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Tears of Blood

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posted on Apr, 23 2006 @ 02:23 AM
I came across an article "Curia confirms human blood oozing from a statue of the Virgin Mary". I found this rather interesting. I've heard of such "phenomenon" before. However, I had never heard of any sort of confirmation made by Church officials. Typically, the Church, it seems, usually makes some sort of non-specific comment such as; "it's a mystery" or "no comment". This time, it would seem that the Curia of Malta, the Office of the prelate in Malta, has confirmed that the liquid oozing from the eyes of a statue of the Blessed Virgin Mary was human blood.

After reading this, I "Googled" the topic and was really surprised to find that this "phenomenon" is really rather common or, at least, not an isolated incident. Is this a sign from God? Mary? or is it a hoax?

I keep in mind that the Catholic Church typically tries it's hardest to disprove such phenomenon. The fact that the Curia in Malta has actually confirmed human blood emanating from a statue's eyes to be rather surprising.

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