posted on Apr, 27 2006 @ 05:10 PM
They are evil promoters of Armageddon. They think they are the chosen ones in a new world.

(I'm talking our government)

Bring it on, while our men fighting the war will be killed, putting the planet at jeopardy, killing millions of innocent lives.

Bring it on.
I have to die so that Bush, Cheney and their cronies can live!


posted on Apr, 27 2006 @ 05:32 PM
This thread combines two realities into a third possibility.
1)_IRANIAN deadline passes (very likely)
2)_US states does not require UN approval for actions in self-defense (I'm very glad of that!)
3)_Thread suggests conflict to ensue short time thereafter.

There will be other deadlines missed. Please be patient.

posted on Apr, 27 2006 @ 06:00 PM

Originally posted by grimreaper797
NOTHING on this subject? i thought people would actually have a reaction to this, instead nothing. Rice makes obvious pre iraq war type comments. anybody have ANY thoughts?

I guess no one made comments because it was all expected and it surprises no one anymore. The gov will continue with its long in the past planed moves till a wake up happens. Could be too late then thought...

posted on Apr, 27 2006 @ 06:02 PM
You know if the U.S. takes military action without U.N. support or approval because of "self defense" after the deadline passes (which would be a bad idea because of low troop levels and not enough troops in Iraq to counter the insurgency, plus troops still in Afganistan) it would mean the possiblity of Iran calling on its allies to help it (which it wouldn't need to since the U.S. doesn't have enough troops[unless they initiate a draft]) and defeating the U.S. One thing I found astounding is that about a few weeks ago President Bush said that if diplomatic solutions fail they haven't ruled out a "Military Solution". Now I think he must be planning on war (and a draft then because of low troop levels) if Iran doesn't stop.

posted on Apr, 27 2006 @ 06:07 PM
Don't worry the war profiteers are salivating with the possibility of yet another war and more no bid contracts.

Yes Iran is going to be the next chapter in the wars for oil, or may I say The preservation of the oil reserves for future energy problems.

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