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The DOD/NSA "Global Information Grid"

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posted on Apr, 23 2006 @ 05:43 AM
The “net-centric” “Global Information Grid” is the ‘future’ of combat communications technology, but in fact it’s already here. The true future of combat systems will be the GIG interfaced with DARPA’s Super AI systems, that will be publicly operational by 2010-2012. As you will learn, the ‘future’ of combat communications is already here, and the true future is within the decade.

Many readers of this have probably heard the term “Global Control Grid”; I know I have. I’ve heard this mentioned several times now, but I’ve never heard what that GCG actually is. In some contexts it’s made out to be a combination of the national biometric and “cashless society” systems, but whatever is meant by users of the term GCG, this is what it really is.
The GIG is the technology system and format that is referred to as “net-centric” computing. It’s purpose is to link all available information technologies into one single interface for war time commanders and planners. The problem is that “war-time” is now a policy that applies to American soil, thanks to drastic changes in national doctrine during this millennium.

The doctrine was outlined by Former Deputy Secretary of Defense Paul Wolfowitz, and is now national systems doctrine. The goal, drafted in response to 9/11, “is to improve effectiveness and efficiency in responding to federal, state and local” in Homeland Security & Homeland Defense operations.

This initiative is being developed and built under DISA’s ACTD program (see videos), and is now a part of the toolbox suite being used by the DOD, National Security Agency, the Dept. of Homeland Security, and others including “business users”. This technology is known by people in the know, but even our elected “Democrat” leaders allow this blasphemy of the Constitution to continue unchecked and unacknowledged in the public eye.

The scope and objectives of this system is defined as, “The GIG will be a net-centric system operating in a global context to provide processing, storage, management, and transport of information to support all Department of Defense (DoD), national security, and related Intelligence Community missions and functions-strategic, operational, tactical, and business-in war, in crisis, and in peace.”

This suite makes ”Digital Angel” look like played out Sega 8-Bit, and could certainly interface into Digital Angel if deemed necassary. It’s a combination of several different information and DoD intel formats that are worth mentioning here, but aren’t limited to this short summary. Some notable ACTD components include ASAP, ABA, CTL, Gridlock, D-SIDE, JBFSA, TEBO, AT21 which all apparently interface into HLS/D C2, and which utilize and expand on the GCCS Integrated Imagery and Intelligence (I3) system.

The GCCS System (2001) Component Block Diagram:
(Image Source)

The suite utilizes all possible camera and surveillance technologies, that certainly includes satellite / drone / plane imaging systems, and will surely utilize the ITS artificial intelligence operated street camera system, which is actually part of DARPA’s “Co mbat Zones that See (CTS)” system “for monitoring everything that moves in a city”. Other capabilities and tasks include GPS RFID tracking, logistics, mission planning and forces deployment (including multi-national military forces) and GPS guided smart munitions that can be targeted using video and image archives from the GCCS I3 system databases. Furthermore, this suite applies to DOD information systems, which indicates that it will function as the vehicle for conducting “In formation Operation Roadmap” operations, that include high level “internet attacks” and “civilian PSYOP’s” operations.

Many of the tools appear to be designed for overseas operations, but many are stated for HS/HD use and most appear to be inter-operational with the “HLS/D C2” operations and communications system for Homeland Security tasks in combating “terrorism”, disaster relief and other “domestic threats”.

These DOD military systems are on standby for Homeland Security missions and have already been used domestically for planning and response to events such as the 2004 Presidential Inauguration and Hurricanes Katrina & Rita. This threatens the Posse Comitatus Act that legally prevents military from being used in domestic operations, and it will only proliferate if left unchecked by The Media and The People.

Time and time again I’ve mentioned that the DOD’s coming super-AI system will be omnipotent, omnipresent and omniscient which are all crucial to characteristics attributed to God Himself. The Federal Government is literally building ‘’God’ / ‘Heaven’ on Earth’. Considering all of the things sourced herein, who could argue, and who actually thinks that this is all a good idea?

Some DISA ACTD program logos. A tad of interesting symbology in some of these:

[IMG]" target='_blank' class='tabOff'/>

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[edit on 23-4-2006 by IgnoranceIsntBlisss]

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