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Do You Believe In Destiny?

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posted on Apr, 26 2006 @ 07:26 AM
Greetings all
How are you ?
I have been thinking about this for a long time now and that is
I really dont know .
I find myself thinking are the events that happen in our lives laid out out before us by a higher power??
Or is this simply a fact of LIFE IS WHAT WE MAKE IT??
I think about all the bad things that happen in the world and wonder "is this the way its supposed to be?"
But then at the same time i find myself thinking " Is the world the way it is because People make it that way?"
To me the latter seems more realistic but i still i cant help thinking about it.
i think about the facts of my life and they are.
I Question the whole subject of destiny because
I am confused about this whole thing , i really really am and i wish i knew the truth.

If anyone could please express there veiws and opinions,thoughts and feelings towards this matter i would be greatly thankfull.
Thank you all.

Yours Faithfully


posted on Apr, 26 2006 @ 08:32 AM
My whole life I never believed in destiny, another ridiculous thought that really never made much sence. We are in control of our own lives, and we can determine where we will be at certain points in time. But how can you believe in destiny if you have never felt it, this is what I have come to realize. I am skeptical now, years later but still something makes me believe.

2 months before I grdaduated from high school my step-father took a heart attack and layed in a coma. Doctors told us he would probably last a few hours as his kidneys had shut down and the brain went so long without oxygen. The coma itself would not kill him, but his system shutting down around him, would be the cause. After the first day we were pretty down because we knew it would be inevitable in the next day or two, so we thought. Everything just kind of remained idle for a few days and nothing really changed. His best friend who he had known since he was a small child was the only family or friend that had not made it in to see him. He was in Cuba for the week on vacation and had no idea what had happened, he was returning home on the following Sunday which would be exactly 7 days since he took the heart attack.

Now for about 4 days everything was idle with no change, when his friend landed in the airport he was met there and rushed to the hospital. He came in and stood by him for about 20 minutes or so and said his goodbye. Not ten minutes after this final goodbye, the system began to shutdown again and he was gone within minutes.

We were all on the bedside when he passed, but it seemed so strange for everything to be idle all week and then shutdown so quick. It was as if something was working around him to keep him alive until he had the chance to say his final goodbye.

Call it destiny, medical miracle, or a medical condition that can be explained. It realy doesn't matter to me because I sat in that hospital 20 hours a day for a week, and what I witnessed those days was something I have never seen before in my life and probably will never see again.

posted on Apr, 28 2006 @ 11:16 AM
I believe in Destiny. Absolutely I do. I think a lot of people misunderstand Destiny.

Ugh. Damn, I started to go into a whole diatribe here, a "Life according to think2much" type of thing, but it is part of a novel I am writing and I am REALLY paranoid about sharing my work online-or anywhere!

I know-what a freakin' goof I am, but even my own sister has had tendency to "accidentally adopt" my ideas and philosophies and I continue to fear of another "stealing my work" as it were. Not you, of course, just *someone* who might browse by this thread by some chance and have more time, and talent...and a much more active muse to keep them up for 3 days straight writing like a fiend and finishing something before I can complete my thought, let alone one of my novels!

See, it is my DESTINY to be a writer...but it is my FATE that I have but nearly NOTHING completed and too many projects in the works and on my mind, and only one freakin' poem ever published!

I have apparently offended my muse, or rendered them impotent from my use of sleeping pills denying them the proper insomnia needed to inspire me to be creative and productive I guess.

But I will explain briefly that I believe in Destiny, but not that it is a predetermined course, but rather an influential force to help us choose our path that leads to what our potential holds as... our destiny. :-) us many opportunities even if we choose incorrectly, to still end up where we are "destined" or influenced by life forces to be at differing times in our life-including where we are to be as an ultimate end goal.

I have spent much time pondering such and have had ample experience in my life to lead me to think and believe the way I do. Without going into all of my existential beliefs about Fate, universal laws, God, Karma etc., I will simply say I do believe in Destiny, but not that it negates the need for, or reality of, our own free will.

Destiny influences us, or tries to lead us, bring us under influencing situations or to meet influencing people, to influence our decisions to help place us where we are destined to be, and give us the beliefs we are destined to believe...but ultimately many of us cheat destiny time and again.

Just saying, we are led to the water by her, but destiny can't make us drink. Free will and all. :-) Thus we often are off -course, and she continues to influence us trying to finally get us to drink, get on track, etc. Though some things she puts on course she cannot change, but because of our own free will, we set in course other factors, which contradict what Destiny had in mind, or hoped for us. Remember, Destiny is potential and influence of our reality, not a predestined reality. She also isn't not omnipotent.

