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New Image Display Guidelines

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posted on Apr, 23 2006 @ 12:31 AM
Recently, ATS has implemented a new tagging /coding format for use in displaying images within your posts.

This was done to help everyone, to make the pages load faster, to put less strain on the servers, and make browsing the board easier.

Here is the thread explaining the new process in detail, you can post comments and questions in it too:

THe long and the short of it is, if you want to show people a pic or an image from someone elses website, use the IMG tag, like you've allways done, whats different is that now it will create a link, rather than display the image.

If you have uploaded a photo or image of yours, to a place like imageshack, or your ATS upload space, then use the new tag, "ats". This will display the image.

IF and only if the image is hosted on a news service, likesay its the image that accompanies a or article that you are discussing, then us the new "im" tag. This will display the image, AND provide a url beneath it.

Also, i have seen that the whole new system works very nicely for the following image hosting sites, but please note, I am not saying it doesn't work for other ones, just that I myself have seen it specifically working with these:

Imageshack is one that I use often. Its nice because it doesn't resize pics (unless you specifically ask it to) and it spits out a page with lots of different 'options' to display.

SO the easiest thing to do here is to click the one that is JUST a url, cut and paste it into your posts, and put the "ats" tags around it.

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