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Strange goings on

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posted on Apr, 23 2006 @ 03:39 PM
Hi all

just wondering if any of you had any ideas on my issue. I'm having alot of building work done to my house recently which is roughly 115 years old and in its history this obviously isn't the first time work has been done on my house.

Well to my point strange things have be happening recently such as when the builders came in one morning they found all the kitchen cupboards wide open every single one. No one is staying in the house at the moment so it wasn't any of my family.

I slept in there the other night in my celler (basement) room which for some reason i always felt someting was there but nothing ever came of it so its been fine. However this night i turned the light out and turned over to sleep when i heard a moaning noise in my ear which really frightned me as it would anyone. I decided that it might just be me being tired and my brain playing tricks so i turned the light off again and once again i got a loud moan in my ear. so turned the light on sat up for a bit tried again this time i got the moan but i decided to try and sit through it even though i was still really frightned but this time i started to feel freezing cold.

Anyway next night i stayed there i was sitting in my room feeling calm and happy not scared etc and for no reason at all i felt a feeling of extreme fear and sadness but it wasn't like my feeling i still had my thoughts and was thinking oh my god what is this feeling and thought to my self no i am not scared and then felt fine almost like as if a blanket of fear had been lifted off me this happened a couple of times and then everything was fine again.

is this possibly someting to do with the building work or maybe me becoming more aware of the spirt beings/world etc. I have been trying recently to open my mind though out of body experiences and also trying to contact my spirt guide. My Dad has recently been able to see and commune with spirts i was also wondering if this had someting to do with it. My dad doesn't live with me so he has never been in my house.

Just wondering if you had any thoughts etc sorry about the length of the post also.

posted on Apr, 23 2006 @ 04:10 PM
Often the feelings that come over you then leave suddenly are what happens to a person when they 'feel for' the spirit around them. The spirit world communicates, not that everyone listens, but they do it mostly by feelings or glimpses like flashes of ideas or information or feelings and such in our minds. A smell can come with it too often. Even a taist in your mouth. Rearly do I 'hear' with my ear or 'see' with my eyes. It happens, but not often.

A spirit that has gone on, but comes to visit, help ect - there is no feelings of sadness - no anger, no sadness, nothing of that sort. With them, it's a peiceful, calmness - even when something is urgent it is a serine and wonderful thing.

People call it a ghost when there is sadness, anger, worry etc. One that has refused to pass over or is confused, don't know how, scared to pass over, some don't even know they are dead! These are often still in pain, physicaly or emotionaly - pain, sorrow, anger - you name it - all the feelings a person encounters here on earth - they still have them.

You can simply tell them to go on. Tell them to call to their mother or father, any loved one they miss or want to see that has already died. Tell them to call to them - the rest will take care of itself. If that's not the end to the problem, often you need to help them with the reason they are still here before they will go.

Let me know how it goes. Do this tonight maybe and let me know what happens.

posted on Apr, 23 2006 @ 04:23 PM
Cool thanks for the info i however won't be able to try it for a little while now as builders have now told us we are not allowed in the house due to safety reasons.

I did forget to mention that on the first night with the noises and the feeling of cold after a while i said aloud please go away i'm trying to sleep everything then stopped i warmed up and heard my door make a banging noise then creaking on the floor above.

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