Hope that makes sense.

Destiny isn't perfect, but she tries real hard.

posted on May, 2 2006 @ 10:08 AM
Chissler-don't know if you will read this thread again, but I thought about you-your step father this weekend. It was really odd...after I read your story here of your stepfather I thought-yeah that makes sense, people do "hang on" even "waiting" for a particular person to be near them when they die...holding on and waiting for what is meant to be...destined to be even.

I knew, just at the very moment as I thought that, that I'd one day be in such a situation-I've always kind of known it and that knowledge, but that fact resounded within me hard on Friday when I read your post and posted here myself.

About an hour later I got a call. My grandmother was not well. There was talk of options and even invasive measures that could be taken eventually, but they were being refused. They did not expect her to live until July 29 when I had airline tickets to visit her.

Now, I'd always known I'd be with her when she died. I grew up in Arizona and she always lived in Georgia, but I knew I'd be there. I live in NY now, but still...I've always known. About 10 years ago Alzheimers took root and grew to choke out all memory of her family and even herself and soon left her to be a babbling I heard. Making no sense and recognizing no one.

I had been told over the years I should visit her....but I didn't... couldn't... wouldn' wasn't time.

At first I was ured to go before she forgot me, then it was I'd have to remind her who I was, then it was when she would no longer recognize me, but appreciated visitors... then it was when she no longer made sense, but seemed happy...

I just could never bring myself to go-it just was never time.

I knew, no matter what condition she was in when I visited her, and no matter how far her mind had gone...I KNEW...when I arrived, she would recognize me, know me, understand my words, be happy-and would die. I always just knew that-like it was part of my Destiny...or hers...ours.

I anguished over what to do Friday. Back and forth I went in my was screaming "GO! GO! GO Now!" and I was trying to be logical...could I go now? What is "now?" Was "now" as close as this next week? The next few days even? Would I take my family? My kids? Should I go?

"GO! GO! GO!" the compulsion was overwhelming.

It was hard not to just pack up my kids and leave right after picking my son up from school....but I'm practical-do I have enough money for a plane ticket, hotels, etc...should I drive 900 miles...with the kids? Jack has a baseball game tomorrow, his first game even...and it's Friday Family Fun night don't do anything drastic...don't be dramatic I told myself.

"Go! Go! Go!" my head was screaming, my heart was screaming, even my soul was screaming for me to GO! GO NOW!

I called the nursing home she resides in to check on her...I said I have a ticket to come see her in July...but I wasn't sure if I should wait that long...the woman said she wouldn't wait that long if she were me...I told her I had a compulsion to come right NOW-a strong one. And she said, "well I don't know if I'd do that either...but I don't think you'll want to wait until July."

I sighed and told her how I'd been putting off visiting her for 10 years, and part of me regretted it...but the other part...well, I explained I just always felt as if when I came, she would die, so I'd put it off for as long as possible-delaying what seemed to be the enevitable-what was destined. I wondered if she'd think me crazy...

"Maybe that is what she has been waiting for-maybe she is waiting for you." she simply said.

Her words felt like arrows. Piercing truth. My own knowledge and fears verbalized by another....they even accused me I felt. I know I should have gone sooner.

People do that you know. They wait to die. I knew this, I thought of this...

Chissler your story had been read only hours help me understand it is true. It is my destiny, and she was waiting-for me. For too long. For 10 years. Steadily declining until she had no quality of life, yet she hung on...waiting for me-defying odds time and again, being admitted and released from the hospital again and again-a "fighter" they'd call her....but I could never bring myself to go.

I looked at my spouse..."I've got to drive to Georgia...I think I should leave tonight....right now...I don't know...what do you think?" I asked but it wasn't really a question-I was just looking for the validating support in my decision to go and it came.

"I think you better get packing" they replied and so I did... and 7 hours after reading your post about your step father I was on the road to finally help my grandmother make the transition from this life to the next.

It was about 7pm by the time I really got on the road after having back tracked for my drivers license I had forgot and by about 2am I was getting pretty tired on the road...but everytime I thought of stopping I would "accidentally" miss the exit. I don't know why I couldn't make myself pull off the road to stop. I wasn't drowsy or dangerous, so I plugged along until 4:30am when I felt I logically, I should get some rest.

