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Lunar Syzygy Could Cause Earthquake!!! April27

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posted on Apr, 24 2006 @ 05:35 AM
according to this news article hightened risk of a major earthquake is escalating as we approach april 27th with the earth, moon, and sun in direct alignment, some researchers are making predictions with up to 85% confidence...personally i live near the new madrid fault and i've read that it's due for a major quake soon.........not good!!!

posted on Apr, 24 2006 @ 06:20 AM

While the United States Geological Survey says that there is no evidence that lunar syzygy affects earthquakes and volcanic activity, some researchers disagree.

These 'researchers' are actually just members of a website called

So I was curious as to what they actually do so I took a little tour of their website. They actually just predict Earthquakes based on different types of 'tides' that are produced by lunar activity.

Thus far they havent predicted a single seismic event. Matter of fact this comes directly from the website:

This month I will make my 46th attempt at a MOSS prediction (Monthly Outright Seismic Speculation). Recognizing the unusual swarm of dozens of recent 3.0-5.3M quakes in the Mona Passage, Puerto Rico and the Virgin Islands, I feel fairly confident in projecting a 5.5+M quake for the Caribbean Sea during this window.

This was for the time period of March 26th to April 2nd. Unless I missed something, there was no 5.5+ earthquake in the Caribbean sea.

They also predicted with 85% accuracy (based solely on lunar activity) that there would be

1). 3.5-6.5M within 140 miles (2-degrees) of Mt. Diablo (37.9N; -121.9W)

2) 3.5-6.5M within 140 miles of Los Angeles (34.0N; -118.0W)

3) 3.5-6.0M with an epicentral address of Washington or Oregon

4) 7.0M (major quake) globally, most likely within the Pacific Ring of Fire, where 80% of the strongest quakes have occurred in the past.

Now keep in mind this is still from the time period of March 26th to April 2nd. Nothing happened.

They are basing this assumption that there will be massive earthquake solely on the fact that the earth, moon and sun will be in direct alignment. Correct me if I'm wrong sometime in the year 2000, every planet in our solar system was aligned perfectly. Nothing happened.

posted on Apr, 24 2006 @ 06:39 AM
yes but hasnt their been a recent upsurge in earthquake activity :

In the past week, there has been widespread earthqu ake activity, including a powerful quake that struck an isolated part of the Kamchatka Peninsula, and three volcanoes have become active at the same time.

wouldnt this suggest that their might be some valitity to the theory??

posted on Apr, 24 2006 @ 08:32 AM
We've already had it where the earth was on one side of the sun, and every other planet was directly in line on the oppositte side of the sun, and it did nothing. This lunar syzygy (one of the few words in english that don't use vowels btw) won't do anything.

posted on Apr, 24 2006 @ 12:36 PM
It was my understanding that earthquakes were just slightly more common just before, and just after every full moon, due to the tidal action.

Is that not correct?

California is deathly quiet. That big one up the line in Russia just makes me even more suspicious. That's one of the most active faults in the world, and it's just sitting there, locked. It must be building up tremendous energy.

I don't what will happen first, California will break away from the nation literally or figuratively.

posted on Apr, 24 2006 @ 09:26 PM
It's my understanding that impacts are not immediate - triggers initiate cascades that take a bit of time to manifest. Kind of like dominoes. ...Ie., many of the geophysical events related to the Asian tsaunami were very slow - some took months.

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