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Pre 911 training or ongoing terror threat????

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posted on Apr, 23 2006 @ 07:49 AM
Ok guys, being kinda new i have NO idea how to keep this going


There is a thread currently running

That we HAVE to keep alive,

full storyposted by valhall

and evilbat

thanks to them for volunteering 'with aforce,s permission now' evilbat!!

One of 'your boy,s' seems to be in a serious predicament UNFORTUNATELY it is listed in 'introductions' as this guy is new to the board,but this imo will turn out to involve everyone eventually as this smacks of a ridiculously obvious cover up.anyone with any aviation knowledge will realise this has been allowed to continue ominously from the months before 911 till last year.

while it may seem to some as ' a prank' 'personal grudge' ridiculously incompetent' or whatever, the point some may fail to recognise is that,

the f a a would shut down this 'fool' 'terrorist' IMMEDIATELY...

and 'seemed to do so' only to have the reasons classified and the behavior continued/ ruling overruled which could only be done so by a higher authority than the f a a... whats that about??????

The guy has now ,been threatened, called police, had his calls 'lost' ,no police responce, lied to by officials,presented his case to the courts,has physical evidence'photographs,audio,court reports etc' and offered them for scrutiny to anyone who can help

ok call me or him over-reacting but
a, the f a a is in charge of your domestic air protection guys!!! if they are not protecting him do you have a chance???

b,who overruled them if they did ground the 'person' involved

c, whats rights do you actually have in your great 'free america' when this guy is risking his life persuing this case losing his health and causing his family stress ,WOULD YOU GO SO FAR?

d, if the next '911' attack happens under the same circumstances as he is describing' and has been well documented as a risk FOR YEARS' what will you think then when this guy has come forward and NOTHING WAS DONE ABOUT IT YET AGAIN.

Honestly if this falls by the wayside i will hang my head in shame for this board and members and resign myself that people really do just look out for themselves.

PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE help this guy. i know i will promise i will do my utmost

MODS!!!!! i am not after glory. points, praise or anything else so is there anyway that this, valhalls,and aforces threads could be linked. i,m sure he,s not after ats points to so donate them to charity or whatever. just dont let this one fail.thanks


posted on Apr, 23 2006 @ 09:22 AM
did you know this?

Botulinum toxin is the most poisonous substance known. A single gram of crystalline toxin, evenly dispersed and inhaled, would kill more than 1 million people

so i think a single cropduster loaded with this stuff high flying over a major city and spraying your friends,family and countrymen with a few killograms would kinda be classed as high a wmd as a nuclear explosion dont you think?

i,m gonna risk this as i already posted it on the other threads..just keeping it alive

MODS tell me if what i,m doing is naughty and i wont repeat it ok


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