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Satan and the Lord God (creator of humans)

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posted on Apr, 23 2006 @ 01:41 PM
I wrote the following for the benefit of repliers to a new thread I posted under political conspiracies which was apparently moved to another category. But I thought others might be interested, so I am posting it under religious conspiracies, since that is kind of what it is. Although it could easily be viewed as UFO or Alien conspiracies as well. Let me know what you think. The original thread was called... "American generals replaced by three unknown civilians!!!" I did not go into great detail or back up many of the claims I made since I am at the library and there is a waiting list for the computers. But here is the general idea...

The garden variety satanist, who I dismiss as being not more than members (or individuals) of an alternative religion or a belief system based of materialism or what not, are not the same as Satanic Agents. That may sound confusing, but here is the difference... Satanist are simply those who have 'faith' in a belief system, while Satanic Agents do not need 'faith' since Satan himself is standing right in front of the agents giving them direct orders.

Satan, in the most simplified explanation, is, quite frankly, an Alien. He is humanoid in appearance and actually lives on Earth. And, he has many human agents who do his bidding. If you seen him on the street, all you would be able to discern is that he is quite a handsome man.

Satan is what Christians call a "fallen angel". Fallen refers to the fact that he lives on Earth. Angel refers to the fact he came from the Heavens.

As some already know, Satan used to work for the "Lord God" who is also an Alien and who will be coming back soon by the way. Satan and the Lord (the creator of humans for the purpose of doing gardening work to produce "food offering" to the colony of Aryan-Alien-Angels) had a serious disagreement on the status of the newly created humans.

I won't go into all the details. But I will recommend to read the stories about Angels in the bible and from other ancient sources. Angels were always mistaken as people (humans) by other people until the Angels actually told the humans who they were contacting that they were Angels.

Angels had sex with earth women (Gen 6), humans wrestled with Angels and won. Angels often had to investigate what humans were up to for the Lord, read the story of Sodom. Men wanted to Sodomize these Angels who were practically defenseless. Angels (or sometimes referred to as 'the Sons of the Gods' or 'the Watchers' in the Dead Sea Scrolls) were threaten by humans from the beginning because we were nearly as advanced as the were. I would prefer to spell out countless stories that would back this up but don't have time right now. Read the story about the tower of Babel or why the Lord God did not want us to also eat from the 'Tree of Life'.

Anyway, much myth and legends arose around the actual 'person' known as Satan. But he is really no more that an Aryan-Alien-Angel (talk about hyphenated)!

The Satanic Agents I refer to are humans who make up his 'army' of loyal bidders. Only those human agents that are closest to the inner circles are even aware that an actual Satan (Alien) is calling the shots. The rest belief is twisted myths. Hitler was an human Agent for example.

All world-wide conspiracies come from this powerful Alien named Satan. Jesus referred to this ultimate secret society as the Synagogue of Satan (SS or SOS). Satan lives roughly around the area of Switzerland. He directs his human agents to do his bidding from there. The Russian Revolution is one of his operations and Hitler's purpose was to chase the Jews out of Europe and into the desserts of Palestine to occupy Jerusalem.

Zionism is a Satanic Conspiracy having to do with the transition of global power from the Alien known as Satan to the Alien known as the Lord God. Satan is extremely concerned over Jerusalem because the Lord God and His Aryan-Alien-Angels will be landing there shortly (Revelation). Satan is going to try to prevent the Lord's return.

To sum up, ALL global conspiracies and major secret societies have their roots in the one called the Synagogue of Satan.

posted on Jun, 5 2006 @ 11:55 AM
I would have to concur with the main jist of this post. To boil it down to the perverbial "Nut Shell", Satan is a term that denotes evil, evil doer's, or the mindset of evil, that is instigated by a mostly unseen force that is based in a reality, that uses dupts and patsies to further its self desructive plan for humanity.

AryanDan, do you concur?


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