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American Dillusion

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posted on Apr, 26 2006 @ 10:05 AM
New member so appologies if this matter has been discussed before. It is interesting reading comments about war in Iraq and possible war with Iran. Some of the American public/goverment seem to think that America is a great military power. There is a difference between capabilty and competence. America did not win ww1 or ww2, was beaten to a standstill in korea and soundly thrashed in Vietnam. Americans have never entered into any conflict on their own although Rumsfled seems to think you can. America relies on the good will of other nations allowing it to refuel/supply its military muscle, flights through airspace etc. without this assistance its military options would be limited.
America's offensive capablities in the real sense are limited to a number of aircraft carriers and submarines with short range none nuclear missiles, both platforms are vunerable to countermeasures. Although America and the American population have enjoyed blissful isolation and protection due to its size and location, this will not protect it/them in the future. Vietnam and Korea were backed and supplied by the Chinese and it is they who will finally face you down and you will loose(you did not win in Korea or Vietnam). Iran and Iraq are side issue's for oil and the protection of Israel. China is your real threat, you have been redeploying surface units nearer to the far east, building up the Japanese Navy and Bush has been trying to woo the Russians. If the American people (who are starved of real world news) knew what was going on maybe something could be done to stop this next major war. But the powers that be have given you Patriot 1/2, future internment camps, removal of the right to bear arms (ongoing process) etc. I would like to hear your views.

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