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posted on Apr, 25 2006 @ 09:47 AM
ever stop an think about your job, how much you make an its relationship to everything else an their prices? i mean it really doesnt make sense, lets just start at minimum wage to be safe, You can work under the table making 6.15 working 40 hours a week, an in a month u will have 984.00USD thats a good chunk of change but honestly in todays america, that will buy you depending on where u live One months rent, leaving about 300 to 400dollars, an thats if u already did the security deposit, now u have 300 to 400 to spend on food, healthcare(hygine mainly, cuz insurance unless its medicade is out of your reach.)and somehow u have to get back an forth to this job, Now if u somehow got a Clunker of a car, bam your money is gone on gas, now even witha bike or anything else theres costs, all im saying is that why are there jobs that pay rates thats dont allow you to live like the next person? why are they JOB Discriminating? lol i mean this is sick, they say there adding jobs but to me i see alot of service jobs, an thats not a job i can call a job cuz that wont feed my family.

whats going on? this is just for one person.....

this is more of a rant, but really opinons an questions stemming from them can help, i would love to talk about this some more.....

posted on May, 5 2006 @ 10:47 AM
You are correct.

It's very difficult to even 'just get by' on a minimum wage any more. "Minimum Wage" does seem to mean "enough to get by in the worst possible way, with absolutely nothing left over".

The problem is that every time wages rise, inflation just goes up even more. So over time the money you make is gradually worth less and less, even though it seems like you're making more.

Unfortunately it's a vicious cycle. Sure, you could get everyone's wages raised to $100 an hour, but then you'd be paying $50 for a loaf of bread. Whenever employee costs rise, employers will just raise the cost of their goods to match it and outweigh the new costs.

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