The hotel room didn't meet my standards, and I was given another room-it too failed to meet my expectations-I don't know WTF was wrong with me, I should have just crashed in my cothes for a few hours and then hit the road again...but something was wrong-I wasn't meant to be there and I could feel it. I found excuses, but the truth is, I was not destined to be there...and I could feel it.

I left, and ignoring the hotels around me I was back on the road. When I hit a rest stop was packed with truckers getting some rest-I figured good idea-I'd just stop there and sleep for a couple of hours...just 2 hours would be enough- I could not sleep. Didn't really even try. I stretched my legs and arms and back, and climbed in, cranked up my jam rock cd I'd burned for this trip while packing, and hit the road again...

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posted on May, 2 2006 @ 10:31 AM
Free will is an illusion. It's like we put ourselves into a character in a story. The story is already written (time is an illusion - the story already exists). We get to experience this thing called individuality, and feel like we're making decisions, but our future has already been written. It's a nice ride, but once you see how it works it's not as fun anymore.
Try to look at the concept of destiny outside of time and you'll understand where I'm coming from.

posted on May, 2 2006 @ 10:42 AM
So, I traveled all night, and made it to the Augusta, GA area and found a hotel, made some calls, got showered and cleaned up...everyone in my family was shocked I'd travelled all night and urged me to get some rest , take a nap before visiting her-sleep even just a couple of hours-but I couldn't. I was tired, exhausted even, but I knew I had to "GO!" I still felt an urgency I couldn't explain.

So I went to the nursing home, and though she never opened her eyes, and had long ago lost her memories of us, and the ability to communicate, she knew I was there-just as I always knew she would.

I put her hand in mine, and I spoke to her. She would occassionally squeeze my hand, and a tear would drop and flow from her eyes when I spoke of her going now, that I was there and it was ok...she could go now.

I spent 2 hours reminising with her and telling her how proud I was of her and what a good life she had lived...and thanking her as I never had, for the gentle words that resonate even now in my heart "We all make mistakes" when I was but 19 and involved with an unexpected pregnancy, this was her response. I thanked her for never judging me and always teaching me the greatest gift is forgiveness, even to forgive one self.

Those precious 2 hours were followed by 3 local relatives that visit with her on a regular basis. They were glad to see I had come and came to visit with me as much as with her as usual. As we talked around her bed I saw her countenance change and I called to her. I put my face against her face and whispered once again that it was OK to go-and I loved her. She had a tear in her eye again as she quietly went from this world.

A tear of joy as the other tears that day had been I believe. I had asked the nurse if it was common that she teared up-and she had said it was not. I know she knew me, recognized me, heard me and was happy to have me there, to relive those lost memories, and to finally go in peace.

I was relived to stop cheating destiny and do what I was destined to do. Be with her while she passed away, and tell her the things she needed to hear.

I finally got some sleep after being up for 36+ hours and traveling 900 miles and meeting my destiny and left the next day to travel 900 miles back. The trip went slower enroute home. I even stopped in Woodstock, VA for the night and didn't get home until last night....but I thought even on the road of your story Chissler-and thought I'd come tell you about it here when I got home.

...because see, I think it is not coincidence that you posted the story you did, nor that I read it on the day I did...hours before I'd hear July might be too late to visit, or knowing I'd have a STRONG urge to "GO NOW" to her... I am glad I did not even stop for 2 hours on the way out there. Those 2 hours alone with my grandmother before she died were destined for the conversation I had with her.

And I am glad I read your story about your stepfather-thank you.

posted on May, 2 2006 @ 11:08 AM

Originally posted by Kruel
Free will is an illusion. (snip) our future has already been written. (snip)look at the concept of destiny outside of time and you'll understand where I'm coming from.

I can see where you are coming from Kruel-but disagree, for if I were to consider it as valid, I'd need to know who has written our life, our future even, then? Do you know? Who is the author of your life then?

Certainly nothing random, nor something purely evolutionary could mastermine each individual's life and future and map it out for them and then give them the illusion of free will.

What would the illusion be for anyway? So they could feel as if they had choice when they did not? Why? What would the benefit be for? It couldn't be a god, or else why not make everyone believe in him/her and worship according to their dictates-be they known or unknown-if there was no free will.

Also, if a god designed/created us in such a way, why create other religions and have some worship other gods and not all the same god? Why create disease, death, murder, wars and atrocities as part of the pre-written story, instead of allowing them as a side effect of free-will?

Hmm...and if not a god...then what force writes each of our lives and denies us free will..and for what, and to what end.

