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Debunking the UFO Conference 2005

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posted on Apr, 25 2006 @ 03:36 PM
In this thread I will outline the points put across by Jaime in the UFO Conference in Mexico on 2005. I had no idea who he was until I saw this video but Rasobasi420 posted in the previous UFO Conference Thread that made me do this one.

Jaime takes everything as real, and this makes people think everything he releases is a hoax. There are some things that can't be explained, and some things that can, obviously. To be honest, that''s why I think he's necessary. The more people think everything he says is bunk, the more they'll try to debunk (hopefully) and when they fail to debunk some things, those specific videos/images/testimony will rise to the top.

UFO Conference 2005 (on Google Video)
Views on the Conference (on ATS)
More about Jaime

Ok lets get too it. I will number(#1) each point that is brought up throughout the video so it makes it easier to specify what part your talking about. I will also provide the exact time of the section so you can refer to the video if needed.

Formations Over Mexico
Jaime goes over a few Formations including ones where the objects seem to change to form a new formation. Im only going to show a few of the main ones, Please watch the video to see the other formations.

#1 - 6:56

An Avion Merlin C26A with a Flir System. The Flir system is the image you see above.The Merlin was supposedly following this objects thinking it might have been a plane with drugs trying to land. More objects then appear. In the picture I have provided you can see the UFOs flying in formation. Jaime claims that the oil fields are over 100 miles away.

#2 - 29:25

This one shows the most objects. They seem to be moving but keeping formation. It zooms to a middle craft that is bigger than the rest and he claims that it is controling the rest of them.

Shapes?... I cant explain what this is.
#3 - 36:48

As you can see these Creatures(Jaimes Words) are moving in all shapes and directions. Like everyone else I have no clue what im looking at, but looking at the videos it looks impossible to hoax something like this.
There are a few more clips of these mysterious things.

#4 - 47:48

I dont know much about the capability of video editing but this film really seems legit. Again this is only a still and you can see the object alot more on the conference.

#5 - 50:36

This one is interesting, after the UFO dissapears a military chopper seems to be looking for the object shortly after.

Extra Terrestrials?
#6 - 1 hour

Theres a story behind these pictures that make it all seem a bit fishy. Seemingly he took a video of these ETs and the MI6 found out about it. They took the video but he managed to take around 7 stills on his computer. However his computer suddenly got a virus and they were only able to retrive 4 shots.

Refer to the video to see the others.

Crop Circles and the Mayan Calander
#7 - 1h 18

I have run out of quota space so i cant show any more pics.

Ok so now we debunk. Wether you think Jaime is a hoaxer or not, we should still review his evidence as we would anyone elses. But witha pinch of salt.

posted on Apr, 25 2006 @ 03:41 PM
I forgot to mention the nano technology that he brings up in the video. its is 18 mins into the video and it shows a person with some objects that appear to make him invisible. I done a bit of reasearch into this before and for the jacket it was supposed to be flexible cameras on the back of the jacket projecting the image onto the front of the jacket.

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