I understand what you say Kruel, I just disagree, because it really makes no sense whatsoever to me. Enlighten me if I so need to be-and until then, I wholeheartedly disagree.

I believe in destiny, but also free will....though free will cannot rob destiny, just cheat her for awhile.

posted on May, 2 2006 @ 11:23 AM
God wrote the story - god is all - we are god. ie. we wrote the story. Individuality is an illusion as well.

Imagine for a moment how complex our dreams can be. Our simple minds can form alternate realities. Sometimes the person who we are in a dream is completely different than who we are in real life, with completely different perspectives. Some might think of this life as a dream. With that in mind, it isn't too hard to think of god creating a story quite like how our subconcious creates the stories which we dream of.

If you think of god as existence itself, worshipping, religion, etc. that all goes out the window. God puts it's conciousness into indiduals like us to experience this unique reality. Like if you could put your conciousness into a character in a story and live it out, oblivious to who you really are.

Regarding your question about war, suffering, etc. Imagine if we didn't have sadness, how could we ever feel happy? Happiness only exists because sadness exists. You can't have one without the other. It's the contrast that creates the two. The same applies for just about everything in the universe. Yin and Yang. Good and evil, order and chaos. Simple concepts created for this experience.

Very sci-fi, I know... but that's just what I think.

posted on May, 2 2006 @ 12:56 PM

Originally posted by Kruel
God wrote the story - god is all - we are god. ie. we wrote the story. Individuality is an illusion as well.

Again, I can *see* where you are coming from Kruel I just disagree.

To simplify what you say, God fell asleep and we are all part of a dream.

Characters with no free will or purpose of their own, just part of a larger consciousness experiencing unconscious alternate reality. Thus free will may exist at large, but not for us individually as we only exist as a concept in an unconscious alternate reality, right?

Yeah, as far as existential and religious beliefs go, I guess pretty sci-fi I'll grant you that-would be a good movie if we began to "wake-up" within the dream. Kind of Matrix-like, but Sci-fi is genre I appreciate film and literature. But as a belief, I can't buy it. Not this one of larger consciousness and no free will.

The biggest obstacle for me is the question of "to what end?" I know this guy and we talk, and reveal ideas, etc and he has taught me one way of looking at just about everything in life-to question "to what end?" Even the decisions I own decisions I can ask myself, to what end do I make that decision now? know when I exercise that free will I don't have.

What is the experience for? To what end? What is the other side of this dream, this unconsciousness, this lack of free will...there must be reality where there has been alternate reality, awakening where there has been dreaming, and free will where there has been none. When? Where? How?

What does God (we) control? What does this vast consciousness we all share as God, create for the whole of God? For the good of God? For us all? Certainly not just an alternate reality of dreaming.

In other words-to what end do we live? Just for the experience of our lives, so God can experience many lives, perceptions, etc as many different characters? Still, to what end? And when did it (we)come to be as this vast seperate consciousness? This dream...and how and why...?

Or are you trying to say you believe we are simply all part of a larger consciousness that is simply dreaming passively? That is interesting, and at the same time boring.
I just mean interesting to think about but too boring to be real. It to me is like those that think we die and life is over. We become immortal beings, but like angels and if we go to heaven, we get to spend eternity singing praises to God God could think of nothing better than that?!?!?!

So, OK, but If we are but a dream, a part of God's subconsciousness as it were, each of us, then life would be random wouldn't it-not predestined. I mean who controls not only their dreams, themselves in dreams, but everyone else as a part of their dream? No one. That is what the alternate reality of dreaming is-it is not in our control, unless we dream lucidly...still I've only been one character myself in dreaming even lucidly.

But if we, as God, are dreaming lucidly, then we -as God-have free will to choose how to predestine our lives which negates the idea of no free will if we are God's consciousness.

See the only way I see your concept is vaid is to either say, we are all just a dream, but then there is no predestined course and no free will. No free will, but no predestined course from which we cannot stray either

...unless our lives are of a lucid variety of dreaming, and then God-which is us-uses free will to predestine our course...which then we do have free will-as God, a part of God, God's consciousness...and so God's (our) free will gives us our destiny, which is to use our free will to be on the course we are destined to be on anyway.

Ugh-I'm getting headache! LOL

Originally posted by Kruel
Regarding your question about war, suffering, etc. Imagine if we didn't have sadness, how could we ever feel happy? Happiness only exists because sadness exists. You can't have one without the other. It's the contrast that creates the two. The same applies for just about everything in the universe. Yin and Yang. Good and evil, order and chaos. Simple concepts created for this experience.

See, here I agree with you my friend. There is balance in everything...and for there to be predestined courses-there must also be free will to balance it out.

Thus, to sum it all up, as I said before, I believe in both, Destiny and free will and that neither negates the other, but they balance one another. Yin and yang, good and evil, order and choas...and Destiny and Free Will baby! Whoo-Hoo!

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posted on May, 2 2006 @ 01:44 PM
Hah, you really do live up to your name.

As per the question, "to what end?" - The same question could be asked when we immerse ourself into a book. To what end? Because it's fun!

But then the question is... is this life like a book, or a video game? In a traditional video game, the player is working towards a goal, but can achieve that goal different ways. I guess that's kinda like your analogy of dream vs. lucid dream, except in a lucid dream you can do absolutely anything, whereas in a video game you're still limited by the rules of the game. Some destiny, and some free-will. Perhaps we have free will to the point of not being able to change our destiny? Hmmmm....

posted on May, 2 2006 @ 02:41 PM
When I was younger, I hated the idea of destiny, not liking that one couldn't be in control of one's Life. Ah, I guess that's part of destiny, and being young. lol Anyway, I will just tell you now, that my destiny in Life, it turned out, is the one thing I said I would never do; as I like to put it, it was the furthest thing from my mind but is now the closest thing to my heart. It's not that I went kicking and screaming into my destiny but that opportunities arose that took my Life in certain directions. Maybe destiny is what some people call "God's plan for them"; or what is written before they are born; or other names. I always had complete control over my Life, and I sure used it! Looking back, some of the things I felt guilty over were ok, and other things I thought were good for me weren't (I should have felt guilty by society's standards, but guilt keeps you fixated too much and doesn't let you move on to grow, like guilt being a shirt you put on that never changes size and you hurt as you try to grow out of it.) We cannot always understand why things happen; there is a purpose. (Remember besides being actors in our own Life, we are also actors in others' Lives.) Accept, learn, and go on. Never hold youself back from good. Listen to that small voice inside you. On the Ocean of Life, there are crests and troughs, ups and downs. And, yes, yes, yes, people do things to each other (killings, ex), life does things (floods, etc.). People put God too much in control, saying God is responsible for this or that bad thing--no, we are responsible for what we do. Will we live Life to make us (and "God") laugh or weep?
Try in this Life to find your destiny. Your destiny lies in your heart. Live Life to your Highest Self. Death is our passing, but Life goes on. The book, the video game end, but Life goes on.

posted on May, 2 2006 @ 03:20 PM
I belive wht ever happens happens you might aswell go with the flow if you cant change it

posted on May, 2 2006 @ 09:38 PM
Mormons believe in it, i'll tell ya that.

posted on May, 3 2006 @ 08:20 AM

Originally posted by Kruel
Hah, you really do live up to your name.
Damn you don't know the half of it! It is a curse I swear! Sometimes I wish I could STOP thinking!

Originally posted by Kruel
I guess that's kinda like your analogy of dream vs. lucid dream, except in a lucid dream you can do absolutely anything, whereas in a video game you're still limited by the rules of the game.
AH! Funny you'd use a video game in your analogy because I was thinking the same thing! Mostly I think because one of the most recent lucid dreams I had could be compared to a video game. Suddenly the dream like a video game, and I knew I was dreaming and took controlbut only of myself really. I was the "good guy" of course out to save the world I suppose. It was pretty cool though in the way I could jump and flip etc.
Sorry, waaaaaaayyyyy off topic, but just had to share.

Originally posted by KruelSome destiny, and some free-will. Perhaps we have free will to the point of not being able to change our destiny? Hmmmm....

Aaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhh now you are thinking more like me-which is always a good thing...if you ask me.

Yes, I believe we have both free will and destiny and perhaps you are right...our destiny may sometimes be delayed or cheated, but ultimately SOME things we are are destined for, we cannot change-even through free will....the rules of the game, universal laws,...I guess it all depends on what the destiny in question is and what governs it perhaps. Hhhmmmmmmmmmm

posted on May, 3 2006 @ 03:13 PM
Well I don't doubt that we can change the outcome of events slightly (while keeping within our destiny), as long as we can see/sense future events. I actually had an experience of the sort once after I had been smoking some green.

But what if you can only change something when you know what's going to happen? Because if you don't know what's going to happen, aren't you always inclined to make the same decision? That reminds me of a Star Trek TNG episode... they were stuck in a time rift and kept repeating a chain of events. They didn't break out of the time rift without a lot of deja vu, ie. sensing future events.

So in other words, being able to sense the future = free will.

posted on May, 4 2006 @ 11:00 AM

Originally posted by Kruel
Well I don't doubt that we can change the outcome of events slightly (while keeping within our destiny), as long as we can see/sense future events. (snip)
So in other words, being able to sense the future = free will.

No, I don't think sensing the future=free will, that is like saying destiny dicates our choices-and then that is just destiny-not free will at all.

I mean I do think you are on to something though-to an extent. That I may agree that maybe free will is an illusion because while you have enough agency to act for yourself, you can't change certain things, destinations,destinies... no matter what route you take.

...but then again, maybe not that destiny-but another you do change because of those choices and HOW and WHEN you meet that one destiny.

See, while I do not think destiny dictates our choices, I think it affects them, and even influences how we use our free will-and not always for the good. To some degree I think you are right though, destiny may influence our free will choices for an end result-a destined outcome. But I think there are so many variables.

I believe most destinies are not even predestined, though many are. I think destinies can be created as we go too...all depending on what destinies we have met, and to what by our free will choices, we determine if one destiny met leads to another waiting, or creates another depending how the destiny was met-what route was taken to get there.

For instance, say other previous choices of free will have side lined us, delayed us, or expedited us-catapulted us prematurely to meet a certain destiny, making that destiny undesireable-either no longer the right or desirable destiny, or one not ready to be met yet, thus equally undesireable for the chain of events to follow meeting a certain destiny prematurely.

So we may feel a certain pull, or as you say, we sense our future-our destiny- and make choices, not consciously, not even knowing what the outcome is or will be or what destiny lies before us, but still choices influenced by that destined pull. Even if it is the pull to meet a destiny of some situation no longer the most beneficial for those involved and affected, or not ready to be met... creating different destinies from that point on...destinies then being created/affected by our own free will..we are pulled in a direction anyway by what was already set in motion to be our destiny.

So in that sense it is not sensing the future or sensing our destiny that = free will...but rather, the choices we made/make...or in other words- results of choices of the past=destiny....creates new destiny.

I just think (and yes all2much at times) you can make decisions that cause major changes, in both your routes/decisions or desiny/destination. For example, I think your destiny may have many paths for you to take to get there-and I think this is what you are saying too...that we can have free will to choose whatever path as all of them lead to the same destiny and it's that destination we cannot run from as all paths lead there....right?

But I think Free Will allows you to not only choose what path you take to come to that ultimate destiny, but what the outcome of meeting that destiny will be as well. Not saying you choose the outcome, but that it is a result of the choices you make to get there.

Therefore your free will has more power than you think, because every path may lead to a certain destiny, but the result of meeting that destiny is dependant on what path you took, and if there were side trails off that path as well, etc.,

So that destiny-how it all plays out- is dependant, dictated even by your free will. Your choices, your path, your free will dictates the result of meeting that destiny, not the other way around.

Think of it as a movie where a man is destined to save a small world...saving the world is his destiny right? So no matter how he evades it, or seeks that opportunity, no matter what path he takes in his life, he is destined to save the world. In the end he sees how all paths he took not only led him to saving that world, but most prepared him in some way or another to do so.

Now how he meets that destiny depends on what path he takes-and what he learns along the way, making him very equipped to save the world, or ill equipped...making his job an easy one or long difficult one. Also his free will choices and paths determine what shape the world is in when he gets he saving it from this disaster or that one? mortal oppression or natural disasters?

His destiny is to save it, but how he gets there, what he saves it from, how well equipped he is, all depends on the paths he took, choices he made to get there, and thus how he saves the world... and from what... also determines what his future, or ultimate destiny is yet to be, or how it plays out.

Simply I believe the route you take to meet certain destinies then also determines the outcome of meeting that destiny, as well as what or how other/future destinies will be created or changed as a result of meeting that destiny, etc.

WOW, I don't even know if I am making sense to myself at this point. I should try to think of it in real-life terms because I know I'll never be saving world!

posted on May, 8 2006 @ 02:52 PM

Originally posted by Omega85
Greetings all
How are you ?
I have been thinking about this for a long time now and that is

I believed in destiny until I hit my fourties! In my 30's I knew who I was and was content! Now I am seeking again.'s such a journey!

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